Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers

With this advanced technology and quantity sales of smartphones, everyone now owns a smartphone. Although these phones offers just more than texting and calling, there are poor in keeping battery fully charged especially when you need to travel for a long distance in cars and makes it difficult to find place you can recharge your phone. Manufactures of these items have come up with solution by creating USB car chargers, which will ensure that your battery remains 100% charged as you travel. Here are to ten best-selling USB car chargers in 2017 that are of high quality.

List of Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers in 2017

10. Maxboost Car

maxboost car, Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers 2017

Maxboost car USB is designed with two ports, which will offer great deal of charging experience to your smartphone. Both of these ports can allow you to charge more than one phone without any fear that you are overcharging and charges very fast. In each port, it has 2.4A. This car charge is very affordable with it having many users is recommended to those who go for long distance and they need their phone at all time.

9. Bluetooth Headset Car Charger

Bluetooth Headset Car Charger Top Most Popular Selling USB Car Chargers in The World 2018

Are you looking for that car charge that serves also as Bluetooth headset? Then this is a perfect fit for you, because of its double port charger. It offers your smartphone with fast charge and protects it from overcharging through intelligent chip inside device. It is designed in a unique that is very easy to use that offers amazing experience. This charger works also when you receiving or making calls while driving on highways.

8. IXCC 5 Port Car Charger


This is unique car charger you will find in market. Its exclusivity comes from fact that it has 5 ports which you can comfortably charge your iPod tablet and smartphone. Each port is designed to offer 2A charging capacity. Although it does not offer you much, it will offer the best in case where you and your friends need to charge. It does not look like those other charges because this one is connected using 50cm cable and cup shaped structure holds in all five ports.

7. Omaker 3 Ports Car Charger


Omaker 3 is an amazing car charger that has three ports and each carries 2.2A charging capacity. It is connected directly into car charging port. These three ports can make it and will be used to charge phones in every person in a car as you travel for a family vacation. It is perfect product for those who love to charge their phone in car while traveling.

6. KWE Titanium car Charger


For those people who like their car chargers looking unique, then KWE Titanium is a perfect choice for them. It has two ports with which you can charge two of your devices depending on their battery sizes. One of it holds 2.1A and the other one carries 1.0A charging capacity. In addition, it has an intelligent circuit that is designed to protect devices connected from overheating, short-circuiting or overcharging. Many users and offers fast charging can use this charge.

5. Anker Car Charger


Anker is one port charger that will work perfectly well for individual who is interested in charging his or her phone very fast. It carries a charging capacity of 3.0A and is connected directly to your car. Its advantage is that it charges phone very fast more than other USB chargers. This is absolutely one of the bestselling USB since no one can feel bad spending extra cash to purchase one of this amazing charge that will charge his or her tablets or phones very fast.

4. Gosin Car charger

Gosin Car charger Top Most Fomus Selling USB Car Charges in The World 2019

This 4-port car charger from Gosin manufactures is for very high quality and can charge all phones of passengers in your car. Its unique aspect is that it can extend its output depending on number of devices connected to charger. This means that when you connect one device it can charge very faster than when connected in all 4 ports, hence it prolong the lifespan of your battery.

3. Eleckey Car Charger


This incredible car charger is used for charging iPhone, Samsung galaxy, tablets as well as iPod and iPad. It has a dual port that will charge your smartphone in a very fast and efficient way as you travel along. Eleckey car charger has an intelligent unit that will protect your devices from overheating or overcharging as you connect. Its unique aspect has made it to be among best selling USB car chargers 2017.

2. Amazon Basic Car Charger


Amazon is an online shop that produces this product. This amazing charger has been designed with dual port and a LED indicator that will alert you when charger is ready to charge your devices. It has 20-watt power making it suitable to charge devices from tablets to smartphones at comfort of your charge as you run to work.

1. PowerGen Dual Car Charger


The powergen USB car charger is one exclusive product. It is designed in a way that on input side there is a gap that can ensure you that you do not have to disconnect from other device charging. It has dual ports, which are very reliable with circuit design that will prevent your device from overheating or even overcharging. Over of those have used this product have recommended to anyone interested in USB charger which offers both security and fast charging to their phones. Its unique structure is that it stops charging once your phone is full.

In conclusion, these top ten best selling USB car chargers in 2017. They are just few of listed USB that you can find in market. The choice depends on preferences of someone who is using it in terms of efficiency and convenience.

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