Top 10 Best Selling Ultra Books

People nowadays have fallen in love with devices that will greatly help in day to day activities. These devices may include the laptops, e book readers and many other devices that are of great help in their offices. Most of all, are the ultra-books are the ones which have greatly helped. If you are office person and you are considering to buy one, try the following for this Christmas offer. Below is the list of the best ten ultra books.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Ultra Books in 2017

10. Asus Zen book ($750)

Asus Zen book ($750), Top 10 Best Selling Ultra Books 2017

This laptop has been used over years because of its portability and its weight. With time, the Company that makes the brand have had that tendency of upgrading and making it more advanced. It comes with a RAM of up to 8GB and an internal storage of 512 GB. The screen is equipped with an antiglare covering that helps protect your eyes from glares. It goes for $ 750.

9. Dell Latitude 13 700


This is an ultra-book specially designed for business persons. By this it means that it has to come up with features that will surely support the business. That is why it has a RAM storage of 8GB as well as an internal storage of 256GB. Dell Company came up with a device that has greatly helped our business people in carrying out their businesses. It goes for $389

8. HP Spectre X360


This is a device that is known for its stylish design, as well as that long lasting battery. Despite the fact that it lacks an SD card reader the device the device has a processor of core i7, with great graphics and also a storage capacity of 512 GB. This device is exquisite. If you surely think that it is going to disappoint you then you are very wrong. It goes for $700.

7. Acer Aspire S 13


This is a device that is very affordable compared to other ultra books. Despite it being very affordable, it comes with very good features that will make you not to hesitate when buying. They include, an RAM that is 8GB, a 13.3 inch screen that is touch screen and also a storage capacity of up to 512GB. It has a very good performance for that reason making it a very good device to purchase. It goes for $ 655.

6. HP Spectre


A slim as well as a very delightful and powerful design that was made with the user in mind.
Despite the fact that the battery life is below average, it is a device that comes with great features that include an 8GB RAM, processor is core i7 and the graphics are also great. The storage capacity is up to 512 GB. This will enable you to store as many documents as possible. It goes for $1299.

5. Samsung Notebook 9


Wow another ultra-book from Samsung that is one of a kind. It comes with features that are surely going to impress you. It has a very smart design and the display is exquisite. The processor is core i5, the RAM is 1GB and the internal storage of the device is 256GB. The price is also affordable and that is what makes it to become the most sold device. It goes for $869. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Ultra Books 2017.

4. Lenovo Yoga 900


This is a model that will perform very well in helping you with your various tasks. It has a RAM of 16GB, an internal storage of up to 1TB and the processor is core i7 which will help you in multitasking. It is known to have great display, it is slim as well and also the keyboard is shallow allowing you to type well. Despite the fact that it is not the slimmest, it is still a very good laptop. It also has big batteries to allow for long battery life. It is $937.

3. Surface Book


If you are looking for a high class performance device, then try out the surface book and it will surely not disappoint you. It is Intel Core i7 with a RAM which is up to 16 GB. The graphics are Intel HD graphics 520 and the screen is 13.5 inches. The make is also great and I have also not mentioned the battery life of the device. Just by a single charge you can stay for up to 8 hours without recharging. It goes for $1099.79.

2. Asus Zen Book UX305


This is a machine that is made of metal. That makes it very hard to spoil. It is very light as well making it very portable and also the software features are great. It has a RAM of 8GB, the graphics are Intel HD graphics 515 and the screen is 13.3 inches. The storage capacity is also great. It is 512 GB. Who can surely resist the sweetness of such a device? It only goes for $684.

1. Dell XPS 13


The laptop is regarded as the best laptop in the world. It is the latest model of ultra books in 2017. Trust me this is an ultra-book that will surely impress you. Its RAM is 8GB, the graphics are Intel HD graphics 520, and the CPU is Intel and it is Core i7. The storage capacity is quite big it is 256 GB. With all this features, you cannot help but notice that this device is one of a kind and that is why it has won the first place. It is $1099.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Ultra Books 2017. As we have seen earlier these devices come with great features like portability, reliability and also longevity just in the name of suiting you with your daily needs as well as activities in your office setting as well as in class while at school. So try out these devices and they will not disappoint you.

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