Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets For Men & Women

Imagine yourself with an umbrella which will enable you not to forget it, is that cool? If not what about infant car seat that will make sure that your little one is always comfortable and let you have safe ride, how is that? The New Year is around the corner and we want to impress you with the best selling tech gadgets which will rock you. Ahead, have a look at these best selling tech gadgets which we have list and all of them have been designed for you!

List of Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets For Men & Women in 2017

10. Segway Advanced Personal Robot

Segway Advanced Personal Robot, Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets For Men & Women 2017

This robot is somewhere between personal assistant and also means of transportation and it is not craziest thing which you can think about it. It has open SDK and you will like it when it is around the house. The robot is not a vacuum cleaner but it can be something cool when it could be useful around your house. Don’t be surprised if you find your partner or friend thinking about purchasing this personal robot.

9. Samsung Modular TV


This modular TV is one of those advanced products and the ideas used to construct this TV is considered as an interesting one and you can use each of the pieces independently and they can move together as well as form screens in many aspect ratios. What you will like most about this tech gadget is that when one forms it together, it is totally seamless and you won’t see the lines which are between the single pieces.

8. DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner


People with conditions like diabetes will find this scanner helpful. It will help you track what you’re eating and it can scan the chemicals makeup of your drink or food at hand and analyze them and you can easily know is it is the best food you can eat depending on your dietary conditions. The scanner can scan one type of a food at a time and it uses multi-step app to make the job done and it will work well in the first place without any issues.

7. Samsung Notebook 9


This Notebook is thin and lightweight and it can pack a punch and it has Intel Core i7 processor, 256 GB of SSD storage and 8GB of RAM. It has 1080p display and it stands out to be one of those biggest laptops which can open the year. The device looks awesome and the lightweight design is perfect for users to carry it from place to place. It restarts quickly and great when you are in hurry and the keyboard are user-friendly and you will love typing with this Notebook. If you are a college student then this gadget is going to be handy.

6. Livestream Movi


Nowadays, everyone is looking for the best action cams but this gadget will make things look fun. It is little 4K camera which you can use to capture live events which are happening and you can use it to connect to your iPhone and then use the corresponding app to edit nine virtual cameras. You can also zoom, pan and also cut and let your cam follow the faces within the app. When it come to live streaming capabilities, this gadget feels like the big step and it is available at only 399$.

5. Chevy Bolt


Don’t remain behind when your friends are moving this tech gadget will impress you from day one. It is the most significant electric car and when you look at it, it is close to modern hatchback. It comes with 10.2” touch screen on dash and some other few whistles and bells. It will come under $30,000 which is astounding and it looks flashy. It is consumer friendly and its price is reasonable and it will not be a shock when you see your friends with it.

4. Razer Blade Stealth


It is slim and fairy inexpensive but built for action. The device is fast and it comes with integrated graphics cards and you will love its cute keyboard which is user friendly and QWERTY design is perfect to enable you type your work with ease without the need of looking keys. The device is also lightweight and it can fit easily into your backpack. This is a must have device for college students and anyone who want the best laptop that can restart fast without hassle.

3. Ehang Passenger Drone


There are several drones which have appeared before but none of them can beat this one in terms of price and quality. This drone has not been designed to record quality videos or even delivering packages through Amazon because that is something you might be thinking, this drone has been designed for you! This all electric helicopter is capable of navigating itself to destination and you can get yourself inside and move with your drone. This gadget is really exciting and you can try it and have fun.

2. Faraday Future FFZero1 Concept


This car is fully electric and it looks cute and it claims 0-60 speed in a matter of three seconds and the car can travel over 200 mile per hour. It is a concept car but you can’t imagine what can happen when the manufacturer decide to produce it in mass. It will be fun to ride this car. It is new high-performance car and if you feel like you want things which sound like they are luxurious then this concept car will be your choice.

1. Parrot Disco


Drone is right here ready to impress you with this Parrot Disco which looks great. It has two wings which let take off look like a kite than those traditional drones and with only a toss in the air, your Disco can get enough momentum to stay afloat. It has been estimated to fly at high speed of up to 50 mph and it can stay up to 45 minutes. The unit comes with 1080p camera which is at its nose and it has flying modes to enable users enjoy their drone. The drone is lightweight and wind resistant and you will expect tons of fantastic things from it.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets For Men & Women 2017. Each day which comes and goes, new things are trending in the market and if you are among those people who want the best selling tech gadgets which will remain trendy years to come, then these list right here are the right product which you can select yours. You will fall in love with their fantastic features from Robot, Notebook, Drone and electric car. They will completely surprise you and if you like taking fantastic videos then you will get the best drone here which will let the work done without making you experience any difficulties.

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