Top 10 Best Selling Skin Whitening Foundations

Skin is the outer covering of human body and plays an important immunity role to protect our bodies. We have two types of skin that is dry and oily skins. Skin color is determined by pigment melanin from darkest brown to lightest pinkish white. We need to protect our skin especially to ultra violet rays from the sun, harsh climate and dirt. Choosing the right foundation for your skin to prevent it and to look glamorous, you need to know the type of your skin first. Below products can be found in malls, cosmetic shops around you and will help you determine the best one for your skin.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Skin Whitening Foundations in 2017

10. Loreal New True Match


This product is recommended for any normal or dry skin to maintain the shape of your face. It is a good base before applying your make-ups to give you a glowing and light look on the skin. This product is medically tested so to provide you with the best cover of your face and keeping it smooth always.

9. Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover

lakme absolute white intense skin cover, Top 10 Best Selling Skin Whitening Foundations 2017


A Lakme product has anti-oxidants to keep away the pathogens from your skin and whiten the skin easily. It is manufactured in three shades that help your oily skin free and good in skin toning. With an SPF 25 your skin will never have black spots, leaving your skin smooth always. You can apply this product while going to bed to assist in skin firming.

8. Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation


People with smell allergy this is the best product with perfect coverage of protecting your skin. This product offers you a silky, smooth and a natural look every time. During summer is a must have foundation to protect your skin from acne and also oil controlling more so skin breakout. Comes with; a designed bottle with a pump reducing spill and dispensing the needed amount.

7. The Body Shop Moisture Foundation


This foundation is best in retaining your skin moisture and perfect for normal or dry skin. Made from; marula oil, beeswax and SPF is dermatological tested to provide light to medium coverage with a flawless dewy finish. Has a very mild fragrance not to irritate anyone, settle on face easily and blends with your skin color better.

6. Bourjois – Bio Detox Organic Foundation



This foundation is organic making the best product for any skin and age group without any side effects. With new Bio Detox formula, it is infused with chlorophyll to barrier your skin against pollution and gently oxygenates the skin throughout the day. After using this product, you will achieve a fresh, flawless and even complexion look as you take photographs. It is dermatological tested and is a non-pore blocking with oil free formula.

5. Covergirl Clean Whipped Crème Foundation


Comes with ten different shades to blend with any skin and mousse foundation to give you a smooth, clean and natural look that won’t dry your skin. This lightweight whipped crème gives your skin a boost of moisture without greasing. This formula won’t clog your pores thus leaving your skin with a natural look and a fluffy texture. Controls the oil to ensure the skin is well maintained and has tinted moisturizer for the skin not lose its moisture. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Skin Whitening Foundations 2017.

4. Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation

rimmel london stay matte foundation, Top 10 Best Selling Skin Whitening Foundations 2017


Rimmel is made from cucumber, chamomile and cotton for a non-greasy and oil free product. It’s a budget friendly, covers acne nicely, easy to apply to deliver a matte finish. Recommendable for all type of skins, comes with a range of shades to blend easily and gives a smooth skin touch. Rimmel is a long lasting product with no paraben that causes irritation on your skin but it is a heavy one on your face.

3. Kryolan Ultra Foundation


Start to celebrate beauty, as kryolan is ready to give what you have ever desired to look. This product stands up any weather condition without getting off, flaking or melting for seven to eight hours. Comes with a range of many shades you can blend with your skin comfortably to get that stunning look. Ultra foundation is cream foundation specially formulated for the most demanding make up expectations and effective as a corrective make-up.

2. Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Makeup



Wants to be happy and glamorous looking all day long, this is the product to offer that affordably. A lightweight and bendable foundation a good agent in restoring skin firmness and fight free radicals, also anti aging agent as it moisturizes the skin keeping it radiant all day long. This product is suitable for normal to dry skins giving an even flawless and luminous finish. Chambor is a natural foundation containing SPF that makes the product feel light on skin. Comes in a glass bottle with a; pump dispenser though bulky not portable while travelling.

1. Colorbar Perfect Match Foundation



You are a busy person and needs to stay focused and looking beautiful all day long, this package should be your consideration. It is able to stay up for eight to ten hours without falling off or sweating because it can stand any type of weather condition. A color match foundation adapts itself to the natural color of your skin leading to a smooth finish hiding away wrinkles and other skin imperfections. Can be used as; a sunscreen as it contains UV filters, lightweight, oil free and easy to blend to attain the natural and smooth look.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Skin Whitening Foundations 2017. These products are manufactured to meet different purpose of skin care some to repair the damaged skin while others for beauty look. The list above will help you make a good decision concerning your skin.

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