Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men

The first thing to impress a woman is kind of shoes a man wears and belts he has. Research shows that any average person should have twelve pairs of shoes. A man should look good with trendy official, casual, and sporty wear. Every handsome man need to dress in a right artery. To help your man look stylish, you have to see this list of top ten best selling shoes for trendy men in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men in 2017

10. Vans

vans, Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2017

After a long day at work, vans are a right shoe wear for outdoor movement when walking in evening. They come in variety of colors that can go with your outfit. It is designed in different way like vans military Ludlow with unique outlook. A company for manufacturing shoes is centered in Cypress, California. This company also produced products like t-shirts, socks, hoodies, hats and backpacks.

9. L.L Bean Slippers


These are cozy slippers shoe that you can wear while resting in house, on balcony or early in the morning after a sweet night sleep. They have variety of designs from single to double sole. L.L. Bean is a private thought mail-order, retail and e-commerce company that was created in 1912 by Leon Leowood Bean. It is based in Freeport, Maine, United 2015 these shoes made up to USD $1.6 billion sales.

8. Timberland


They are best for snow seasons because of their waterproof cover and rough surface; you can walk on snow without any stress. It has a unique look and keeps feet warm and dry in times for harsh weather. You can also use them when axing woods for your own safety. Timberland LLC is a manufacturer and retailer American company for outside wears that concentrate more on footwear. This company also has things like watches, clothes, sunglasses and leather goods. It is situated in Stratham, New Hampshire. Nathan Swarts is the designer of this amazing shoe in 1978. Since then there have sold many shoes making it best selling product in market.

7. Taylor Sneakers


For a weekend wear, Taylor Sneakers are the best that can be worn with jeans or khaki pants. You will look good especially when going for a casual occasion. They have come with enclosed of designs and color that are comfortable on your foot. First Marquis Mill created them in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts. It is collected to a rubber sole and canvas upper, designed for professional basketball club.

6. Loafers-Giorgio Brutini


Loafers-Giorgio is best ideal of shoes to go and have fun at nightclub with your friends. You can look more attractive when worn with khaki and jeans pants. In addition, there can be appropriate for office clothing for those guys who do not need an elegant official look needed for meeting with Human Resource. They are intended to comfort your walking on sticky booze floor but not on slippery floors. For a trendy look, you have to own one of this casual and official beautiful pair of shoes.

5. Penny Loafer


They are perfect for both official and casual aspect.You can wear them with pants that do not go beyond your ankle and have slim ending to fetch out those well-groomed color feet. These designer shoes come in black and blown colors with also different design that fits casual and official look. Originally, Spaulding Company founded them in 1930s for men and women shoes. They became famous after Norwegian dairy farmers appeared in Esquire Magazine. In 1960s, men have worn loafers without socks. There are simple but classy and modest shoes.

4. Casual Boots


These casual boots are designed for outdoor activity like hiking and mountain climbing. They have ability to endure muddy landscapes or rocks whenever you walk around wearing them. Comes with range of colors but the best color to choose is brown because it hits in hiking events and you can wash them easily. Design in an ankle-high with suede or leather uppers, rubber soles and open lacing that has two or three pairs of holes. Originally, British armies had worn them in western desert campaign of world war ll. You can wear with jeans for elegant look.

3. Official Boots


These are strictly official business attire. They can fit with any suit you decide wear for interview or board meeting. These official boots come in variety of colors and can make you look elegant and handsome especially when you wear with a black suit. You can get any size you want.

2. Cap Toe Oxford


Oxford Shoes Company has made this low-heeled shoe to go perfectly with a black suit. They have different trendy colors that you can choose from. You can wear them when going to evening dinner that has been prepared for members of your association. They have shoelace holes tabs that are close under vamp with closed designated lacing. Based on orders of fashion, Cap Toe Oxford shoes are made from various materials including suede, canvas, and calf leather, faux and pure patent leather. Comes only in black and white and black, but sometimes there can be patterned or plain. Scotland and Ireland people were the first wear them.

1. Brown Longwings


Brown Longwings shoes can be suitable with all kind of dressing from khaki, jean pant to suits. They are best fit for official wear more than casual dressing. It has a unique pattern on the outer sole that is well embroidered to look amazing with official. All trendy men will find their right sizes to wear and look more stylish that ever. The pattern on upper front makes them unique than others.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2017. Above trendy men’s shoes are not that different but they are branded depending on what a man is looking for in shoes. So you can go and buy different type of shoes for your wardrobe and get that trendy look.

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