Top 10 Best Selling Red Wine Brands in The World

If you have that passion for taking wine and you do not know about the exact wine with the exact taste as well as the texture then try out the ones that am going to list below. They come with very great most of all when you have it with meals like beef or pork you will surely enjoy that drink to the fullest. Below is a list of the best selling red wine brands in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Red Wine Brands in The World in 2018

10. Bregonzo Amar one Della Valpolicella

Best Red Wine Brands

This is the best from Italy. These wine are blend well with all the flavours. This brand is a very sweet red that is fruity. It also has a high level of sugar as well. It is stored for a long time and it will retain the same flavour. These grapes are stored well before making the wine. This allows for a wine that has many flavours like red cherries, tangerine and black dates.

9. Chateau de Camarsac Selection Vieilles Vignes

Best Red Wine Brands

This is a product of Bordeaux, France. It is a classic wine that you definitely would love and it because of the sweet flavours and the taste it comes with. It comes in all flavours you can imagine of so there is no need of you saying that the brand cannot actually suit. It has a pepper flavour, which does dominate in taste hence making it exquisite.

8. Villa Aintinori Rosso Toscana Super Tuscan

Best Red Wine Brands

This is Italy’s best product. It is beyond doubt that this country is popular for releasing brands that have exact amount of spice required. So this brand is not an exception. The company, Tuscany, which made this wine tend to be biased on the fruity side. So try the great brand with Italy’s great meals and you will surely enjoy.

7. Irony Pinot Noir Small Lot Reserve

Best Red Wine Brands

This one is the correct choice if you are looking for medium-bodied wine. The drink does not delay and once taken, you feel it immediately. In California, especially the Russian River Valley, the products tend to be fruitier. Still they have that taste of black pepper. It is fruitier than other brands; it still stands out as one of the best.

6. Vigilance 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

Best Red Wine Brands

It is a product from Kelseyville in California. The grapes that produce the brand are grown in vineyards that are maintained in a unique way. These vines grow in plantation with herds of sheep. This gives them a very high taste because of the manure gotten from the sheep, making it a very sweet as well as nice brand.

5. Yellow Tail Shiraz

Best Red Wine Brands

This is a brand from Australia and is the best selling wine brand in Australia. For those who love dry wine, try the Shiraz wine and you will definitely like it. Most people who take the wine like to take it with roasted meat, salmon or Italian pasta dishes. This brand tops in terms of the best dry wines. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Red Wine Brands in The World 2018.

4. Lindeman’s Bin 40 Merlot

Best Red Wine Brands

This brand is a product of the prestigious treasury wine estates that are located in England at a place called Middle sex. The wine has received several awards for being the best brands world wine competitions. The brand is affordable yet very sweet as well. It comes in various characteristics that include robust oaks, red cherry and dark berry. Its affordable price is the main reason why the drink is among the best selling.

3. Jacob’s Creek

Best Red Wine Brands

This wine is from an estate in France. The thing that makes their wine very sweet is because they derive their grapes from very cool parts of the country. These grapes are good for retaining their sweet taste and that Jacob’s creed, which is a product of these grapes, is very sweet. That is why it is among the best wine brand in the world. In 2016, the estate has produced a wine brand that combines both the Californian and the Australian grapes and this brand is one of a kind.

2. Sutter Home

Best Red Wine Brands

It is a product of the family estates of Tinchero and its history dates back in the 1800’s. Since that time, they have peaked and to this day, this brand ranks as the second best wine brand in the world. The family is the second largest independent family that have a winery in the world. In terms of repeat customers they are they emerge as number one. They wine is sweet and incredible.

1. Gallo Red Wines

Best Red Wine Brands

This wine is located in a place called Modesto in California. Trust me this is one of a kind and since its introduction it has grown to more than that one brand that it started with. Some of its brands include the Canyon road, the carnivore, Davinci, Alamos, Carlos Rossi and many others. You cannot go to a wine store and not get to notice the famous Gallo Red wine. The wine comes over 70 labels and that is why it is the best sold wine.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Red Wine Brands in The World 2018. We have seen that independent family estates that have their own vineyards as well as companies that make wine produce these wines. They come in all sorts of fruit flavours besides the grape and that is what makes them to be very sweet. They are the 2018 best.

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