The Top 10 Best Selling NFL Jerseys

The NFL is the National Football League for short. It is the professional league for football as America knows it. The whole league consists of 32 national teams, and the teams are divided equally under two banners- The National Football Conference and The American Football Conference. It is the highest level one can go in American Football because, the version of football where there is no use of ‘foot’, there is no international arena. No other country in the World has this sport on a national level. The league has a 17 week run from Labour Day to Christmas. In spite of its one country limitation, the SuperBowl, the final of the NFL league is one of the biggest sports events of the country.

Just like any other sports in the world, NFL’s fan following has a lot of fan stuff on sale. Like the jerseys of NFL popular teams players. Read on to find out the top 10 best selling jerseys before the season starts from September.

List of World’s Top 10 Best Selling NFL Jerseys in 2017

10. Von Miller(Price: $99-$24.99)

Von Miller The top 10 best selling NFL jerseys of 2017

He is the Outside linebacker if the Denver Broncos and has the 58th jersey. Born in Dallas Texas, he has been playing in the big leagues from 2011. The signature orange has been flying off the shelves this season.

9. Antonio Brown (Price: $249.99-$27.99)

Antonio Brown The top most popular best selling NFL jerseys of 2019

His best selling NFL jerseys No 84. He is the Wide Receiver and Punt Returner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Born in Miami Florida, he has born playing in the NFL championships since 2010. He has been the MAC champion for two years, and the NFL is receiving yards leader among many other achievements.

8. Khalil Mack (Price: $249.99-$35.99)

Khalil Mack The top most best selling NFL jerseys of 2018

The player born in Florida is the Defensive end and linebacker for Oakland Raiders. He has the 52 jerseys in the team. He has started playing in the big leagues only from 2014 thus; this year will be his 3rd season. He is the first pro player in NFL history to be chosen for two very different positions on the same team. However, he is has a controversial playing style, he has the record in NCAA for forced fumbles and career tackles. The reason why the sale of his jerseys would be so popular is thus apparent.

7. Aaron Rodgers (Price: $2,074.81-$99.99)

Aaron Rodgers

He is the Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers and has the number 12 jersey on the team. He has 5 Pro Bowls to his name and has been awarded the most valuable NFL player award for two back to back years.

6. Carson Wentz (Price: $252-$29.99)

Carson Wentz The top popular best selling NFL jerseys of 2018

He is one of the very young players in NFL, a very talented player who has been picked for the big leagues straight out of college. He is the Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and has the 11th jersey on the team. This will be his first Super Bowl season as he has been picked by the Eagles in the second draft if the season. The fans of Eagles have been helping the Wentz jersey fly off the shelves to boost his morale. He has been seen playing on the field and performing miracles for years now, but this will be the first time he is playing for an NFL team.

5. Rob Gronkowski (Price: $299.99-$149.99)

Rob Gronkowski The top best selling NFL jerseys of 2017

He plays the tight end position for the New England Patriots although he was born in the State of New York. He has been playing since 2010 and has won countless accolades since. He has been nicknamed the Gronk. He has been the receiving touchdowns leader in 2011 and the comeback player of the year in 2014, after a short break.

4. Cam Newton (Price: $295.99-$100)

Cam Newton

He plays the Quarterback for Caroline Panthers and has the number 1 jersey on the team. He has won the best NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2015 and the Most handsome Valuable NFL Player in the same year. He is the only player in recent times to have won the Heisman Trophy along with winning a National Championship and pick in NFL draft within a one year. He was also named the NFL All Pro First tea in 2015. Thus his presence on the list is not at all surprising as he had won countless accolades in the last season.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. (Price: $110-$97.99)

Odell Beckham Jr.

Yeah, bend it like Beckham. However, the Beckham mentioned here is not the Beckham in question and not the right kind of football; this Beckham is no less talented or famous. He is the Wide Receiver of the New York Giants and has the 1st jersey on the team. Beckham is a comparatively new player and had started playing for the Giants in 2014. He had won the Rookie of the Year Award in the same year. He has played college football and also has been a basketball and track player at the university level.

2. Tom Brady (Price: $299.99-$94.99)

Tom Brady

New England Patriots is one of the top expensive NFL Teams and He is the Quarterback for the teamand the number 12 jersey on the team. The player from California has four Super Bowl Championships to his name and has won the NFL Most Valuable Player twice. Although he has four-gamesuspensions because of hisattitude, the sale of his jerseys has not gone down and has rather increased exponentially. He is right now the greatest quarterback.

1. Ezekiel Elliot (Price: $139.99-$27.99)

Ezekiel Elliot


NFL Most Valuable Player Ezekiel Elliot plays the running back position for the Dallas Cowboys football team and has an all-rising star in the last few seasons. After the dismal few seasons, the Dallas Cowboys has had the footballer represents their one hope for winning back the spotlight. Therefore, many Cowboys’ fans bought the Ezekiel Elliot jersey for good morale. That has out Ezekiel Elliot on the op stop beating out Peyton Manning who was in the number one spot last year.

It doesn’t matter where you are but if you are an American football fan, so you are looking forward to supporting your team in its colours, grab on to one of these best selling NFL Jerseys bearing the name of your favourite team and favourite pair, switch on the magic box in your living room and cheer on at the top of your lungs for its football season in America.

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