Top 10 Best Selling Microwave Ovens Brands

If you want a microwave which work perfectly when it come to reheating and defrosting , then we have listed the best selling microwave ovens brands which will let the work done without wait. You will like that they’re a snap to clean and reheat your food without creating cold spot. If you are in hurry, these microwave ovens will be your choice and they will let the job done without wait. Give these best selling microwave ovens brands a shot and you will love their perfection.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Microwave Ovens Brands in 2017

1. Wilko Colourplay

wilko colourplay, Top 10 Best Selling Microwave Ovens Brands 2017

The unit comes in teal, green and purple to blend well with your home décor. You will be using it to heat and also defrost your food evenly and fast without wait. It is very simple to operate and its awesome performances will let you enjoy using your microwave anytime you wish. You will never come across cold patch in the food you cook. The unit is energy efficient and you will never complain about energy consumption when you use the unit and has excellent value.

2. Swan Retro SM22070


You will love this vintage-looking machine which looks funky and it will add elegance to your room. The microwave oven is very roomy and it can effortlessly fit family-sized dishes which is a great bonus especially large families. It features five power levels which are easy to operate with only a touch of a button. During those moments when you’re in hurry, this microwave will come in handy. If you want the best microwave oven which has amazing performances and can heat your food evenly without creating cold spots, get this one.

3. Dunelm Mill Candy Rose Microwave


This microwave will make your kitchen look awesome with its amazing color. The unit is available in blue, pink or pastel green and the brand is widely known for its amazing performances and low maintenance. This microwave is smaller but don’t be fooled because it is capable of heating food evenly without any creating any cold spot. If you have 27cm plate, this microwave can accommodate it inside and let you feed your large families with great meals.

4. Samsung MS28J5255


Don’t look for those cheaply made microwaves which can always annoy you. You will fall in love with this microwave oven because it is quieter and you can also turn off the beeper. The unit is not like those brands which start to heat less when they are used for long periods. This one is amazing because it heats effectively regardless of the period you use the unit. You will love that it can defrost well and it has enough room which is great for large casserole dishes.

5. Russell Hobbs RHFM2363B


If you’re looking for the best microwave which can defrost or heat dishes for your family, then this one will meet your kitchen needs effortlessly. The microwave is straightforward to use and it can ft larger dishes which you can use to feed your hungry family. Cleaning the unit is a snap and you don’t have to wait longer to wait your time food to be defrosted or to get warm. You will be relying on this unit to warm your larger dishes and let your hungry family and friends get their food served without wait. This unit will be your choice especially if you’re in hurry.

6. Miele Contour Line M6012


This item is going to be great addition to your kitchen especially if you want the homemade food to be reheated. The microwave is spacious and has eleven effective auto cook as well as auto defrost settings that will let you reheat or defrost the food without wait or experiencing any difficulties. When it comes to heating and defrosting, this item is really faultless and the grill works perfectly, too. It will reheat your dishes without creating any cold spot and great when you don’t have time to waste.

7. Electrolux EMS30400OX


You will never get bored when using this unit because it function effortlessly and if you want to use your microwave for conventional cooking, this one will be your great choice and you can use it on regular basis. It is roomy and it will be a great deal for larger families and the controls are intuitive. This unit will be your godsend especially if you’re in hurry and it will make your homemade food well reheated or defrosted. When you get this unit, it will be a clear that you will be having a microwave which will never let you down regardless of how long you have been using your microwave.

8. Sharp R959SLM


If you want a brilliant microwave at everything, then this one is going to impress you especially when it comes to defrosting, roasting, baking, grilling and cooking. It has plenty room that will let you cook for your large family and the food will always remain moist and not dry. The unit has many features but don’t be fooled because the controls have been designed to be user-friendly. The unit comes with decent instruction manuals. Get this unit and it will be your great microwave for your larger family.

9. Panasonic NN-SD261MBPQ



It looks good and it will make your kitchen look awesome. The unit is also excellent for basics such as defrosting and reheating and it doesn’t create cold spots. It has ten automatic cooking programs which will ensure that your food will simmer without boiling. The unit is well made and nothing can go wrong. You can use it straight from the box and you don’t have to trawl through the instruction manual. Beginners can also use this microwave effortlessly.

10. Sage Quick Touch Crisp


If you like eating pies, quiches and pizzas, this microwave will always let you take your well heated dishes without wait. It has clever integrated pan and your food can be elevated to aid cook evenly and it will stop condensation which can lead to soggy bottom. It has smart settings and you can select the type as well as size of food which you are cooking. The unit will always work out the maximum time as well as power settings. The unit is effective and it has useful shortcut settings which includes soften button function.

These are the best microwave ovens brands 2017 which are best selling and great for heating and defrosting and you can use it for simple tasks like reheating coffees, defrosting chicken or cooking a ready-meal. Not only that, these microwaves are advanced and they will let you feed your larger family thanks that the interior is spacious and can reheat large dishes for your family. The above best selling microwave ovens brands we have listed will be perfect choice for your busy kitchen. Try one of the.

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