Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews

Massaging is described as kneading and rubbing of muscles within joints and other parts of this body. It is normally done to relieve people from pain and tension. Many machines and equipments are used to offer such kind of services in most homes and businesses. Some people use their hands. In this article however, we will feature on quality chairs that are used to offer massage. Famous and successful companies manufacture these chairs. Below is a list containing best massage chairs in market.

List of Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews in 2017

10. Portable massage Chair comfort 4

Portable massage Chair comfort 4, Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews 2017

This is one of the best massage chairs, hence featured in this list today. It is made of lightweight materials to enable users to carry it from one position to another. Thick form gives comfort to all clients especially after having a long day at work place. Portable massage chair measures 29 by 48 by 18 inches when completely assembled. Side frame has a heavy duty steel that gives out maximum support to all users. Weight of this quality massage chair is approximately 700 pounds.

9. Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner


Kahuna is another quality massage chair featured in ninth position of this article. Quality physical features of this equipment have always attracted many clients in market ever since it was manufactured. Convenient heat is released from each part to give users comfort and heat massacre. Kahuna measures 65 by 30 by 40 when fully combined and weights about 500 pounds. Carrying it from one position to another is easier and need no help from strong men. Recliner is designed uniquely to give resting ad comfortable sitting position.

8. 2016 best new full massage chair


On eight position of this position is a great massage chair that is available in online and physical markets. It is made of quality materials that are essential in providing good body support. Airbag massage technologies are readily available in this equipment. Dimensions of 2016 best new full massage chair are 65 by 30 by 40 inches. It comes normally in black color. There is availability of carbon fiber that makes it light for easy carrying and transporting. They come with a one-year warranty that is very promising to most people.

7. Best Value massage chair


On seven position of this article is best-valued massage chair. It was manufactured by a famous company and officially released to market in 2015. Just from the mention of its name, you can comfortably say that this is amongst best massage chairs in market. There are four programs and level of massage provided best valued massage chair. Power button is for putting it on and reaching out necessary steps needed for massage. You need this chair in 2017 to experience moments of relaxation.

6. Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage chair

Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage chair Top Most Famous Massage Chairs Reviews in The World 2019

Osaki is a great massage chair contains five present programs that are automatic to offer you relaxation and comfort after having a long day at work. Osaki provides different intensity levels. There are four types of massages that are provided by this kind of massage chair and they include rolling, tapping, kneading and tapping. Clients choose what they require and then right adjustments are made. You will not regret having this equipment in your home because of its many advantages that reach out to every individual having it. Legs, feet, thighs and fingers are well handled by 20 airbags attached in Osaki massage chair.

5. HomCom


We could not have completed this list without featuring this quality massage chair popularly known as Homcom. This chair is unique and contains quality physical features that attract many clients out there. Some of these features include vibrating suede to offer comfort, large surface area to accommodate people of large body sizes and heat therapy is always provided around waist and tummy area. With these characteristics, pain, headaches and other abnormal conditions are always dealt with. Homcom measures 30.7 by 32.7 by 39.8 inches. It may look simple when looking at it but Homcom performs great work.

4. Shiatsu massage chair


Shiatsu is a great massage chair that offers quality full body massage. Almost all parts of this chair are equipped with different processes that are essential in giving comfort to clients. Different kinds of people can comfortably use this quality chair because of its advanced sensor that customizes process of massage. Purchasing this equipment is not a hard task. Its price is supportive to many budget sensitive people in market. For interested clients, they only need to place their orders online and expect for arrivals at any given time. Other may visit manufacturing companies and get their required items for home use.

3. Earthlite Avila ii Massage chair package

Earthlite Avia ii Massage chair package Top Most Popular Massage Chairs Reviews in The World 2018

Earthlite is in third position of this article. It has been ranked here because of its quality features that have made many clients to make up their minds. Different features of this amazing chair include pouch, carrying case, instructional DVD and longtime pads. Stainless materials used prevent it from getting rust and corrosion. This means that it can stay for a very long time. It offers clients quality and acknowledged service. Clients are always comfortable and sit comfortable to enjoy relaxation moments from this item.

2. Human touch


Human touch is another quality brand of massage chair ranked in second position of this article. It is said to work as a robot hence named as Human touch. It is relatively short than other chairs that are featured in this list today. Quality leather materials that are used to construct this chair give it ability to stay for long time. Unlike other items featured here, Human touch contains ports to charge any electronic devices such as phones, laptops and tablets.

1. Electric Shiatsu massage Chair


On top position of this article is electric Shiatsu massage chair. It is best of all massage chairs featured in this list. Some of its quality features include 20 airbags and quality design. High power vibrating features provide soothing feelings and comfort to clients.

These are Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews 2017. Above named chairs are best and most used massage equipments in market today. They come with different prices because of different features. Some of these chairs are slightly expensive but contains but give quality service. You will find out that other brands are budget friendly.

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