Top 10 Best Selling High Heel Shoes for Trendy Women

Fashion is one thing that cannot be separated from women. High heel shoes are part of what women need for a comfortable and easiness at all time. Below is a list containing different brands and designs of best heel shoes for classy women.

List of Top 10 Best Selling High Heel Shoes for Trendy Women in 2017

10. The DKNY

The DKNY Top Most Popular Selling High Heel Shoes for Trendy Women 2018

It is so common that most ladies enjoy catching attention of people from how they dress. Beautiful dresses and shoes make a classy woman look fantastic. DKNY shoe is here to make your looks complete. According to my observing, this shoe is one of those shoes that have high heels in market and are sold at an affordable price. Their neutral brown color is fit to take you through in all seasons. DKNY come in all sizes and are appropriate to people of all classes.

9. Miu Miu


If you happen to look at Miu shoe being displayed in a fashion shop you would definitely love it. Miu Miu has a fantastic and unique design that catches attention of many modern and classy women. Some of its important features include comfortable to walk around, beautiful and shining heel, neutral beige color that can be blended with different dresses and is affordable. A gold color of heel area brings a lot of uniqueness and leaves each woman with a desire of purchasing a pair. Fashion designers have recommended this brand as best for models and official purposes.

8. Valentino

Valentino Top Famous Selling High Heel Shoes for Trendy Women 2019

Valentino shoe brand has same color as Miu Miu but is enclosed in toes area. They also have studded straps wrapped from ankle part and tow. Fashion Icon suggests that it should be worn with black dress and a beige handbag. Owning this brand is a great achievement and success. However, not all women will be able to purchase them because they aren’t affordable to many. High-class women like public personalities, actresses, models and entrepreneurs are only ones who purchase Valentino which was designed by a historical and popular Fashion Icon known as Valentino Garavani.

7. Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen is another example of a shoe brand that is best for a trendy woman. This brand is so unique with its way of mixed fragility and always dull. There are women who do not enjoy putting on shiny things in their bodies and that means that Alexander will be suitable and comfortable to them. McQueen appears in position seven of my article with many desirable features. Some of these features include white heel that marks an example hygiene and elegancy, sleek touch material and mixture of colors that can be worn with different kind of dresses. Purchasing Alexander is affordable.

6. Badgley Mischka


On position six of this article we have Badgley Brand which was designed by American fashion designers popularly known as Mark Badgley and his close friend James Mischka. There job was highly recognized by many model and actresses in 2006. At that particular time, these classy women suggested that Badgley is a favorite fashion brand for many people and is essential when worn during wedding parties with a short circular dress. Make up your mind and purchase this shoe. What you will get is total perfection, elegant looks and beauty as well. They are durable and can never disappoint you at all.

5. Aperlai


Are you a woman who is supposed to appear in a red carpet and doesn’t know what to shoe to put on? Your worries have ended because you now have a solution at hand. Aperlai is a popular shoe known for making fantastic looks on a red carpet. It was designed and created by a successful fashion icon known as Allessandra Lanvin who was a spouse to House of Lavin’s owner. After staying together for many years, that is when Allessandra got knowledge of designing this great shoe.

4. Brian Atwood


This is another amazing shoe designed for classy women. They have great heels comfortable attached to make women walk at easy. Brian Atwood was designed and released to market by Brian Atwood who named it after his own name. Women who want to make different kinds of poses then should consider purchasing Brian Atwood makes. One good thing about them is their ability to bring out a well balanced and high fashion feel. There is a promise of feeling comfortable even if you make long walks with them for a very long time. You will need to visit their website and learn more about purchase orders and price as well.

3. Kate Spade


I cannot make any slight mistake like finalizing and closing this article without featuring most famous and comfortable shoe makes known as Kate Spade. A designer who had just begun his career of Fashion Making designed this model in New York. Beautiful colors of Kate will always catch your attention. They should be worn with a dress of dull color because Spade comes in shiny Pink color. One of its advantages is that it can be worn any time of day and in any occasion.

2. Jimmy Choo


This is another well known shoe brand that was designed by a designer known as Jimmy Choo. He is popular among many people for making eye-catching fashion designs specifically for trendy women. Jimmy shoe brand is purple in color and contain Double straps around ankle area to give women easy and comfort when walking around. You will be definitely led to Feather tassels placed in front for more extra beauty. We recognize this great man for his good job.

1. Christian Louboutin


On top most position of our article we have, Christian Louboutin’s which is popularly known and best in red carpet. This brand is known to have been made out love, passion, inspiration and gives a lot of hope for trendy women who wish to walk to have great looks. Christian Louboutin surpasses all standards needed to fit a classy woman comfortably.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling High Heel Shoes for Trendy Women 2017. I created this article with an aim of promoting and helping women who want to shine out in Fashion. I want to believe that you will be highly motivated by different kinds of designs discussed above.

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