Top 10 Best Selling Fragrances For Her

There are many top perfumes for women that are sold in market today. They have been manufactured in various brands to suit different ladies. You might find out that, best selling in market are affordable. There quality cannot be compared with value of money given out. In our case, we are going to take a look on some of the best selling fragrances that were manufactured specifically for ladies. Follow the guideline below.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Selling Fragrances For Her in 2017

10. Flower Bomb


Flower Bomb has an outstanding smell and is also among favorite fragrances of women in 2017 review. It was manufactured by popular and successful fashion icon known as Viktor and Rolf. These two are trusted for manufacturing women’s beauty products. Once applied on clothes, it displays beautiful scents of floral scents. Its main quality ingredients are Jasmine, Osmanthus and Rose. They are blended together to achieve a sweet smelling composition specifically for women. Flower Bomb can be used in all seasons and occasions.

9. Heat


Heat is another beautiful fragrance that was manufactured some few years back by American celebrity known as Beyonce. It is among best selling fragrance for women in market today. This is because of its affordable price and high quality. Once applied, Heat can last for that entire day without fading away. Women are recommended to apply this beautiful perfume during evenings especially when going out for a romantic dinner. Quality ingredients are blended together to achieve a sweet smelling scent for modern ladies. Some of these ingredients include trumpets, Magnolia, Honesuckle trumpets and warm berries. All of them are essential in making a woman feel comfortable whenever in any meeting.

8. Be delicious


Be delicious is a beautiful cologne for women. It cannot be left out in this article. Delicious was introduced to market by a famous fashion house owned by Donna Karan. Other than Fragrances, this fashion icon is known for making adorable ladies’ beauty products such as hair oils and body lotions. It has been observed that Be Delicious has greatly improved in market value because of its quality features. This perfume is readily available in authorized fashion houses and online market. Delivery fee for online market is low.

7. D&G Light Blue


Light blue is well known by many clients in market because it is commonly used by celebrities. It is relatively expensive compared to other perfumes featured above. It was manufactured by a well known fashion house called Dolce and Gabbana and released to market in 2001. Dolce has always made efforts in improving their quality and this is always achieved in every year. Due to that, Light has gained high market demand. Several bottles are manufactured and distributed to clients in different parts of this universe. It has no any side effect even to asthmatic people.

6. Glow


Glow is featured in position six of this article. it has a uniquely designed bottle that can be used for house decorating after use. This bottle is cylindrical shaped and contains a chain like item tied in it. It was manufactured by popular singer known as Jennifer Lopez and released it to market in 2002. Most young women are aware of this beautiful perfume which is budget friendly and therefore friendly to many people. Glow is characterized by its cent which is always amazing and long lasting than other beauty perfumes in market.

5. Black Opium


Black opium is always among favorite beauty item especially for young ladies. It has been ranked it this position because of cast put forward by modern ladies of their own class. Opium was manufactured and released to market by Yves Saint Laurent. He is a popular fashion icon and a consultant for any beauty stuff. Its quality ingredients include vanilla, coffee, patchouli and floral notes. When blended together, a quality sweet smelling composition is formed that is essential for driving away any bad odor. You will catch attention of many surrounding people that will try to find out the kind of perfume you are using.

4. Still


It was manufactured and introduce into market in 2003. Woman behind all this is an American actress, dancer, and singer known as Jennifer Lopez. Still is a popular perfume among many celebrities who wanted to purchase it and promote their fellow singer. Still has an outstanding sweet smell that can last for several hours. Lopez cares about value of your money and therefore manufactures quality and long lasting beauty products such as colognes. You cannot miss to recognize still because of its spherical shaped bottle but with a flat base.

3. Ed Hardy For women


Elizabeth Ade is a beautiful fashion house that came up with this beautiful cologne for women. Ed Hardy is among best selling hence featured in this list. It is made of organic and explosion scents of fruits. Such fruits are mangoes, straw berry and grapes. All these elements combined together to make different versions of Ed Hardy perfumes which is available and affordable always. People of different classes having ability to purchase at least a bottle of Hardy and it can last for a couple of months.

2. Happy


Happy is a sweet smelling cologne for women and was introduced into market in 1997. It is recommended for daytime use only. Research has shown that young ladies are making their way into different fashion Houses to get their own bottle of this beauty product. They prefer using it when going for long day activities. Only a small amount is needed to take you for that entire day. In other words, Happy is long lasting.

1. Lovely


Lovely is best selling of all women fragrances featured above. A fashion successful icon known as Sarah Jessica Parker manufactured it. This great lady did a fantastic work that is appreciated by many ladies to date. Lovely has been ranked in first position of this article because of its quality features and low price when bought from legal dealers.

Are you are a young lady or just a modern woman looking for a high quality perfume for any occasion? I fully understand that this list has benefitted you in locating best of them. From this point, you are now able to choose cologne that suits your lifestyle.

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