Top 10 Best Selling E-Books Readers

By the prices going and down and thus becoming very affordable this is the best time to buy an e-book reader. However, you need to make the correct decision the right device that you are going to buy. The most appropriate device is the one that will impress you with a variety of features that include the size, the books, what type of wireless network and more that am going to talk about in my list. Below is a list of E-book readers that you need to consider buying for yourself.

List of Top 10 Best Selling E-Books Readers in 2017

10. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite $ 119

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Top Best Selling E-Books Readers for Christmas 2017

This is an E-book reader that will just take your breath away just by the look of its features. If you want to have a next generation experience while reading just try using this device. Besides that, it has a high resolution to facilitate easy reading and good quality display of work. Even while under the sun you will not have to strain while looking at the screen. It also facilitates comfort of reading since one can use only one hand while reading. Ones you pay for a single charge then be sure of it lasting for a month. This device is specially designed for reading and you will not get disruptions from emails or text messages.

9. Amazon reader $ 79.99

Amazon reader Top Most Popular Selling E-Books Readers for Christmas 2018

This reader will surely not disappoint you just by a look of its features that it comes with. First it is a very affordable device. The device has a long battery life. It is capable of lasing for weeks just by a single charge. Even under very bright sun there is less glare from the sun, this device also will not disrupt you with notifications while reading and it has a large storage capacity that will help accommodate as many as 2000 books.

8. Amazon Kindle Oasis $289.99


It is another best product from Amazon. Trust me if there is a device that is worth spending is the Amazon Kindle Voyage. A device that is specially designed for users love who love reading. The device has a high resolution and the displays of the readings are just like those of a printed page. The display is adaptive regardless of the place you are whether it is too dark or too bright. Its battery is also capable of lasting for a week just by a single charge. So try it now and you will surely enjoy. So try it and you will know what am talking about.

7. Amazon Kindle Voyage $ 199


It is a simple as well as refined to give the users great experience while using it. It is also blessed with quite a number of features that are going to impress you. A device that has a great display quality as well as light is well suited for your eyes. Even while turning the pages you will use very little effort. The make is also one of a kind since it is thin hence very comfortable to hold and use it.

6. Barnes and Noble Nook Glow light plus $ 129.99


This device is somehow confusing to use especially to first time users. People say that water and books do not mix but this is not very true the reader is waterproof. It has a great display as well as a large storage capacity that allows for storage of as many e books as possible.

5. Kobo Aura H20


People like going to the beach or near swimming pool and relax there and start to read a book while enjoying the comfort of the sun. The aura H20 considers such people and that is why it is waterproof and also to cater for your eyes the device adapts to the exact setting you are in and it will provide the right resolution for the environment you are in. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling E-Books Readers 2017.

4. Kobo Aura One


This device will surely impress you and if you expect to be disappointed by it then you are definitely wrong. Its pride of having the largest E ink touch screen this waterproof device takes. It also has an adaptable lighting system to enhance convenience while using the device. It has an internal storage of up to 8 GB and this will enable you to store as many eBooks as possible. It is also waterproof so one can read while at the beach without fear of spoilage of water.

3. Kobo glo HD $129.80


This is a device that has an amazing light weight that and also has that display similar to a paper that will surely impress you. For users who are looking for an affordable device then look no further try out the device and you will surely enjoy it. So rush to the market and try it out and you will surely enjoy. $129

2. Kobo touch 1.0kobo-touch-1-0

This device comes with a very good operating system that allows for ease of use as well as a very good screen that allows adaptability to light. The device is not heavily priced so it is very convenient for use. It also has a large storage capacity as well as being waterproof.

1. Ectaco $ 150


This is device is highly preferred because of its inbuilt features. These features include having electronic dictionaries as well as language learning products. It has jet book e book readers as well as very good display. Students commonly use the device in our schools.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling E-Books Readers 2017. These devices come with great features like great resolutions, great storage capacity, great comfort while holding, they also have very good screen resolution that will prevent you from eye- strain or any sort of discomfort in the eyes. Because of that they are one of the best devices to use while reading. Others are even waterproof so you will not have the worry of using them near moist areas. That is why they are the best.

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