Top 10 Best Selling Dual Sim Smart Phones

Technology is here with us and all our things we are doing them in an advance way at all times phone is the easiest way that one can use to communicate to the loved at every place in the world. In this phone we have games that keep one very busy and still entertain too. Dual sim phones are now available in the market, this help one to have more than one sim card. Meaning one can have as many contacts as they wish to have .Below are the best phones.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Dual Sim Smart Phones in 2017



This good looking phone displays a 5.5 inch length, with a HD display. Has an android of 5…1.1 with a 1.4ghz core with a dual core .They are made in two ways one have a 16Gb internal memory with a 2 GB RAM the other one come with;32GB internal memory and a 3GB RAM. With a two way camera, the primary has 16mp while the secondary one has a 5 MP .the sensitivity of the phone is very high this means that security is given .The battery is an in built battery that conserve a lot power for long .With this you can never go wrong.


MOTOROLA MOTO G Top Popular Selling Dual Sim Smart Phones 2019

This smart phone is not expensive so anyone can afford to buy this. This model was made in 2015 so it is very new in the market but doing very well. Have a screen compact of 5, has the ability to waterproof so it cannot be damaged if it happen to fall in water .The camera is very strong producing good looking images .with a resolution of 13 MP with a flash light. The functioning of this phone is very fast so you can be sure of what you want .The thickness is of 11.5 mm.



Samsung phone is a bit expensive than the other phones with same features. It believed to be the best company that produces good phones though it might be true. Koreans who are believed to be best in producing their product make the phone. The camera has a resolution of 12MP which automatically focus on the image with a 4k video .the front camera have a resolution of 5MP.The design is a nice one very attractive to the eyes of the buyers. Comes with a long lasting battery that can preserve power for 22 hours when the phone is in full time operation.


HUAWEI MATE 8 Top Most Famous Selling Dual Sim Smart Phones 2018

This is china made phone. The storage of this phone is big enough to provide space for everything that the user want to store. The battery performance is of a very high class. The style this phone is made in is very attractive to everyone, it look very nice in deed. The screen sensitivity is very high; you can set in a way that no one else can access to the phone application for security purposes.

6. LG G5


It is unique in its own way; the battery is removable and long lasting too. The screen is very beautiful and attractive and the sensitivity is very high in case of any touch. The phone performance is very high and c cannot fail you. The camera is good too producing very good images .the system is not well developed .This phones are available at all the market.



This model started to be made in the year 2009.It an affordable smart phone that serves very many people. The long lasting battery is not removable and the performance is good too. The camera is 13MP with a flash light comes with a 2GB ram .The design is so nice. The phone is slim enough mean that it’s not bulky to carry. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Dual Sim Smart Phones 2017.



Have a HD performance that processes at a very high speed. The GPU function very well so while downloading the application you want. The space is big enough too with 16Gb internal storage and still comes with 32 GB external memory card. The camera functions well producing very good images and a flash light that caters in times of bad light. The battery is removable, it only available in two colors this are silver and gold.



The phone is made of glass and has a magnet that senses the fingerprints. This makes the phone to be among the best phone. The speed is high having a 3GB RAM. The battery is along life, with a very beautiful screen and a quality camera that produce very nice images. If this phone is well maintained can serve you long enough than you can ever imagine. The cost is a bit high as compared to the rest.



This is a very new phone in the market and was first seen in 2016 in mid August. When compared to all the obi phones this is the best phone they have so far In the market this is the best 4G phone going for that cheap price as compared to the rest .The phone is not appealing to everyone eyes but it’s just a good one. Functions at a very high speed and have a very big space for storage.

1. OPPO F1


The phone is affordable and made at a high quality compared to the rest. The camera strength is very strong, with a resolution of 8MP so now the place where the image is taken from it’s not an issue because the camera will produce a good picture. It is a very light phone weighing minimal kilos. The front camera is very nice too. Speed is high because it has a 3GB RAM .the body is metallic .If looking for a good phone go for this one it is the best, with this you are sure of no failure.

These days the dual sim phone are the rocking thing everyone is using them and that good. Before purchasing any phone first do your math very well and know what expertly you are going for so that you won’t be disappointed. The above are the bestselling Dual sim smart phones in 2017.

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