Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams

There are a lot of advantages of owning the best dam cams in your car. Right here you’ll get the best selling dash cams which will enable you record videos while driving and are great when it come to insurance fraud and bad police encounters because you will have your video that will always safe you. These dash cams are very simple to mount and their compact design is great to ensure that you mount your dash cam without occupying a lot of space. You will love the recording quality of these dash cams, try them.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams in 2017

10. Black Box Mobius Pro Mini Action Camera


It has large FOV, automatic motion detection sensor and wide dynamic range technology and it s powered by battery. This camera will let you record for 100 to 140 minutes even when it is not plugged into power source. It is compactly designed and sophisticated and great for stunning, high-quality high definition recording. The camera can also take still images and record audio in three different volume settings.

9. Blacksys CF-100 Dual channel

Blacksys CF-100 Dual channel, Top 10 Best Selling Dash Cams 2018

The front camera can record 1080p while the rear camera records 7200p full high definition videos. The camera has built-in mic and the speaker which are awesome and comes complete with GPS module and you can link your camera with Google map and the voice guide and the LED indicator will guide at your disposal. It has powerful lenses; low light sensor and tri-axial G-sensor which will enable you take crystal clear footage of your incident or journey. It has wide viewing angle to enable you capture everything you want.

8. Transcend 32GB DrivePro 200


This camera is known for its smooth as well as detailed high quality recording and it can record up to 18p full high definition videos at 30 fps. It has 160 degrees with angle view which will ensure that you record everything in ultra sharp footage. The camera can support 32B memory card and comes with16 GB micro SDHC car as well as adhesive mount to enable you get started. It has wireless connectivity, G-senor and audio recording form motion detection. It has 2.4” bright LCD screen which is awesome and your camera will turn on/off automatically when you ignite your car.

7. A118-C


This unit is ultra compact and has contoured design. It will sit covertly above rear-view mirror of your vehicle and has 170-degress wide angle lens and it will offer you crystal clear audio video recording which includes 720P at 60 fps and 1080P at 30fps. It features 1.5” LCD display and the wide dynamic range and also night vision which are ideal for enhanced clarity when you are in low light condition. It doesn’t have internal battery and it is easy to operate.

6. Falcon Zero Touch


It has four inch touch screen display and hardwired system which has been designed to offer you continuous surveillance. It is equipped with 170-degress with glass lens which is wide. The camera features 3MP sensor, Falcon zero touch which records full HD and WDR technology which are perfect for clear video. It has GPS module and also software let you integrate the GEO data that are weather, speed and more. The camera battery is protected by Intelli Batt which is a powerful anti-drain technology. It can support loop recording and you will never worry about running out of memory because it support up to 64 GB.

5. G1W-C


It is low priced and has 1080p full high definition audio video recording capability. It has powerful lens with wide angle view which is 120-degrees and you can capture high clear footage daytime or night time. It has 2.7” display screen which will offer you clear preview and it can playback the recorded footage. It is also compatible with MicroSD memory which is 64 GB. The camera can also support loop recording and has built-in G-sensor and it will automatically movement in the vehicle and it can set off incident recording on itself.

4. YI Smart Dash Camera


This camera is affordable and it will give you perfect performances every time. It has shock-proof material which are PC and ABS material and it is powered by battery. It runs on dual core CPU and effortless to install. It will enable you capture up to 180 pixel full high definition footage and the camera features noise reduction and G-sensor. Something interesting is that it has built-in Wi-Fi and lane departure warning and more.

3. Street Guardian SG9665GC v2


You will love this tiny camera because it is powerful and has GPS model, Android card reader and 32 GB memory card. The wide view angle is perfect to capture everything you come across and the G-sensor with sensitivity which is adjustable is great and has GPS logger and also TFT LCD screen. The camera uses super capacitor and you can avoid issues like leakage and overheating. It will offer you full high definition and the built-in mic is great and you can turn it on/off from the menu.

2. A119


It has wide range of features with full high definition video quality and the camera comes with small wedge shaped housing. It is great for forward facing recoding and you can attach the camera to windshield of your car using the adhesive mount and start recording crystal clear high definition videos a well as audio for varying resolutions. The lens moves up and down and also side to side and it will enable you enjoy more flexibility on lens angle. The camera can also turn on/off automatically when you ignite your car and the built-in G-sensor will help your camera detect and also record incidents.

1. BlackVue DR650GW-2CH


It has built-in Wi-Fi and also memory card which can support 128 GB. This camera is amazing and has tubular design and it will prevent car break-ins and also dash cam theft. It can record full high definition videos and the recording quality of this camera is excellent and it can work well even when the window is tinted. It supports for Android and iOS backed apps and you can transfer dashcam files using Smartphone and then connect it to your PC to download video files.

Nothing sound great like owning the best selling dash cams 2017 which are effortless to mount and the lens is wide enough to capture everything you come across. You will like their built-in Wi-Fi which will enable you share the content with friends. These dash cams are effortless to use and they will turn on and off automatically when you ignite your car. They will offer you entertaining videos while driving and protect you from false incident claims.

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