Top 10 Best Selling Computer Keyboard

We cannot type anything in desktop computers or laptops without a quality keyboard. Devices with touch screens like tablets may require this equipment for added advantage. Below is a list containing best selling computer keyboard brands in 2017 review.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Computer Keyboard in 2017

10. Microsoft Universal Foldable

Microsoft Universal Foldable Top Most Popular Selling Computer Keyboard 2018

When Microsoft Universal Foldable keyboard is attached to a computer or any other essential device, work becomes easier than when using touch screens. This product is more than what you need for typing purposes in your computer. Some of its important characteristics include lightweight nature for carrying around with easy, wireless ability to work in android devices, tablets, windows phone, Ipads and tablets. There is no cable required and this makes things so amazing. Battery life of Microsoft keyboard is durable and can serve you for a couple of days.

9. Logitech K780

Logitech K780 Top Most Famous Selling Computer Keyboard 2018

Logitech K780 is a uniquely designed keyboard for tablets, laptops, desktop computers, Smartphones and Ipads. Working with it gives you ability to pair with more than two devices with Bluetooth facilities. It has comfortable keys that are round in shape and enables you type with easiness. Logitech has a unique base that holds devices up to a thickness of 12mm when held in vertical position. You can reply whatsApp messages using this Keyboard once you have connected it to your phone using Bluetooth. K780 comes in black color but three of its buttons are white.

8. Das Keyboard prime 13


Das is amongst quality computer products with high demand I market today. Some of prime’s notable characteristics include aluminum top panel for good appearance and rigidity purposes. You can comfortably work with this keyboard even in dark places because it has back light shining on key tablets. It has been observed that in 2017 review, Das keyboard among best selling despite fact that it is slightly expensive. Not very many people will be able to purchase Das. Commonly used by high office stuffs in the government and other recognizable organization. Purchasing this keyboard is advantageous and its qualities cannot be compared with price.

7. Novatouch TKL


One thing that makes this keyboard popular among many people is its quality. Many people can comfortably purchase it due to affordable price. There is a great hybrid technology that plays I between with use of a membrane and mechanical keyboard. Typing is much easier hence including touch name in its name. According to observations made from Nava Touch owners, navigating your fingers in this keyboard brings a comfortable feel always. How I wish secretaries would realize usefulness of this keyboard. They would run and purchase one to make working place a better place to be.

6. The Unicomp Classic 104


On position six of my article, I have this popular and uniquely designed keyboard known as Unicomp Classic 104. Many people for making durable keyboards and other required products trust Unicomp Company. It acquired its rights from Lexmark for use in IBM Buckling springs. Unicomp keyboard is relatively larger than other products studied above. Researchers discovered that this is just an imitation of legendary IBM model keyboard that was released in 1989 by a popular electronic company in United States of America. It requires much effort to depress.

5. Leopo ID FC66Om


This is another contribution to this list with unique and amazing features. Many people do not commonly know Leopo but those who have tested it can comfortably confess their working experience. You can comfortably walk around with it because of light nature weighting approximately 50g. One disadvantage with it is high sound released on a topple Board when typing. Some people will get bored with its Heftier and solid nature. Clients cannot lack to identify Leopo keyboard brand. Most of them are of same size and dark blue in color. However, keys are purely white.

4. PFU Happy Hacking Professional 2


Unlike other keyboards that are of almost same design and color, PFU Happy Hacking is totally different in both color and design. Their manufactures release them in cream and have large key buttons compared to other equipments that we have studied above. Purchasing them will take you less time. You only need to place an order online and give out full requirement. There is a one year warranty and little delivery fee required from manufactures. Working with PFU becomes much easier due to large key buttons. No straining is observed at all when typing.

3. The Majestouch 2 Tenkeyless


Majestouch Tenkeyless is another required brand of keyboard to complete this list. it is recognized with its tank like design. However, not many people love this big and shapeless design. It is better to work with a shapeless keyboard and worth in all other features. Working with Majestouch will give you a positive impact, as there is no confusion in keys. Much space is provided from one key button to another. Programmers and system analysts love this equipment specifically for making first shortcuts. Creating of programs becomes much easier when working with Tenkeyless.

2. Topre Realforce


This one works silently creating a quiet environment especially where many people are working in a single room or office and much concentration is highly needed. Offices where a lot of data filing and editing is done require this type of keyboard to let job well done. Little sound produced resemble slightly to that of Membrane keyboard. It can be a good choice for you. That is only when you need suitable keyboard for much typing.

1. Topre Realforce 87U Tenkeyless


Manufactures of this keyboard are same as those who manufactured number three above. Appearing more than once in a single article gives a clear explanation that many clients trust this company from all corners of this universe. It has been ranked in this list for unique and important features that have helped it to scoop position one. All credit goes to its manufactures.

For better typing skills you need to get one of the above computer keyboard brands 2017. They come with an experience that is pleasing and will leave a positive impact in your life.

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