Top 10 Best Selling Colognes For Men

Modern man has realized to look attractive to the opposite sex, do not relay on hair, body or facial look but a nice smell. Many companies producing perfumes now have gone an extra mile on designing men’s designer perfumes. Purchasing good cologne should not be so strong, cannot stain your shirt and should be affordable. Men tend to perspire a lot mostly due to their hardworking situation; you need to choose the right cologne to offer you a fresh all day long. Below is the list of the best selling colognes for men.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Colognes For Men in 2017

10. Seductive

seductive, Top 10 Best Selling Colognes For Men 2017

This type of men colognes is the best, suitable for any man, and affordable. Guess Company known to have quality and good products produces it. It is packed in a very cute small bottle, and the scents of this cologne include; black pepper, mandarin and sandalwood. It is an exception one that can be used either during the day or during nighttime, because the scent is mild to offer sexy scent at night and take care of you during day keeping you fresh.

9. Aqva Marine

aqva marine, Top 10 Best Selling Colognes For Men 2018

The packaging of this Aqva Marine will catch anyone’s eyes, and can act like a décor in your closet. This product is from a big and well known company for quality perfumes and Eau-de-Toilette-Bvlgari. The scents of Aqva are quite strong to keep you fresh throughout your busy day, as White Cedar neutralizes the odors of sweat. Grapefruit and Seaweed scents makes your night have a cool feel, any lady to die being on your chest. This cologne is the most sold around the world competing Calvin Klein’s due to its high quality and affordability.

8. Eternity Aqua


You will never go wrong with Calvin Klein, no disappointment at all cost. Though their products are quite expensive, the result is worth any amount of cash. The bottle is designed in a small with a sky blue color and a silver cap holding 1.7 oz. This Eau-de-Toilette can be used either during the day or at night. Men dream to have this as their signature scent, oceanic fragrance is very cool due to the presence of citrus, spice and wood to keep you fresh despite how much you perspire.

7. Eau Fraiche


Eau Fraiche is a product by Versace; small in size to be portable everywhere you go. The design of the bottle is very beautiful will also can be as a décor in your wardrobe and is among the water group cologne. It is a multi Eau-de-Toilette, to be used in the morning ready for your busy day ahead, or taking your lady for a romantic dinner at night. As they have used Amber, Lemon and Cedar, makes this cologne strong, sticking on your clothes for long even after washing, so need to use it daily.

6. Terre D’Hermes


It is always nice for men to retain their natural smell it is always sexy, this product helps you to maintain that. While choosing your cologne always know the smell of your sweat and body smell to go for the right one. This Eau-de-Toilette is launched by design house of Hermes, is very flammable and should not be applied on a sensitive skin. It is also referred as Terre for “earth”, with the scent of black pepper and smoked wood helps in manly fragrance.

5. Acqua Di Gio


This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Colognes For Men 2017. Giorgio Armani, make an order before the stock lasts, launched this classic manly Eau-de-Toilette. Very portable to fit even in your pocket if need be, packed in compact bottle and a tight fitting cap with no chance of leakage. It is ranked the best colognes for men all time, with incredible scents a mixture of salt and sweet. This feature makes it to smell differently on different body smells for every individual. The popularity of this product is very high for it is suitable either during the day or during nighttime.

4. Fahrenheit


Wish to have your own signature, never smell like any other guy out there, this has been taken care of by Christian Dior. They have produced an Eau-de-Toilette with a timeless sandalwood fragrances and citrus to offer the only unique fragrance lacking in other men cologne. Fahrenheit is extremely good quality cologne to give you all the freshness you deserve despite your busy schedule, no worry of odors facing everything confidence on the presence of opposite sex who tends to be sensitive. Despite being expensive, many still go for it; it is worthy and will serve you for long time.

3. 212


Rarely men to ask the type of cologne the other have used by trust me after using this product from Venezuelan Carolina Herrera who is a designer. It is an expensive Eau-de-Toilette, but creating a unique signature fragrance with a manly scents all the same. It is suitable for your busy day or a night out with boys or your woman, offering the freshness of sandalwood, grapefruit and undertones of crisp citrus.

2. La Nuit De L’homme


There are no words enough to describe this unique cologne from Yves Saint Laurent. This new product in the market is greatly welcomed now rating the best cologne a man can purchase. Its scents range from Cardamom, cedar and sensual undertones. This makes it appropriate either daytime or nighttime. The packaging of this product is in a small dark grey bottom of the bottle holding 3.3oz and a tight fitting cap. It is very portable and presentable.

1. Million


Topping the list of the best selling colognes for men ever is 1 Million a product by Paco Rabanne. Ladies your man’s birthday or have achieved something he had been yearning to achieve for ages; this is the best gift you can offer to him. Besides being expertly produced, blended with leather and peppermint undertones, it is wonderfully packed on a badass bottle.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Selling Colognes For Men 2017. It is believed that a good and nice fragrance will help you in reducing anger, depression and stress, giving you the confidence to fit in any walk of your life. Always go for that cologne that will never stain your clothes. Above list will guide you on choosing the right cologne for you.

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