Top 10 Best Selling Blenders

Your kitchen will never be complete without owning the best blender that has powerful blades. We don’t want you to play guesswork anymore because it is our role to investigate the best product which can offer you amazing performances. There are hundreds of various brands which are mushrooming in the markets and it will be wise idea if you can purchase the best one that has been designed to offer amazing performance and durable to withstand your family’s needs. These ones we have listed here are the best because they have been proven to offer best performance, durability as well as functioning.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Blenders in 2017

10. Vitamix Standard 1813 Blender

Vitamix Standard 1813 Blender, Top 10 Best Selling Blenders 2017

This machine is user-friendly and vast in its features. It has adjustable speed control which can meet your needs and the 64 ounce container which is spacious and BPA-free is great to ensure that you enjoy your juice without worry and the spillage-free vented two part lid will enable you add ingredients safely into your blender while it is running. The blender will offer you unbeatable performances every time you use it and the base is sturdy and non-slip. If you want the best blender which is affordable yet built to last, then this one is your number one choice.

9. Magic Bullet NutriBullet Blender/Mixer


It has large capacity with high-torque powered base which will let the work done. It features 600W running motor which will fulfill your needs of chopping as well as mixing the mixing the fruits. The machines comes in 12 pieces which are a milling blade, a high torque base, an extractor blade, a lip ring with handle, a tall cup and also a recipe book to help you when you run out of ideas. The blender has been designed to make cleaning a breeze.

8. Hamilton Beach Power Elite 58148A


You need this handy blender which looks beautiful and has 700 watts peak blending system power. It features twelve blending control which will give you admirable performance and has four user-friendly blend buttons which is in a quick-select style and it will make the work of dicing, pureeing as well as chopping and grating a snap. This machine will help you greatly in food preparation and you can prepare crush ice or milk shakes easily.

7. Blendtec Total Blender Total Blender


You will love this 1560 watts blender which is powerful and it will give you great tasting drinks which have been perfectly mixed to perfection. It has 3HP motor which will smoothly mix your drinks and he hi-tech touchpad digital control will make your work fun and easier. It has stainless steel two-prong blade with high spend that you can use for ice-crushing option. The large jar will enable you whip your recipes in no time. If you have larger family then this is the right blender to go for.

6. Nutri Ninja BL450 Pro


Everyone will love this powerful blender which has powerful blades and let the work done without wait. The machine is rated the best because it extracts nutrients and vitamins perfectly and make you enjoy your juice without hassle. It can break down whole fruits, veggies and ice without any issues and the blade which is built to be tough and durable will ensure that your drinks are perfectly mixed. Get ready to enjoy rich smooth beverages. Own this blender and it will offer you great tasting drinks every time you use it.

5. Ninja BL660 Professional


Who don’t want well-made blender that can let the work done without hassle? When you own this one everything will be fun and you will love its powerful blades that will mix the fruits perfectly and produce great tasting juice. It has XL72 oz. jar which is enough for your large family and the jar is capable of whipping up healthy drink for your large family. The unit can mix veggies, fruits and ice swiftly and the easy cleaning design is a bonus and it has well-fabricated solid parts. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Blenders 2017.

4. Oster BVCB07-Z 7-Speed


This is one of those powerful blender with has seven speed adjustments and it will ensure that you prepare great tasting drinks with no time. The durable metal blade which is sharp and it has been shaped like a six-pointed star will chop your food swiftly. The blender has a clear lid and measuring cup which is 2 oz. and one-touch function which is pre-programmed will enable you deliver delicious drinks without wait it is great for speedy blending because it is powerful unit. Your kitchen will be complete when you own this blender.

3. Margaritaville Bahamas DM0500


You’ll be using this blender for blending drinks as well as flaking ices and you’ll love it since it has been equipped with ice reservoir. The machine has tasteful artistic accents which are in a form of metal engraved palm tree and also sea place which is behind the pitcher, all these makes this blender easy to operate as well as assembling it. Cleaning it is also a snap and its outer part is attractive and it is known as one of those well-coveted devices. Try it.

2. Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower


It has stylish electronic touchpad which is glossy and the indicator LED lights makes this blender amazing. It has simple speed controls, easy-usability and easy clean-up and swift operation which will enable you use your machine effortlessly. It has two top quality blades that are interchangeable and they will meet your different task and the self-aligning will facilitate easy-fit of cups on the base. The package includes huge capacity pitcher, four 16.oz travel cups, single serving cup, and 32 oz. jar and 8 oz. chopping bowl.

1. Breville Hemisphere Control BBL605XL


This blender has permanent hemisphere-shaped bowl and blade system which has central blades and it will draw down the fruits at the top. The hugging sweeping blades will make your drink perfectly blended and your kids will love them. It has up to 5 speed control function and three pre-set options which is great for performing different task. The blender is convenient when it comes to both clean and operate and the nice visual appeal is great and durable in nature.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Blenders 2017. If you’re planning to purchase the best blenders for your kitchen then these list we have provided above are the great choice. Their prices are reasonable and even budget-minded persons can still afford them. Their blades are durable and made of stainless steel to ensure that you consume drink which are healthy and have great taste. Your kitchen will be complete when you have one of these best selling blenders which have beautiful appearance and their powerful blades will let the work done without wait.

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