Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands

On the basis of the best footwear brands, Asia is one of the best in the market. The Asian market is growing in the industries with the nice and fashionable shoes. The foot wears are from different brands in Asia that are very notable. The brands are gaining the popularity on daily basis due to the nice products. These footwear brands are of different types.

A shoe is not just a shoe but depends on the making of and the quality of the shoe. Asian foot wears brands are known for the production of very nice shoes. Foot wear in Asia have either specialized on one shoe gender or working on all. Among the cloth and foot wears industries in Asia, you will not the great difference. The following is a list of the top 10 best selling Asian foot wears brands in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands in 2017

10. Valentino

valentino, Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands 2017

Valentino is one of the companies that have risen from a low level to a higher level. The company is well known from to be from India and has stayed for a long time in the fashion industry. Since the year 1985 when the company was established, it has grown very much. It is one of the companies that are known with its brands in the areas. For the shoes that are expensive, the shoe brand from the company. The brand has a wide range of foot wears that are made from genuine leather hence making them cost much. The leather used is very durable and will serve all your purposes.

9. VKC

vkc, Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands 2017

In the region, the brand has become one of the selling foot wear and hence growing very fast. Other than doing business in India only, the brand wants to expand its roots up to other parts. For example they brand has started up in Malaysia and also in Singapore.

One of the unique characteristic is that it is of various products in the brand. Examples of the products are slip-ons, VKC lite, trends and others. The shoes produced are for all. They have foot wears for children, men and also for women. The shoe brand caters for all humanity.

8. Reike Nen


Reike Nen also is from India and the most popular in the region. The brand is loved by many due to the nice shoes that it produces. The shoes in the brand are loved in many countries due to the durable soles that are in the shoes. The shoe is well made and the comfort ability of the wear is also notable.

The items are very unique and the qualities of the shoes are high. With the quality of the shoe, you will see no deal on the shoe from the brand.

7. Rupani


Rupani brand was established in the year 1986 and existing up to date. The brand has economical products that are standard and the wears are very durable. The brand has products such as slippers and sandals among others. The shoes are available for both men and women. You will not be frustrated because the services you will get are recommendable.

6. Paragon


Paragon is the largest rubber footwear that is widely known to have nice products. It is a great seller that was started in the year 1975. The brand can manufacturer of up to 400,000 pairs of the foot wear on daily basis. The cost of the wears is very economical and pocket-friendly. The products range with color. You will get it with different color that range in 30 different colors. You will get them for your whole family since you will get for men, women and also for kids.

5. ECS


ECS is the abbreviation of Ehsan Chappal Store that deals on the women products. The products are loved by the women and they are greatly women. This is one of the leading sole brands both in Asia and also in the world. The shoe products are very durable and loved by very many women. There are casual, official and shoes to go out for parties. They are very attractive and also well designed.

4. Wong Lung


This is yet another brand that is best and produces shoes for women. If you get a shoe from the brand, you will definitely get you desire in life. The company has put in too much effort to ensure that the shoe they provide to their clients is of high standards. You will get variety of shoe since there are flat and also long heels.

3. Metro Shoes


This is Indian shoe retailer which works with various types of shoes. It is known to be the oldest shoe brand. Other than being the oldest brand, the kind of shoes that are produced are of the highest quality. You will get formal, casual and also various shoes in the company. The brand has shoes for the male and the female.

2. MS Shoes


MS shoe brand is another company that is in Asia and produces a very high quality shoes. The business started from a scratch grew to exporting shoes to other parts of the world. It has advanced a lot hence becoming one of the best shoe brands. There are slippers, boots, casual, shoes, smart shoes, sports shoes in this shoe brand. There are shoes for both genders. If you want a high quality you should purchase this shoe and will not frustrate you at all.

1. Liberty Shoes


This shoe brand was established in 1954. Since that year, the company has gained too much popularity in the country and beyond. The shoe brand supplies shoes to 25 different countries. The shoes produced are for men, women and also kids. The shoe varies in 25 different colors hence making it lovable by many. The company has shoe that will provide with your freedom and you will greatly love the shoe.

When purchasing a shoe, you should not just buy any shoe. Ensure that the shoe you are purchasing is the best. The best shoe depends on its durability and effectiveness. Asian footwear brands are very nice and the kind of shoe they produce are very good. You should look at the list above and you will come up with the best shoe. If you buy the shoe, you will not regret and it will not frustrate you at any point.

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