Top 10 Best Selling Air Freezers

If you have a big family and you want to get a large freezer that will accommodate all your cold food, you are in the right place as here we will review for you the best air freezers that are currently selling in the market. The choice for the best freezers comes with several factor considerations. Some of the factors to consider are energy efficiency of the freezer, storage capacity of the freezer, any other additional elements on the freezer like indicators and most importantly the price of the freezer. After considering those factors, below is the list of the top ten best selling air freezers in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Air Freezers in 2017

10. Miele KFN12924 Sd-1 Freezer

Miele KFN12924 Sd-1 Freezer, Top 10 Best Selling Air Freezers 2019

This is the first freezer that will be starting our listing. It features several features that make it among the top ten. It has a classic look, has large storage space, has a control panel that can stand to up to 2 meters in height, has the power to hold food safe for more than 12 hours event after the power has been cut out, it emits 41dB and can hold 123 Lit making it a gorgeous freezer. It is also very affordable and anyone needing a freezer that is good in term of performance should go for this one.

9. Samsung RL6OGZEIH Freezer


The other amazing and incredible freezer is this one from Samsung one of the best brands in the world. What people love about this, is that it has high holding capacity. It I made from stainless steel and it is fingerprint resistant. It has a sleek look and measures 2.1 meters in height. The EZ open door makes it easier to open this amazing unit from Samsung. It has been proven to store food safely for up to 16 hours even with power cut out.

8. Summit Ingenious top Freezer


This high performer is both a refrigerator and a freezer. It has been built with an excellent design that makes it an incredible product. It has large storage capacity for keeping fruits and food safe. Its great finishing material makes it ideal for every kitchen. The door window makes it unique and ideal for you to keep your favorite beverages. One thing that makes it unique is the door storage compartment found on this amazing kitchen unit.

7. Midea Single Door Chest Freezer


Just as its name suggests, this is an incredible single door freezer that has been equipped with enough storage capacity to accommodate all your food. It features the following: adjustable thermostat, mechanical controls, hinge design for keeping it balanced and the interior design makes it very easy to clean. The adjustability of the thermostat makes it very easy to use this unit. It has been highly reviewed by several customers who consider it one of the best currently in the market.

6. Kenmore Freezer


This one has been designed as an upright freezer that has large storage capacity of about 20 cubic feet. This large space makes it enough to accommodate food for about eight people. It has been certified very energy effective and this has made it a choice for many people looking for a freezer that will not strain their pocket. Has the ability to preserve food without freezer burn. It will help keep your food at a consistent temperature.

5. SPT UF-214W Upright Freezer


This is one of the best upright air freezers in the market. It is also very affordable making it a choice for many users. Has a plain construction that makes it very easy to fit in any kitchen. Has shelves and pins on the inside of the freezer for easy storage of your different food. One unique feature about it is that it is free standing with a handle that can be easily recessed. Due to the different compartments on the inside, it will offer you ease when looking for your things on the inside. This is one of the best in terms of high performance. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Air Freezers 2017.

4. Hitachi R-VG540PRU3 Air Freezer


Another of the amazing air freezers in the market is the sleek designed Hitachi unit. It has been made from strong materials that makes this unit very durable, hence it will give you service for a great deal of time. Other additional features are the crisp LCD panel on its exterior, has very high storage capacity for storing your food and finally it has been divided into shelves that makes it easier to sort store your food. To keep the food safe for extended periods it has been insulated.

3. Energy Star Upright Freezer


This is one of the freezers equipped with adjustable thermostats. This is an amazing one when it comes to large storage capacity. Other features found on this air freezer are 3 feet cubic capacity has pull out basket for safe storage of your food, flush back design for saving on a lot of space on it and finally it has been made from strong material that makes it very durable. It is one of the best units in the market.

2. Chest Freezer Lock White


It is one of the bestselling freezers in the market. What has made it one of the best in the market is the fact that it has been found as the easier one to install once you have purchased it. When it comes to keeping your food preserved for long hours this is the ideal unit for you. It has been equipped with a lock to aid it standing. This freezer will be good for keeping food for your big family.

1. HAIER HF-23N Freezer


The best air freezer in the market is the Haier HF-23N air freezer that has been rated highly by all of its users. It has the ability to accommodate 125 lbs of frozen food. In addition, it has thermostat and defroster that can be easily accessed. The light indicator makes it even more amazing. To save on the storage space it has removable and flexible baskets that you can easily arrange your different things on the inside. This is the best.

As I conclude these are the top ten best selling air freezers in the market 2017 that every person who want to keep the large amount of food for their family safe and frozen. These are the best in the market currently.

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