Top 10 Best Selling Air Conditioners Brands

Air conditioners are quality products in market that are essential in removing unnecessary heat and bringing about cool air. They are mostly reliable in homes, offices and hospitals for patients. There are many brands of air cooling products that are sold in market today. Most of them have gained much fame and success as well. Such products have quality features and are highly effective. People value their money so they cannot just buy what is not promising from market. Lets us check on some of the best selling air conditioners in market today.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Air Conditioners Brands in 2017

10. O General

O General Top Popular Selling Air Conditioners Brands 2019

O general is a popular air conditioner that is used by many people. Its cost is rated between 25000 and 60000. Some of models available include 1.5 Ton, inverter AG and 1.0 Ton. General has a capacity of more than 1 ton. It has great features like inverter saving ability, giving 4-way airflow direction, environment friendly and always free from Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Special features with air cooling condition make O general famous and favorites for many people. It can work in absence of electricity and this is ad added advantage.

9. Haier

Haier Top Most Famous Selling Air Conditioners Brands 2018

Manufacturing brand of Haier air conditioner is highly regarded as one of best with excellent cooling features. Much energy is preserved when using Haier and is recommended by many people for durability features. A popular company in China first manufactured it. Price ranges from 18000 to 45,000 rupees. You cannot miss to recognize this air conditioner due to air circulation nature, auto restart features, and environmental friendly and anti bacterial effect. Haier can be purchased from any authorized dealers around or by use of online market sellers such as

8. Hitachi


Manufacturing brand of Hitachi air conditioner was found in 1920 and has been popular and successful ever since that time. Clients are always in love with it because of its important features that are essential for saving power and energy. Excellent work from this machine is achieved. Climate technology is another important characteristic for one to note. We cannot forget to mention cooling conditions of Hitachi and filtering effects of bacteria. Value of one air conditioner from Hitachi is approximately Rupees 25,000. However, in some seasons of a year, it rises to 70,000. Zunor 300f is one of its powerful models in market.

7. Blue Star


Blue Star is a manufacturing company that was established in 1943 and best known for producing high quality air conditioners and refrigerators. It was first begun in India and then circulated to other countries. You cannot miss to identify this type of air cooling machine in market or selling stalls. It is readily available in famous building known as ITES, offices and not forgetting malls. There are many models of Blue star that are sold in market today. Some of them include on split AC 0.75, Split AC 1.5 Ton and 3HW18VB1 split.

6. Videocon


Videocon is another famous air conditioning brand that was established by an Indian company in 1979. Headquarters of Videocon are located in Mumbai, India. These headquarters gained a lot of fame several years back for producing high quality electronic devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, radios, washing machines, fridges and Microwaves. In this list, we are only featuring air conditioners from this successful company in India. Videocon air cooling machines are very effective compared to other brands that we have discussed above. Purchasing it is very economical and budget friendly especially for those people with big families and many commitments.

5. Whirlpool


Whirlpool is taking position five of this article for attaining goals required to appear in this list. it was established by a well known manufacturing company in India in 1987. Some other electronic stuff produced by same company include fridges, washing machines, refrigerators, type writers, microwaves, televisions, laptops, radios and driers. Many people in market for having quality and effective features have recognized whirlpool. High performance service is always expected from this good brand of air conditioners. This is because of their high cooling technologies that are late in market.

4. LG


LG is a popular company in market best known for quality electronic devices. Such devices include televisions, woofers, Radios, laptops, desktop computers refrigerators, washing machines, driers and without forgetting Air-cooling machines. LG air conditioner is highly effective and has many quality features that suits clients hence having high market demand. LG has an admirable slogan known as Life’s good. Indeed this has been proved right. Taking fourth position of this article is a great achievement and a good way of advertising. Am telling you that whatever that is advertised here is pure truth. Just make a try and enjoy life with LG.

3. Daikin


Among popular and successful air conditioners discussed above, Daikin is another popular demand that is relatively cheap when compared to others. Most clients have been receiving quality services from this model for last 100 years. They still cannot get enough of this good air-cooling product in market. Many improvements are always made to Daikin in every year hence increasing demand in market. You can be sure that having this air conditioner is getting to another level in terms of choosing quality product from market.

2. Samsung


Samsung air conditioner cannot be left out in this list. Apart from air conditioner, Samsung is known for manufacturing quality electronic devices Such as laptops, televisions, radios, woofers, desktop computers, fridges, refrigerators and microwaves. Samsung air conditioner has a price ranging from 20000 to 60000 Rupees.

1. Voltas


Volta is a popular company best known for producing Inverters and air cooling products. Air conditioners produced from this successful company in market are effective, essential and always reliable. Owned by TATA groups, Volta has gained a lot of fame and market demand due to promising features. Purchasing it will attract a warranty of 1 year from manufactures. This has been a promising advantage to clients from different parts of the world.

These are best selling air conditioners in market 2017 that suits many people’s requirements. Most of them are from large, popular and successful electronic companies worldwide. In that way, they have gained a lot of fame and market demand altogether. Some of these manufacturing companies include Samsung and LG.

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