Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras

We have listed the best selling action cameras which are small, lightweight, portable, wearable and you can mount them from surfboards, skateboards, bicycles as well as drones. Don’t also forget that you can mount them to your body parts, helmets and even your pets! Forget those ones which are too heavy and bulky and you can’t even strap onto yourself or your equipment and your apparel. You will love these top-rated best selling cameras we have tested.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras in 2017

10. Olympus Tough TG-Tracker

Olympus Tough TG-Tracker, Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras 2017

This camera is the new hot comer and it will impress you when it comes to photography. It features ultra wide-angle lens which are stabilized and the five built-in sensors which are barometer, compass, GPS, thermometer and accelerometer are great things about this camera. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity which will enable you share your contents with friends and family. It can capture 4K content and able to survive in water up to 100 ft in depth when it doesn’t have housing.

9. GoPro HERO4 Black


You need to this action camera and it will enable you capture 4K video at 30 fps. The camera is also great for slow motion footage which is up to 240 fps and the 12MP still images at a rate of thirty shots per second. The camera’s housing can withstand up to 131 feet depth and the built-in Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth will enable users share their footage and also pair accessories and enjoy life. It is affordable and compact enough to let you carry it. The camera is lightweight, mountable and even portable and if you have bicycle, you can mount it to your camera and start recording.

8. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30


The three-axis image stabilization is what you will love about this camera. It will enable you enjoy up to 4K video effortlessly with the wide color touch screen. You’ll also enjoy YouTube live streaming for your Apple iOS devices and also ultra sensitive GPS antenna which you can take it wherever you wish without any frustrations. Its case is waterproof to a whopping of 133 feet. You won’t go wrong when you give this camera a try. This camera has been built for action and you can mount it to your skateboards and record beautiful videos while on go.

7. Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 Pro


Are you ready to get the best action camera which is effortless to use and built to perfection? The price is of this camera is reasonable and the performances are fantastic. It will enable you take 4K video and the Wi-Fi connectivity alongside with the touch screen interface is great to ensure that you use your action camera without wait. You can also capture up to 10 12MP images per second. You won’t miss anything special when you have this camera.

6. 360fly 4K


This camera will enable you capture 360-egree footage with high resolution without experiencing any issues. It has a single fisheye lens and it doesn’t need content stitching and it comes with built-in memory of 64 GB and the built-in gyroscope, GPS antenna, accelerometer coupled with shockproof body and water resistant construction makes this action camera the best in its class and the connectivity options are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and you can control your camera using your Smartphone app. The camera can be mounted effortlessly to your surfboards because it is lightweight.

5. Ricoh WG-M2


You will love this tough action camera which is capable of give you 4K video using its image sensor which is sitting behind the lens. It also has whopping viewing angle and the construction is freeze-proof, shockproof and it is waterproof and you can dive with it. It has LCD display which is handy and the Wi-Fi connectivity is great to ensure you share your contents with your friends and family. This camera is great alternative to the GoPro. This action cam is wearable and portable and you can strap it onto yourself and enjoy yourself.

4. Sony FDR-X3000


It is equipped with ultra wide lens and it will enable you capture 4K video. You can also use the camera to capture 8.8MP still images and you can equip it with bundled housing and then take it for diving up to 197 feet and enjoy taking crystal clear images without experiencing any difficulties. It has built-in Wi-Fi and you can share your contents with friends. This camera is lightweight and compact to let you carry it effortlessly.

3. TomTom Bandit Action Cam


The built-in GPS is perfect to let you carry your camera anywhere and enjoy yourself. It has in-camera sensor which will let you track altitude, speed as well as G-force. This camera will let capture 4K video at 15 fps as well as 16 MP still images. The battery is removable to let you replace it and the full USB plug is great for easy recharging. If you under budget and want the best action camera which is easy to use and built to perfection, then this one is going to impress you.

2. Garmin VIRB XE


It is great GPS equipped camera and the video recording resolution is amazing and tops at 1440p. Its housing enables it to be plunged up to 164 feet underwater which is deeper than other model. The Wi-Fi connectivity will let you share your videos and images with friends and the one-touch recording is another bonus. The capture of performance metric is what makes this action camera the leader. The price of the action camera is also reasonable.

1. DBPOWER 12MP 1080P HD, black


Every one wish to get the best action camera which is easy to operate and this is one is right here to impress you out of the box. The camera is waterproof and easy to operate; its rugged design means that users can carry their camera to anywhere they wish including dive. It comes with two batteries to ensure that your camera is always ready to produce high definition videos. This action cam is wearable and portable and you can strap it onto yourself and enjoy yourself. The action can excel well in all extreme situations. This action camera has been built for action and you need it.

You will love these best selling action cameras 2017 since they have been designed for action. They are waterproof and you can dive with them and enjoy capturing crystal clear videos even when the light condition is poor. You will never miss anything when you own these things. You’ll be using them to record footage underwater or around water. You will never go wrong when you purchase any of these choices we have listed here.

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