Top 10 Best Office Security Cameras

Some time back people relied on security guards to keep watch over your precious items, or your loved ones from theft and other crimes. Technology came to make this easier by introducing surveillance cameras, which record everything around your premises or your home sending alerts in either your phone or your PC. The installation of this cameras have helped in decreasing burglary and destructions of people’s property, as the arm of law will be after them due to the evidence of the cameras. Below list will guide you on the best office security cameras.

List of Top 10 Best Office Security Cameras in 2017

10. Analog (HDCVI) 8 CH


An office camera that installed in the office and outdoor surveillance is very useful to record each an every activity taking place. This security camera comes with a back-up USB, for a big memory and a powerful lens enabling to view at 75 degrees Celsius. Another advantage of this camera that makes it more popular, it is able to capture everything whether at night or daytime. This camera if installed outside, can withstand any weather conditions as it has weatherproof feature.

9. Lorex LW with a LCD Monitor


This camera is very affordable offering quality images that are monitored by 7- LED. The camera comes with a big memory and a 32 GB card slot, and is ideal inside the office or outdoor surveillance. Despite where your office is located, you can access it through your phone and incase of robbery will be alerted and save the situation. The signal of this camera is very strong capturing everything at a long distance, and the night vision is approximately 65 feet. This camera has a feature of weather proof so ideal for outside and has a motion director, but this camera produces some noise when the DVR are running so it is easy to be destroyed thieves.

8. Zmodo PKD-DK 4216


Zmodo camera is among the best-selling cameras suitable for any office for the surveillance of indoor and outdoor. Comes with GB of 500-memory space enough to store your videos of a long time and all the footage are all in the hard drive. The signal of this camera during the night is still strong, offering quality videos recording the incidences in categories and time. This camera is very affordable but with a great detection with quality videos and has two years warranty.

7. Simplicam Security Camera


This is among the best office camera, connected with WI-FI and very easy to install. This company has awarded for their quality products, and this one has made with high definition. After its installation, this camera is unnoticeable in the office, thus will record every occurrence in the office and outside the office.

6. Uniden APPCAM23 Video Surveillance Camera


This camera is the best friend in your office giving you all the information you need about your office and no need to be there to keep a watch. This camera is easy to install, comes with a 32 GB micro SD card to record its surveillance more so you will monitor it with your Smartphone. This camera is capable of detecting strangers and sending alert in your phone immediately and its night vision is very strong ranging up to 25 feet with quality video.

5. Blink Security Camera System


Blink camera has been rated among the best selling security cameras, in the world due to its easy installation and affordable. A modular surveillance is wireless, very sensitive to detect even motion and sending you an alert either on your phone or on PC. This camera is ideal to keep an eye on the security of your office and the behavior of your workers.

4. Front Point Security System


Front Point Camera is rated number four among the best and most selling security cameras around the world. Designed with a unique style, providing indoor and outdoor surveillance of your office, and can withstand any weather condition. This camera is affordable to any average person, very easy to install and not easily noticed. The advantage of this camera, you can have a live footage on your Smartphone while not in the office.

3. Super Night Vision Hook Camera


Your office need a lot of security and incase of anything you will require forensic evidence; this is the best camera you need to install around your office. It rated among the best anti-theft digitalized cameras around the world. This camera produces highest resolution videos, whether during the night or daytime. As it meant for many security purposes, this camera is easy to install in a way that it cannot noticed and does its recording even when charging.

2. Arlo Smart Security Camera System


You need a best security camera for your new office, this should be the camera to invest on and it is a wireless camera. The cameras are designed eloquently looking like décor in your office but is small. Arlo camera produces very clear and sharp videos especially during the night and is capable of detecting motion. After installing the application on your phone, you will be getting clips and alerts in your phone wherever you can be.

1. Icontrol Networks Piper NV

Icontrol Networks Piper NV Top Most Famous Office Security Cameras in The World 2019

Topping the list of the best office security cameras in the year 2017 is Icontrol Piper due to its capability and production of high quality videos. Technology applied on this camera is of high quality, installed with android apps, IOS and a sensor to boost resolution. You can review all its recording and download them if need be. You will never worry about your office during the night hours; this camera has a very sharp vision and quality videos.

These above are the Top 10 Best Office Security Cameras 2017. Many offices are the home of delicate and important documents for your family and your clients. A good security camera should be able to produce quality and sharp videos at all time, whether daytime or nighttime and able to withstand any weather conditions. The above list will guide you on the best camera to buy.

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