Top 10 Best Motorcycle Cup Holders for Bikers

Nowadays cup holders have not only become important for motorcycles but a must have necessity. Whenever you hit the road on you motorcycle you will need a place to hold your cold soda or beer or the hot coffee. This will ensure your own safety and you will enjoy a safe ride sipping your favorite drink as you go along. In the market, you will find different cup holders so the choice will entirely depend on your preference. Check out below the list of the top ten best motorcycle cop holder for bikers.

List of Top 10 Best Motorcycle Cup Holders for Bikers in 2017

10. Chubby Quick Release Cup Holder

Chubby Quick Release Cup Holder Top Best Motorcycle Cup Holders for Bikers 2017

The Chubby quick release cup holder is the one on the last position on our list. It is ideal for any type of biker. You will find very nice once you have installed on your ride. It has a very light grip for both water and drink bottle. The quick release features allow you to remove the bottle on it whenever you feel you are dehydrated. It will save you the time that you spend stopping to have a drink and then progressing with your journey. It will not be visible when you place it on the down tube, unless someone sees you getting your drink.

9. Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Cup Holder

Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Cup Holder Top Most Famous Motorcycle Cup Holders for Bikers 2018

This is a mountable cup holder. It is amazing because you can attach it to anything be it fiberglass, steel and aluminum. It is one of the flexible holder that can also be placed on the walkers that are using by elderly people. It gives your ride that nice and incredible look as it has been designed with classy and nice looking material. You will find very nice to ensure that you do not leave your favorite drink behind when you are travelling with your motorcycle.

8. RAM Magnetic Drink Cup Holder


These cups will remain in the same position you place them without moving. When you need to mount it on your ride, you need to use the elastomeric ball, which is non-slip. It will keep your drink safe as you ride. It does not have a cheap price tag, but if you go for quality then this is the best product for you. The rubber material will keep your drink bottle secure. This is the best you will find in the market that has the best features.

7. Kuryakyn Passenger Drink Holder


It has been equipped with a right side basket. It is not for the rider but the passenger on the motorcycle. It looks nice and classy and it will be the best you can install on your bike to provide access to drinks for your passenger. It has been made with highly durable material, which is best for serving a long time. You can purchase one of the above listed for yourself and then this one for the passenger on your ride.

6. Barefoot Willies Cup Holder


It is one of the most durable cup holder. The reason why it is durable it is because it is made of polycarbonate material. It is the ideal choice for you when you need a cup holder that will keep your drink firm as you ride. Additionally, the material is made of stainless steel material hence you are assured that it will not rust. You can adjust it to any angle depending on how you would love it to appear on your bike.

5. Tour Park Drink Holder


This one has been designed for only right side. The material used to make is stainless steel making it very durable. It has a chrome acorn and a bracket. In the buying pack, you will find a manual that will guide you on how you can install it on your motorcycle. If you are looking for the best cup holder that will not disappoint in terms of functionality, then go for this particular one. It can carry water bottles of about 20 ounces or a drink can of about 12 ounces.

4. Kruzer Kaddy Motorcycle Cup Holder


This one can be placed almost anywhere on the bike. It has been designed to be multifunctional. It can comfortably hold your drink without compromising on its content as you ride. You can also hold other items like sunglasses, phones, keys and many other items you carry during you riding expenditure. Mounting it on your ride is as easy as learning ABC. It also allows drinks of different sizes.

3. Trieste Coffee Cup Holder


This one has been designed in such a way that your bottle or cup of coffee will be held tight without getting spoiled or even scratched. It has a double bolted mounting design. You will not find any difficulty installing it on the bike. It has the capacity to hold about 16 ounces and below of cups that should have a lid on them. You will find it cheap and it is the best you can get in the market.

2. Kruzer Kaddy Leather Wrap Cup Holder


This cup holder is detachable. It is easy to fit on your bike and you will find it easier to detach from the chrome pated steel bracket. It is meant to keep your drink insulated. It has the ability to accommodate any drink size and if you do not have one on your bike ensure you get it from the store and enjoy the convenience that comes with it.

1. RAM Drink Cup Holder with U-Bolt Base


You can find this best motorcycle cup holder in the market right now. It has been equipped with the best features that you will not find in any other cup holder. Mounting requires you to use the U-bottle. The bars that hold it together are about 1 inches in diameter. You will keep your drink secure and you will save on time that you would have spent when stopping for drinks along your ride.

Finally as I conclude these are top ten best motorcycle cup holders 2017. You will need to upgrade to one of these if you initially did not have one of them. You need to enjoy a cold sip of your drink as you go on a road trip.

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