Top 10 Best Madonna Perfumes

Madonna has been celebrated in her career as a musician whose hit songs made her career hit the big screens. She has not only succeeded by just releasing one hit song after another but through working in acting, dancing and as a businessperson. She has been an inspiration to various artists throughout her career. Away with taking about her, let us focus on her work in making some of the best perfumes that have been sought after by so many people all around the world.

The Madonna endorsed perfumes have been on the market to ensure that you will smell like a celebrity. Check out below a review of some of the best or the top ten best Madonna perfumes in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Madonna Perfumes in 2017

10. Sensual Grace

sensual grace, Top 10 Best Madonna Perfumes 2017

Starting our listing is the Sensual Grace perfume. It was meant to intimidate her sexy and daring character. Funny enough it was inspired by the nudes of Madonna that were shot back in 70’s. This one was created to make every woman feel and smell sexy all the time. To smell good in this perfume will only require parting with only a few dollars. Wear it and feel irresistible from the people around you.

9. Madonna Nudes Collection

madonna nudes collection, Top 10 Best Madonna Perfumes 2018

On the package of this perfume, you will see the picture of this celebrity. Just like the previous one this one has been inspired by the life lived by Madonna as a nude model. This came about after she signed to have her picture on their fragrances. It comes in several popular scents from which you can choose from including: sporty scent, sparkle, musical just to mention a few. When worn by all her fans they will irresistible and every one will be after them.

8. Musical Madonna


Inspired by her music, is the Madonna musical perfume. This one has been created to create that feeling of listening to the beautiful songs from this celebrity. You will be having the best scent ever as it has been incorporated with notes of rose, jasmine, vanilla, soft musk and patchouli. These notes have been combined in a way that makes a fragrance like the voice of Madonna on stage. Even though it was produced in 2010, people still consider it the best.

7. Desire


Dolce and Gabbana created desire. It is a perfume that has been endorsed by Madonna. It has been created to give you a sparkling desire to feel confident. Its smell is elegant and very feminine. The notes that are used on the product are: jasmine, mandarin, lily, nectar and lychee which blend well in creating the perfect scent. You can wear it during the day when working or when you are going out with your friends for shopping or partying. When worn it makes you feel outstanding.

6. Prada Candy


Unlike other listed perfumes, this one has been created for teenage girls. It was created when Madonna had started her own perfume brand. At this time, many teenage girls looked up to her as their inspiration. This one will not only leave you smelling good but also feeling confident all day long. Its creation was inspired by the instrumental version of Single by Madonna. Prada candy will ensure that you enjoy the good smell.

5. Truth or Dare by Madonna


This one is a creation of the music iconic face Madonna. It is the perfect one for all those ladies who want to remain smelling good all day long. It has been also among her bestselling perfumes. Once worn, it will definitely give you the total freshness. It is ideal for wearing when going to the office or even dinner dates. Many women have been shopping for one perfume, a reason why it has made it to the top of the list of the incredible work of the music legend.

4. Its Black & Its White Madonna


This one comes in two different kinds one is the ‘Its Black and the ‘Its White’. It was created with fruity floral elegant fragrance. The two contain different ingredients that bring out the sweet scent. On the side of the ‘Its black’ the following are the ingredients: jasmine, sandalwood, extracts of peach and fressie. On the other side ‘its white contains cedar aromas, cinnamon, orange blossom and pink grapefruit. All these ingredients are known to ensuring all the ladies smell good.

3. Sparkle Madonna


Another one of the best products that will ensure that you smell good is the Sparkle perfume. It is the ideal one for all those ladies who need to feel wild and free. It has a scent that will linger in the air and smell like freedom. The small bottle that contains this one is very easy to carry in your handbag and you can spray it whenever you want to feel free and wild. Can be worn for mostly when going out for date so that you will feel free with your date.

2. Naked

Naked Top most Famous Madonna Perfumes in The World 2019

This one is the creation of one of the best perfume lines by the name Truth or Dare. On the pack, you will see the beautiful face of its creator. On the inside, you find a sweet warm scent from this perfume. It has a scent that make you feel like Madonna. Some of the ingredients that make this one are vanilla, cedar wood and peace blossom. When worn, you will start feeling confident and proud to be a modern world woman. It is simply the best.

1. Truth or Dare Madonna


The best not only in 2017 but overall is the signature perfume from the incredible music star. It has been rated as one of the most popular and sort after perfume that many women even those that are not Madonna’s fans use. It has an enticing smell that can be easily noticed. It will make you smell like celebrity. It comes in a unique white bottle that is the proof of masterpiece of art. You can use it at home when preparing to go for work or you can carry it in your big handbag.

Finally, as I conclude these are simply the ten best Madonna perfumes 2017. These one are definitely a choice for many women who want to smell good and confident either at work or at when they are out with friends. Get yourself one of this and get to enjoy the best experience.

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