Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands In The World

Lipsticks are part of every woman’s lifestyles. Research has clearly shown that a modern woman can hardly do without this quality makeup product in her life. There are many companies that manufacture and sell them. The best ten are listed below with all information required by various clients worldwide. Read and analyze carefully before purchasing any of them from market. It is good for a modern and woman of class to buy quality brand of Lipstick.

Here is the list of top 10 Best Lipstick Brands in the world in 2017

10. Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever

This Brand of Lipstick was established by a artist from Pakistan known as Dany Sanz. This popular man used to be a sculptor and painter from start before moving to manufacturing of beauty products. Makeup forever is a lipstick brand that is made of various appealing colors that attract many people in market today. It has been in market for more than 25 years but stills holds high market value. Its effect on lips is long lasting. Makeup is rich in natural liquids that help in keeping liquids well and maintained.

9. Lancôme


Lancôme is a famous brand of lipstick that was established and introduced to market by a luxurious brand of Cosmetics found in China. Beauty products that are released by this brand of cosmetic are of high quality. They are also effective to all human kind. Lancôme is a successful company that was specifically brought into being by L’Oreal in 1964 and has remained amongst top worldwide. High quality products from this company are distributed to different parts of this universe. Specific clients are normally popular artists and models.

8. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

On eighth position of this article is Estee Lauder. There are many beauty products that are produced by this quality brand of lipsticks. Some of these products are makeup products, fragrances, hair products, high quality skin care creams and lotions. Estee Lauder came into being in 1946 and it was established by one famous and successful man known as Joseph Louder. He named it after his own name so that to live behind a legacy. Estee is the name of his beloved wife. This beautiful woman started another cosmetic company in New York and they used it to distribute their products.

7. Dior


At least many people from different parts of this world are fully aware of Dior or simply heard of it. Dior is a famous beauty producing company that was established by Christian Dior in 1946. He was a designer back then ad many people came to know about him for producing high quality beauty products that suit many clients worldwide. Some of these quality products are skincare products, makeups for models, fragrances, fashion accessories and jewelries. Lipsticks produced by this quality brand is of high quality ad is recognized by many people worldwide.

6. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Top Famous Lipstick Brands In The World Reviews in 2017

Bobby Brown is another quality brand of lipstick featured in sixth position of this article. The CEO of this brand is described as a expert and manufactured this quality brand of lipstick according to requirements of various clients worldwide. Main aim of Bobby Brown is to make modern women look elegant always. Brown can be consulted in matters to do with beauty and there is no doubt about this. Several colors are manufactured by this famous company ad this means that there are many options to choose from.

5. Guerlain


Guerlain is one brand of lipstick that cannot be omitted in this list of best lipstick brands worldwide. Apart from Lipsticks there are several other makeup products produced by Guerlain. This is one of the oldest companies worldwide and has been serving its clients for more than 100 years. Many people love Lipsticks from Guerlain because of various reasons that are common to many ladies out there. One of them is that Guerlain sells their products at affordable prices and this is fair to every interested client. Several pieces of this quality product are distributed worldwide to various clients.



NARS is in fourth position of this article and is amongst best brand of lipsticks featured in this article today. It is outstanding for many important reasons. The founder of this brand of cosmetics is popularly known as Francois Nars. He was a talented photographer and artist at that particular time. Other beauty products produced by this company are eye shadow palettes, Bronzers, lipsticks, Blushes and many others. There are several colors of Nars that are manufactured and released to market for sale. This brand of lipstick is available in legal or authorized dealers.

3. MAC


MAC is rated in third position of this article and is amongst best brand of quality lipsticks worldwide. Various colors of this quality lipstick are meant for different season of year and this is according to temperature changes. Red color is suitable for summer season when temperatures are high. Clients are assured of gorgeous and stunning looks with MAC lipstick. Effect on lips is strong and long lasting.

2. Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk cannot be omitted in this list of best lipstick brands in 2017 review. It is amongst best and is featured in second position. There are many qualities that have greatly contributed to its appearance in most article, competitions and lists. Sonia has no side effects to lips ever since it was established to market.

1. Chanel

Chanel Top Popular Lipstick Brands In The World Reviews in 2018

Chanel is in first position of this article and is best of all lipstick brands sold in market. Chanel is a popular and advanced company of cosmetics and beauty products. Chanel lipsticks are lightweight and produce a quality and soft feel on lips. This is one brand of lipstick that you don’t want to miss in your hand bag. It is sold at affordable price and this is fair to all clients.

These are the best lipstick brands sold in market in 2017 review. They are manufactured by popular and successful companies worldwide. 10 best brands are listed above and adequate information has been given for all article readers. It is good to learn than quality brand of lipsticks can be purchased by common people due to their low prices.

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