Top 10 Best Lawn Mower Reviews

When faced with the choice of choosing the best lawn mower, you will have to understand several factors before choosing the one that best suits your needs. One of the major factors is where you are looking for an electric mower or the traditional gas operated mower. The electric is better if you consider keeping the environment from being polluted. Another factor to consider is whether you need a walk behind mower or one that you sit and drive as you mow your lawn. Again the walk behind is the best for exercise. Check out below the list of the top ten best lawn mower reviews in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Lawn Mower Reviews in 2017

10. GREENWORKS 25142 Electric Mower

GREENWORKS 25142 Electric Mower Top Most Popular Lawn Mower Reviews 2018

Starting our listing is the electric mower from Greenworks. The advantages of using the electric mower over the gas operated one are: it requires less money to operate, it cuts grass with less noise and finally yet importantly, it conserves the environment. This particular unit does all that and it cuts through tough grass. You can easily adjust the height to ensure that the grass is cut at the desired height. It is small and lightweight hence ideal for small yards and it is easy to operate.

9. Murray Low-Wheel Gas Lawn Mower

Murray Low-Wheel Gas Lawn Mower Top Popular Lawn Mower Reviews 2019

This is one of the best gas operated lawn mowers. It features at least five different height settings that you can choose from. It is ideal for a wide yard, as it will cut the unwanted grass leaving your lawn looking great. Though it is run by gas, it does not produce too much noise and its price is budget friendly to any individual who would want to keep their yard mowed.

8. Troy-Bilt TB230 Mower


This is front drive mower. It offers you with two lever for adjusting the deck height. It is simple to operate and it has a right hand speed control lever to aid you when you are doing the job. Most importantly, it is a walk behind mower. Therefore, you are in a position to keep track of the progress in your grass cutting adventure. For easier maneuver over the lawn, it has two big and tall back wheels. It is also very budget friendly.

7. Black & Decker Corded Mower


This is one of the best units from Black & Decker. It has a 13 Amp motor. It has a close to the edge cutting deck that can be adjusted when cutting grass. It is easy to operate and comfortable to handle for long hours. It is also portable hence, you do not need extra help to move it from one yard to another. Unlike others with this one, you will need some technical assistance to assemble, as the electric part requires the knowledge of a technician.

6. Earthwise 50220 Corded Lawn Mower


This is one of the easiest to assemble. A 12 Amp motor powers it. It has a V-shaped handle with cushioned grip hence it does not grip out of hand when you are working on the grass. For height adjustment it has a single lever adjuster which you can use to adjust height between 1.5 to 4 inches. Its motor is not powerful for heavy patches of grass but it does a great job on the normal terrain grass. It is run after the batteries are full recharged since it is corded.

5. Sun Joe Reel Manual Lawn Mower


This is the only lawn mower on our list that is manually operated. For some people they feel they have enough energy to cut grass without having to spend their money on electricity or gas, hence they should go for this one. You can use it to do exercise or even when you want your kid to learn things in the hard way. The price is very affordable and it will not do the best job as the electricity or the gas counterpart but it will have saved you money. It is manual.

4. Snapper Lawn Mower


This is a rear wheel driven mower. It has the speed control gauge on the handlebar. It has been incorporated with a device that they insert in its gas cap that slowly drips fuel preservatives inside the gas tank and it can be replaced when it runs dry. With a speed of about 4 mph, it will clip and cut your grass within the shortest time possible. The device mentioned earlier will help reduce the consumption of fuel when you are in the cutting session.

3. Black & Decker MTE912 Mower


This is equipped with the best features that make it a great choice. One thing it is compact hence it will not leave large footprints on the mowed lawn. Secondly, it has an automatic string feeder for ensuring that the string is at the right length. Thirdly, it is a 3-in-1 working as a mower, a trimmer and edger. If you are looking for a great edger and trimmer, you should purchase this one but it does not mow in the most perfect way.

2. Honda Lawn Mower


This is a walk behind lawn mower from Honda. It has a dual blade that will ensure the yard remain perfect. It has a deck that is for ensuring the clippings are suspended when they are being cut. Its velvet finish ensures that it remain clean both when you are cutting dry and wet grass and even when it comes across dry leaves. It has a large gas tank.

1. Worx Lawn Mower


This is the best mower so far. A 24-volt lead acid battery powers it. It has a cutting height of between 1.8 inches and 3.3 inches. Due its small battery and deck, it is suitable for the small yards and even more suitable for the elderly as it is easy to maneuver with. It can also be used to access those areas that cannot be easily accessed by large mowers. It is the best.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten best lawn mowers reviews in 2017. You can choose depending on your preference either a manual one, electric one or the gas operated one. My final word is that you should go for the one that will not strain your finances and still keep your lawn looking great.


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  1. Good review guide to buy a lawn mower and what I prefer is the GreenWorks electric lawn mower which is efficient, lightweight, easy to handle and it best suites small size lawns.

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