Top 10 Best Kitchen Compost Bin Reviews

Compost Bins are friends for everyone in the kitchen and around the home compound as they help much on keeping away the smell of rotten foods which attracts flies in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen look organized and a high order of cleanliness is observed too. These wastes are also good for improving the soil for those with gardens. Compost bins comes in different sizes and prices and also colors that you may choose to fit your home décor.

Below is a list of the top best kitchen compost bin reviews in 2017.

10. Full Circle Fresh Air Countertop Compost Collector

Full Circle Fresh Air Countertop Compost Collector

This compost bin is designed in a way that the airflow is maximum and this makes the waste dry faster reducing the smell that attract flies and also preventing water from accumulating at the bottom thus reducing the cleaning complication. It is easy to open, a push of a button and it also comes with liner bags that are easy to empty and clean. It does not have an inner bucket so one has to buy liner bags. There is a larger one and a smaller one too depending on the one that fits your kitchen use.

9. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Composting Bin

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Composting Bin

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Composting Bin is one of the most durable compost bins used today. That means it can be used for quite a long time as the material it is made of is strong, stainless and of high quality. It controls odor with the help of its charcoal filter in a natural way and so can be kept anywhere convenient in your house without worry that it will attract flies and produce a bad smell. You can dispose off your wastes in the compost bin until it is full. It is easily cleaned preferably with warm soapy water as well as its charcoal filter.

8. Algreen Soil Saver

Algreen Soil Saver Top Most Famous Kitchen Compost Bin Reviews 2017

This is an amazing product especially to those with gardens around their homes. It creates organic dark compound from the wastes in about 8 week’s time. This dark soil is good for healthier plants in the garden as it is a fertilizer in itself. With this product, you save up to 30 percent of the waste as you are saving money on other costs that you could have incurred while improving your garden. It features a locking lid that keeps animals away and vents that allows air circulation for faster composting. It also has two doors for simple removal of compost.

7. Redmon Composting Bin

Redmon Composting Bin

Another bin that is made of plastic resin that is tough and weather resistant. It has 8.6 cubic feet capacity and so it is very convenient bin to use. Its lid is easy to open for easy access and it also features 4 doors for removal of compost in a convenient way. Redmon composting bin has holes for aeration which helps in the composting process. With this compost bin, you can create quality compost that is best for you vegetable garden. The compost acts nutrients rich soil n by that you will be saving money for fertilizers and such.

6. Green Cycler Manual Kitchen Compost Shredder

Green Cycler Manual Kitchen Compost Shredder

This Compost Shredder is a very well designed compost bin that not only helps in waste disposal but also shreds the wastes into smaller pieces that are easy to manage. With the smaller pieces, the composting process is faster. The bin has several other new features that make it one of the best bins in 2017. Some of these feature being suction cups that prevent it from wobbling in the grinding process. It also has a strong crank arm for easy grinding. Its lid can be removed fully and when emptying the bin, you only need to slide the drawer at the bottom. The compost bin is made in a way that all of its parts are dishwasher safe and are easily assembled.

5. Kitchen Compost Caddy with Compost liners Storage

Kitchen Compost Caddy with Compost liners Storage

This is a large bin recommended for large families or those people that do a lot of cooking. It is normally mounted on the kitchen cabinet’s door on both the top and the bottom. It is important to line its lid with carbon filters that keeps away flies and bad smell come from the waste. This bin also comes with a storage box for the liners that can be mounted under the bin. Its lid covers and locks so well for it is magnetic and so it can not open up anyhow and spilling the waste.

4. Good Ideas Compost Wizard

Good Ideas Compost Wizard

Good Ideas Compost Wizard is black in color providing heat for quick composting process. It also features wheels in its base that helps you move it around easily. One can also use the recessed handles to move it around. It is made of durable 100% recyclable plastic which cannot fade. It has air vents for aeration which helps out in the composting process. It holds up to 7 cubic feet of compost and is beneficial to anyone that uses it.

3. Exaco Kitchen Composting Waste Collector

Exaco Kitchen Composting Waste Collector

Exaco Kitchen Composting Waste Collector is made of high density polythene and is normally used in the kitchens. Its lid is lined with carbon filters that prevent odors and fruit flies. It has a handle for convenience when moving the waste from the kitchen to the outside bin. It has a 2.4 gallon capacity and is completely dish washer safe. One of the must have compost bin you should have around your home.

2. Geobin Compost Bin

Geobin Compost Bin

This compost Bin is made of 50% recycled plastic and has a 1 cubic feet capacity and it is suitable for your home use. It is very easy to assemble and reassemble too. Easy to move and flexible in the sense that it can be placed anywhere you deem suitable around your home.

1. Yimby Tumbler Composting Bin

Yimby Tumbler Composting Bin Top Most Popular Kitchen Compost Bin Reviews 2018

The above named composting bin is made from plastic that is recycled and has frames made of steel. You get your compost from this product in about two weeks. It has two chambers where you fill one side, and the other chamber cures. It has air vents that can be adjusted and its size is space sufficient with a cubic capacity of 5 feet. Don’t miss out having this well designed compost bin around your home.

Make your wastes from the kitchen or your compound become useful again for use in your home gardens by choosing the best compost bin. This saves you money and your garden soil becomes enriched as well. The above well described compost bins are some of the best to use around your homes. So if you are looking for top composters, look no further.

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