Top 10 Best Juicers Reviews

Brands sold several juicers in market today. They are designed differently and always come with different important features. Let us look on some of the best juicers sold in market for 2017 review.

List of Top 10 Best Juicers Reviews in 2017

10. Black and Decker citrus juicer

Black and Decker citrus juicer, Top 10 Best Juicers Reviews 2017

This is a well known juicer that fulfills many people’s preferences. It is made of a unique and adjustable pulp control to enable it gets its way easily to your juice. Black and Decker is designed uniquely and specifically for blending citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and oranges to mention a few. It also has a very special advanced reversing reamer which is capable of extracts all available juice from each fruit. This means that our 10th position juicer is economical and cheap when compared to other brands of juicers.

9. Champion Juicer commercial heavy duty


Champion heavy duty is recommended for small families who only need little amount of juice to satisfy their thirst. This is just more than a perfect solution in everyday life. It is designed with a horsepower of one third size and therefore able to extract required amount of juice from fruits available. Vegetables can also be used in that particular time together with favorite fruits. Apart from being just a juicer, champion can be used as a homogenizer due to its high power. This allows one to make of juicy required effortlessly.

8. New star commercial food service citrus


New star is a professional and quality product from famous manufactures who crafted it from stainless steel and cash Iron. It has important features that help you make juice effortlessly. Some of them include rubberized handle that is easy to grip and handle and great machine power to help in making densest of all drink required. It is also attached with suction for sleeping prevention and therefore offering maximum stability. New star’s handle can withstand a large of pounds per square inch to crash every fruit passing through it. With all these features, this might be what you need in your house.

7. Epica Powerful stainless steel juicer


On our seventh position of this article, we have this quiet working blender called Epica. It is so powerful hence appearing in this list. Most of its fantastic features include tirelessly work to give out required amount of juice and no faults are encountered with it unless it has stayed for a long time. Epica contains an auto start of stop feature to allow you operate with a single button. Deposits of extracted juice are poured directly to glasses or cups and therefore serving is much easier compared to other brands.

6. Simple Cheap prep works juicer


This kind of juicer is specifically known for making juice from citrus fruits only. Examples of these fruits include lemons, grapefruits, passion, tangerine, limes and even oranges. With its contoured and rounded dome, seed strainer, and built in Pulp, simple cheap juicer allows one to make pure juice that is free from seed. Such kind of a machine can be suitable in making drinks for small babies who need fine drinks. There is no need to approximate cups or glasses required since it has a multi system item for measuring purposes.

5. Magic Bullet NutriBullet blender and mixing system


Magic bullet is a technically designed blender and fruit mixer essential in making required fruit for a family. Bullet is effective and relatively fast I blending fruits as well as vegetable for nutrition purposes. Solution coming from this blending machine is smooth and full of protein. It does not require much shaking. One good thing about this blender is that it can work for many years without showing any sign of faults and therefore trusted for business services. One part of it has a flat blade essential in quickening blending process.

4. Breville Fountain Plus


Choosing to purchase this blender is of much advantage because it makes large amount of fruit juice required and is very easy to clean. Breville can extract up to 850 liters of drink is a single process. Above all Breville is equipped with a liter of jug and a separator for easy storage of this. Micromesh filter is essential in removing seeds and pulp. This blender has everything you need to make required drinks for your lovely family. Purchasing this juicer is of much advantage and affordable. That means people from all classes of life are capable of owning one.

3. Omega Nutrition centre Juicer


Omega is a powerful motor blender that works under a relatively low speed of 80 RPMs and technically employs power to extract maximum amount of fruit juice required. Its design prevents buildup heat that forms and because of that, pure drink tasty drink is made. This type of blender works at a quiet environment as it works at a low speed. There is no disturbance at all. You need Omega juicer specifically for your home because of its effectiveness and quick service.

2. Tribest Green Star Elite Jumbo


Tribest juicer is powerful and fast blending machine, which is required for making baby fruit juice and food as well. Other foods made may include nut butters and sorbets. Jumbo is able to work without releasing any damage. It works much efficient with vegetables, herbs, fruits and nuts for grinding. Some other important features include automatic pulp ejection for creating pure and clear juice, portable nature and are always easy o clean compared to other blenders that we have studied above.

1. Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor


Hamilton takes position one in our list and is a powerful high quality fruit-blending machine. With its large capacity, it can make large amount of juice in a single process. It has lid and innovative froth separator where you can conveniently store or serve juice without any worry of causing a mess. Maximum amount of tasty drink is extracted from fruits and vegetables as well.

These above are the Top 10 Best Juicers Reviews 2017. Are you looking for a suitable brand of juicer for business or home purposes? I want to believe that my article has been of much help to you as you prepare to meet your requirements.

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