Top 10 Best Home Gym Reviews

People get health problems as they continue to grow old. This is because of the lifestyle as well as the diet that this people take. Home gym reviews play a very important role in helping people in improving their health. They also play an important role in maintaining ones fitness. By them helping one achieve all these, gym reviews have greatly helped in improving one’s lifestyle. Below is a list of the ten best home gym reviews.

List of Top 10 Best Home Gym Reviews in 2017

10. Body-solid EXM $ 1249

Body-solid EXM Top Best Home Gym Reviews 2017

If you are a person who does not love weights, then try out the gym review. It is designed in such a way that there is a very high resistance while exercising. The thing that makes it very effective is the fact that the machine it involves the whole body in work out at the same time. This gym is designed to handle up to 300 pounds of the weight of the user. Instead of using weights for resistance, it uses bow flex power rods. They provide a resistance of up to 210 pounds and one can upgrade them to 310 or 410 pounds. It allows for 4 different positions which allow you to work out all the parts of your body at different angles.

9. Powerline P2X $ 1004

Powerline P2X Top Popular Home Gym Reviews 2019

With this work equipment at home, you will have a chance to do versatile as well as powerful exercises. The home gym allows for 6 workout positions and you can perform 22 different exercises. This machine also has a weight stack of 160 pounds and can be expanded to more than 50 pounds. With it allowing you to perform 22 exercises, your entire body will be involved in a work out and this will bring very good fitness results. The home gym comes with a standard weight of 160 pounds and an upgrade of 50 pounds is available at an additional cost.

8. Powertec $ 1695


Another ideal home gym for people who love working out using pulleys. The thing that makes it difficult for most homes is its size. It allows for more than one user to work out at once. By buying it, you get a chance of doing over 20 exercises with a resistance of up to 500 pounds. It also does not use weight sacks and cables. You instead place weights on the machine. By so doing the machine will be more durable and there will be room for more weight.

7. Life fitness G2 $ 1499

Life fitness G2 Top Famous Home Gym Reviews 2019

This is a machine that is very basic. It does not require videos so as to know how to use the device. With it you can perform up to 25 exercises so as to achieve a full body work out. A weight stack of up to 160 pounds is included but you may also include an optional weight upgrade. With it you can perform exercises that mainly involves muscles like the biceps, chest exercises, and those of the lower body. It comes with an adjustable seat and something thing that not very many people considers, a lifetime warranty on the machines frame.

6. Powerline $ 769


Another machine that is very good for a full body work out. This is achievable by the use of accessories and features. It is small in size and allows for simpler installation. The greatest benefit of this machine is its ability to perform up to 40 exercises for the whole body. The machines has stations for both the arms and legs but all that comes with an additional cost. It has weight of up to 160 pounds but it has space for an upgrade.

5. Body-solid G1S $ 879


The body exercise machine is a perfect option for a person who wants to set up a home gym. This is because it allows for a variety of exercises that aims at certain areas of the body. It also comes with a DVD that will assist you in your work out. It has five workout stations that include high pulley, abs crunch, mid pulley leg extension, and many other exercises that will give your body great fitness.

4. Total Gym Fit $2325


This is a very unique home gym machine that is very effective in giving you a very fit body. The design is the thing that makes be very unique. Unlike other machines that uses their own weight to create resistance, here it uses your own body to create resistance. The machine has a glide that allows for performance in different exercises. It is compact and can be kept for storage. It also comes with quite number of accessories to help you with many types of exercises.

3. Body craft $ 1899


The machine is versatile and strong but it is limited to a certain weight. It is a powerful machine and as a result it is ranked as the 3rd best. This machine lets you do over 25 exercises and it comes with a number of accessories like a leg press which is optional. An adjustable seat also comes with the machine and two more seats for multiple users.

2. Yukon $1551


This a very heavy machine and because of the size it occupies a large space in the house. It is a multi-station machine that is versatile and also allows for more than one individual working out at the same time. The only disadvantage is the fact that it is large. This makes it occupy very large space. This machine allows for more than 27 exercises. With this machine you are guaranteed of great comfort while working out.

1. Bowflex Xtreme $ 1425


And on the top of our list is the well-known Bowflex. If you are person who greatly hates weights but love exercising under high resistance, buy this machine and put it at your home. It uses power rod technology so as to give you the resistance you need for a body work out that is complete.

These above are the Top 10 Best Home Gym Reviews 2017. Exercising your body is very important in very many ways. First and foremost, if you want to stop visiting the doctor because of health problems, then be working out. That is why these machines have been made so that you may have an effective exercise.

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