Top 10 Best Hip Hop Sneakers

Hip hop is not only a music genre, it is a lifestyle in itself. You will find most hip hop stars and fans dress in a special way from the clothes to the kind of shoes that they wear. Over the years, sneakers have been considered as the hip hop type of shoes as it has been portrayed by some of the famous hip hop superstars who assume a high and luxurious lifestyle. The focus is on the hip hop sneakers. Check out below the list of the top ten best hip hop sneakers in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Hip Hop Sneakers in 2017

10. Jordan III

jordan iii, Top 10 Best Hip Hop Sneakers 2018

This is one of the best sneaker that has been won by the hip hop king Jay Z. They have even trended amongst some of the best hip hop shoes for those people who assume hip hop as their best lifestyle. Looking at the shoe, it is very classy and durable. It has led to many people caching the attention of many people everywhere they have gone. We all love attention and for this reason you need to get yourself one of these pair of shoes.

9. Puma Suede


These are the ideal shoes for the street hip hop. They are a classy pair of shoes that will give you the best feeling. These pair will give you pride as you wear together with your denim pair of pants. You will find several of the hip hop celebrities in one of the pair of shoes. You will find yourself feeling like you have already been incorporated into the hip hop culture back in the days. Like the previous shoes, you will catch the attention everywhere you go.

8. Nike SB x Blacksheep


It is a very rare pair of sneakers that you will worn by only the chosen few. It has been seen on the legs of several stars. The reason why they are loved is that they are classy and trendy. Nike spent a great deal of time in ensuring that you will find this pair very comfortable to wear whenever you go hip hop. Since they are a very rare species in the shoe kingdom, you will have to locate them in the market as they run out of stock when they are released.

7. Air Jordan XI


It is not one of the best sneakers for hip hop, bout also one of the best shoes around the world. If you are one of the few people who love trends, you will definitely love this shoe. This shoe has been designed with a patent leather that is associated with the pop culture. These ones will not go wrong when you put them on your feet and walk in the street as you listen to your favorite hip hop rap.

6. Nike Air Force 1


These are a white pair of sneakers that will not only reveal the hip hop culture in you but as one of the white kind of guys. These are some of the best shoes designed by Nike so far. They have been designed to feel classy and sophisticated once you have them on your feet. On the inside of the shoe, they are very comfortable and keep your foot warm all day long. You will feel any discomfort when you are in this one.

5. Capezio Women’s Canvas Dance Sneaker

Capezio Women’s Canvas Dance Sneaker Top Most Popular Hip Hop Sneakers in The World 2018

Dancing to hip hop does not only require you to understand the beats and lyrics of the song, but you need to be wearing the right kind of shoe. If you are a woman who loves dancing, these are the perfect pair of sneakers for you. They have been designed with a patent flex point and a spin forepart, which will feel comfy on those amazing dancing feet. They are also very durable and you will dance for a long time in them.

4. Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez Top Most Famous Hip Hop Sneakers in The World 2019

This is one of the best one simply because it has been put into the feet of several celebrities in the hip hop industry. Some of these celebs are known for their amazing and luxurious lifestyle. On the part of the shoe, it has been designed to remain on your feet for a long time without causing any kind of discomfort to you. You will be surprised to see your favorite star in them and you will not hesitate to run to the store and yourself a pair.

3. Adidas Superstar


You can tell from the name that Adidas worked day and night to give the world the best pair of shoes for superstars. You will not find just anybody wearing them. They are a favorite for Break-dancers and B-Boys. You will find that when you are in them, you will unleash the best dancing (breakdancing) of your lifetime. You can find them at a store near you at a price that is worth its quality. It is one of the best for many.

2. Nike Dunk


It is arguably one of the most favorite hip hop sneakers 2017. It has been designed to display the culture in a unique and presentable way. Most of the hip hop artist and even fans love skating because it is part of the lifestyle and this is why this shoe was first introduced as skate shoe. You will find it worn by individual around the hood. Its design will not hinder you from dancing to the hip hop beats of your favorite rapper. Get it in the stores at an affordable price.

1. OVO Jordan Collection


This is for all those people who want to feel like their favorite rappers and dancers. These pairs of shoe have been made to create the hip hop culture in you. You all know that back in the days, wearing baggy shirts and a trouser was a hip hop thing. To look good in this shoe, you will need to go back to wearing baggy clothe to revive the classy lifestyle. Buy them and you will not regret investing your money on them.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten best hip hop sneakers 2017. If you want people to confuse you as your their favorite rapper because of the type of shoes on your feet, then go to your shoe stores and get yourself any or even all of the listed sneakers.

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