Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes For Men

Halloween is celebrated in many different countries around the world on every 31 October. It is observed for three days, people come together wearing their costumes to light bonfires, apple bobbing, they also visit haunted places as a way of remembering the dead. This time even Christians go to church light candles, remembering the departed saints and martyrs. During this period of three days, some Christians abstain from taking meat and instead take apples, soul cakes or potato pancakes. During this celebration, people would sit together watch horror movies and tell scary stories. Below list contains the best Halloween costumes for men 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes For Men in 2017

10. The Cowboy Costume

The Cowboy Costume, Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes For Men 2017

The above costume is one of the best and coolest Halloween costumes any man will wish to be in his closet. As the name suggests, comes with a tight fitting jeans, just like a real cowboy you need boots, leather jacket not forgetting a designed cowboy hat. This costume takes us back to western culture, which men wore during gun fighting. It is ranked as the best and classic Halloween costume, comes with a vest, also dickey with cravat to complete this outfit.

9. Ghostbusters Costume


Ghostbusters costumes are designed for men and for women, so couples can have these costumes to grace their evening at the same time looking equally awesome. This outfit comes with a jumpsuit plus five nametags for matching your protagonist. Ghostbusters franchise includes a proton gun, an inflatable proton pack and after purchase for two, you will be lucky to have a pack for one kid.

8. Captain Phasma Deluxe Costume


This chrome jumpsuit armor is the coolest and classic storm trooper ever, comes with a belt, two helmet and cape. This costume made an appearance in the film Force Awakens in star wars and is a unisex outfit but you will have to buy the prop blaster separately. This costume most of the time comes small size fit, not always comfortable to be on it for long hours and people with big body mass are not lucky to own a Captain Phasma deluxe costume.

7. Men’s Pokémon Costume


When it comes to art and creativity this costume has it all, being handmade it is a unisex collection. It comes with a dark athletic shorts and visor hat. This costume is relatively expensive compared with others, the hoodie can be in variety of colors and the gloves come with bracers. Many costumes that are hand woven and designed them are they are very smart and can be attached with some of taste to add more value, thus attracting many with your unique look.

6. Aladdin Sane David Bowie Costume


This costume is worn for the remembrance of Bowie, who was a famous musician and loved by many through his classical music. His death caught many by surprise as it happened immediately after the release of his last album-Black Star and Aladdin Sane. People saw it is right to be celebrating his life by having a Halloween costume, comes with outrageous suit, a decent red wig coupled with face paint. Every Halloween this costume is greatly bought thus making to remain in this list of the best Halloween men costume.

5. Harambe Costume


Harambe was a Lowland Gorilla that used to live in a Zoo at Cincinnati, died only to be realized many had loved him so much. After its death those news got very viral around the world and in media. They saw no other to be remembering other than during Halloween celebrations. The design of this outfit does not talk much of its touching life, but it is embroidered to attribute the physical look.

4. Alexander Hamilton Costume


This costume takes us back to the history of America; Hamilton was a political leader and one of the founding fathers of US. It is believed that some people see his ghost looming in US; even the current president was quoted saying so. The coat is always in revolutionary blue with white sleeve trim. The necktie is of cravat, knickers styled pantaloons, comes also with a pair of black boot covers up to your knees. You will never miss this costume each Halloween as Lin Manuel inspired it.

3. Deadpool Costume


Looking for a comfortable and simple outfit and expressing a super hero character next Halloween event, this is what you should consider buying. This costume got its fame after Wade Wilson worn it while filming superhero movie. This outfit combines both fighting prowess and comedy by snapping between a badass and goofball. It is found at Rubies stores at fair price, comes with a decent red leather jacket, Deadpool mask and a casual red jumpsuit.

2. Zombie Donald Trump Costume


Donald Trump is US president and due to his scary and funny character, designers went above people expectations came up with a wig and a head containing zombie make-up. They predictions will come true, that it will be the most popular costume in the world, and as now, he won the presidency seat it surely will. In person, Trump is topical and hilarious, good quality for Halloween costume, where you can use your tattered business suit and a red power tie to mix things up.

1. Purple Rain Prince Costume


Prince is an icon of electric rock music that left a legacy to his fans and the world as well. He also featured in Purple Rain film where he got his character name. He died in April 2016; the community is still mourning this loss and found no other way to keep his legacy living, than having a Halloween costume for remembrance. Comes with a purple coat, jabot shirt and choose your taste of pants, shoes and wig if need.

During Halloween celebration seems to be the right time to go back to history, learn more about people’s culture and their way of living. It is always good to celebrate the lives of people who have touched our way of living in one way or another. The above list consists of the best Halloween Costumes for men 2017.

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