Top 10 Best Hair Dye Brands in The World

There are many brands of hair dyes in market today. Popular and successful hair manufacturing companies release high quality hair products. In our concern today, we are going to feature on ten best Hair Dye brands that are respected and commonly used worldwide. All these brands are from various parts of this world and offer amazing services to all users. Use the guideline below to understand more about hair product brands and more so dyes.

List of Top 10 Best Hair Dye Brands in The World in 2017

10. BBlunt


BBunt is amongst famous and best color dyes that will be studied in this list. It is a quality brand of hair product that is essential in producing of a shine and creamy composition. Various colors of this quality product in market are normally made of silk proteins. BBlunt releases to market seven different shades of this amazing hair product. No-ammonia and other ingredients are blended together to come up with this item.

9. Color Mate


Color mate use many ingredients to make this quality product in market. When applied to hair, it normally forms Creamy like powder that is of various colors. Some of these ingredients include are Shikakai, Henna and Amla. One bottle of this quality product is sold at $150. This is not expensive to those that want to look good always especially in official meetings. Its ingredients are of high quality and they bring a lot of nourishment to all types of hair. Other brands of this single product are Light Blonde and color Cream. This is best of all Color mate available in market today.

8. Streax


Streax is a brand of hair color that is situated in India. Products from this wonderful and successful company are long lasting and always friendly to all clients. There is no any side effect recorded so far. Streax distributes its products to various counties that are interested in purchasing them. If you need any of these products from this famous company in India, then link with its manufactures in internet. It is trusted for manufacturing of good hair products. Try this brand of color hair dye and experience good results always.

7. Schwarzkopf


On seventh position of this article is Schwarzkopf. This famous and trusted company is outstanding because of its quality, innovation, reliability, trust and competence. It is amongst best selling brands worldwide. Due to this reason, this company has grown successful and famous among many modern men and women. Some of the available colors of this wonderful brand are red, blue, gold and red. Black is rarely available and sold at extra cost. Common color of this hair dye is affordable and can be purchased by many people out there.

6. Godrej


Godrej is another famous and successful brand of hair color dyes available in market today. It sells hair products in different prices according to quality and size of available product. Middle aged people are common users of this brand of hair color. Most of them purchase because of peer pressure and urge to fit in most of their groups. The common color of Godrej is grey and is made of high quality products that are blended together. Other available colors include, dark brown, black, grey, beige, light brown and cream. Are you a budget sensitive person? You need this brand because it will not empty your pocket.

5. Wella Kolestint


As we continue with this amazing countdown, let us feature this wonderful brand known as Wella Kolestint. Its manufacturing company is situated in German and is famous for producing quality hair products distributed to different parts of this universe. This company has introduced some of its products in several parts of India. People from this country are known for having long and beautiful hair. They use dyes to maintain them and keep them in right conditions. Wella Kolestint is in featured in fifth position of this article.

4. Matrix


We cannot just omit Matrix hair dye Brand. It is amongst best ones featured in various positions of this article. It was established in 1930 and has always been famous and successful in manufacturing quality hair products available in market today. A popular American hair dresser known as Annie mille is responsible for this good work that is recognized to date. Common colors of Matrix are brown, yellow, black and red. The most used colors are brown and black. Grey color of this popular brand of hair dye is not common to many people. Those who use it are people in their youth years.

3. Revlon


Revlon is ranked in third position of this article and is amongst best hair Dye that one should purchase from any legal dealers in market today. This amazing company is from United States of America but it distributes its products worldwide. Therefore, a multinational company normally deals with products like fragrances, cosmetic products, Skin care products such as lotions and obviously hair dyes. There are no damages recorded by this brand ever since it was established and released to market.

2. Garnier

Garnier Top Most Popular Hair Dye Brands in The World 2018

Garnier does not only manufacture hair dyes but also skin care products that are favorable to many people out there. This brand of hair products is available in market today at affordable price. It is such a great company that was established in 1904. Most of its hair products are made of olive oil that is a Natural ingredient.

1. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris Top Most Famous Hair Dye Brands in The World 2019

L’Oreal Paris is best of all hair dye brands available in market today. It is situated in France and was found in 1909 by Eugene Schueller. L’Oreal Paris holds a record of being cosmetic company worldwide. Most of its product are made of pure Natural ingredients that are essential in naturally pleating women’s’ hair. These products give a good experience in many clients.

Were you struggling a lot in looking for best hair dye brands in market 2017? You should be thankful because of the amazing document that is well equipped with adequate information concerning hair products. They are ranked in various positions above because of quality difference.

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