Top 10 Best Hair Dryers For Men

Many people tend to think men do not need hair dryers for majorities have short hair. But with modern man and technology taking its tall in day today life, we have hair dryers for short and long hair for men to maintain their hair on style. Before purchasing your hair dryer, consider the watts of the machine depending whether your hair is short or longer. It should be affordable, easy to use, long lasting and efficient to keep your hair healthy with a beautiful natural look. The list below is the top 10 best hair dryers for men in 2017 to guide you on the type of machine to invest on.

List of Top 10 Best Hair Dryers For Men in 2017

10. Remington Silk Ceramic Ac9096

Remington Silk Ceramic Ac9096<, Top 10 Best Hair Dryers For Men -top-10-best-hair-dryers-for-men-in-2017

No doubt, you will feel great when using and after using this hair dryer, built in with three heat settings, two speed settings and a diffuser. Manufactured with; a strong motor and a silk ionic heat generator for effective heat coverage that protects your hair too. It is good and versatile to various hairstyles due to its long shot mode used in the end.

9. Babyliss’ pro TT Dryer


Babyliss hair dryer is ideal for people with thick, curly and long hairs ensuring you get a smart and healthy looking hair every time. Designed with a tourmaline titanium materials, gives this type of a dryer durability feature serving you for a long time. Its motor has 1000 watts heating coils for effective and even better heating process while drying your hair. Fitted with ionic generator emitting higher concentration of ions, to more effectively eliminate frizz and close hair cuticles.

8. Conair’s Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer


Creative styling and easy handling of Conair gives the comfort touch while using to style your hair. A tourmaline ceramic ion helps in promoting the shiny, healthy looking hair and a soft touch for silky results. Designed with both ceramic and ion technology thus helping to reduce hot spots to the hair shaft enhancing your hair’s natural shine and eliminating frizz without damaging your hair. Comes with; 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings and a cold shot buttons to customize your styling match depending with texture and length of your hair.

7. Revlon Turbo Dryer RV408


Revlon turbo hair dryer is an affordable type and easy to clean as its detachable end helps you clean its filter. It is perfect for everyday use as it is lightweight, flexible with maximum heat control and speed settings features. Have a smoothing concentration including precise drying and styling your hair with easy and high performance.

6. Babyliss’ Pro Porcelain BABP2800


For your needs of a well maintained hair will happen after having Babyliss’ hair dryer at your disposal. It is designed with ionic technology and 2000 watts motor to increase its performance, fitted with six different heat and speed settings also a cold shot feature allowing you to dry the hair instead of hot air. Have an extended life AC motor to ensure that your Babyliss pro Porcelain hair dryer lasts for years. Very comfortable to handle as it has an ergo grip handle and a concentrator nozzle for drying your hair efficiently. This make emits natural ions used to eliminate static in your hair leaving it healthier, smoother and shinier.

5. Revlon Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer


This hair dryer comes with three baked ceramic, tourmaline and ionic technologies making it the most popular and a great hair dryer in the market. Revlon is lightweight, foldable handle making it portable and easy to store even while traveling. Comes with; two heat settings, two speed settings and cold shot button to effectively dry your hair depending with the hair type and its length. Tourmaline conditioning minerals helps to eliminate frizz to give your hair silky smooth touch. Installed with; concentration and diffuser makes it ideal for long hair leaving it naturally looking. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Hair Dryers For Men 2017.

4. Conair Pro Styler Hair Dryer


Conair pro styler is a portable salon dryer with a powerful motor but gently dries and styles your hair even from the comfort of your house. It’s fully adjustable with variable height and heats controls, making it more efficient. Made from black chrome with a good style, this feature offers durability to this machine. Conair is equipped with ionic technology to reduce static and protect your hair from strong heat leading to breakage. With yohree heat control elements results to; shiny, smooth and silky hair after drying and styling with Conair pro styler hair dryer.

3. BaByliss’ Pro Ceramix Extreme BAB2000


This dryer has a capacity to provide all styling methods when you need and help you look beautiful without damaging your hair. Babyliss offer a concentrator nozzle and a removable filter enabling you to clear the dust in the air to provide clean hot air. Designed with; a narrow barrel which providing maximum air pressure. With ceramic technology delivers gentle air and helps to create smooth and silky hairstyle by eliminating the frizz. It has been made with a powerful motor, giving you a room to choose the heat levels depending with your hair type on six speed settings and heat control combinations.

2. Remington T-Studio Ac2015 Hair Dryer


Remington has been manufactured with ceramic pearl technology to provide you with a satisfactory hair-drying machine. With power of faster of airflow and a salon quality motor, makes this hair dryer a superb way to dry your hair at home. Comes with; two attachments that let you customize your hair drying experience, and no need to go for salon after using this dryer. Designed with built-in ionic air conditioning this feature ensures that you get a healthy and smooth hair despite the type or length.

1. Andis’ RC-2 Ceramic Hair Dryer


This is the only ionic, ceramic hair dryer with compact size, retractable cord and very affordable hair dryer. It is very portable and easy to store, as its handle is foldable. It is made up with ceramic coil and ionic technology to control heat that helps to dry hair sooner. This hair dryer has three speeds settings, three heat levels and one cold shot button that is really helpful to pick any type of hair style comfortably.

Dryer is a commonly used electronic device in home and in beauty parlors used to dry our hair faster without damaging it. They come in different models but choosing the best one is always a confusing factor, the list above will help you out.

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