Top 10 Best Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are quality devices that are used to open and close garage doors and gates. These gadgets are manufactured with an aim of making work easier and more specifically when operating in these areas. In order for these devices to work comfortable, remote control device is used to give to operate it. In this article, we are going to look at best garage door openers that are produced and released to market today.

List of Top 10 Best Garage Door Openers in 2017

10. Craftsman ¾ belt drive

Craftsman ¾ belt drive, Top 10 Best Garage Door Openers 2017

This is one of commonly used openers in most garages today. Craftsman has quality features and is among best options that clients can comfortably choose from. These features are not hard to use despite fact that they are not familiar to other garage workers. With this small gadget, maximum security of property in garage area is fully guaranteed. Motion detective system of Craftsman is an added advantage especially to customers. Other setups are made according to requirements of user.

9. Sommer Direct Drive


Sommer is in ninth position of this article. It has been rated here according to votes and opinions offered by clients. Sommer is amongst quality ad best brand of garage door openers that many people look for in market. When it comes to security level, direct drive is highly recommended brand readily available today. This gadget is complex but easy to carry around from one point to another when need arises. Working with it is comfortable that expected by many people. Purchasing this machine is advantageous because of many benefits that come with it. These benefits have attracted many people in market.

8. LiftMaster 3240 premium series


On position eight of this article, is this great garage door openers named as LiftMaster. When this name is mentioned in any location, what comes in my mind is a powerful machine to lift and open heavy garage gates. Some garage door cannot be opened manually. Use of this opener makes work easier for many workers in that environment. LiftMaster has two lights and can be easily installed in many homes. Quality features and votes from clients have contributed a lot to its appearance in this article.

7. Skylink EQ-1522BK Garage door opener



Skylink is another quality brand of door opener featured in seventh position of this article. It has been featured in most competitions and list. Skylink has always remained amongst top rated in market today. People from different parts of this universe have discovered secret of using essential door openers such as Skylink. Unlike other openers that are very noisy when operating, Skylink is always cool and you may never tell when process of opening garage door is going on. Due to these important characteristics, this high tech gadget has gained a lot of demand in market hence featured in this list of best selling door openers in 2017 review.

6. Asante Garage door Opener



This is not only a garage door opener but also record keeping gadget sod in market today. It is privately installed in many homes to avoid robbers from noticing it. Asante is highly regarded in many royal families for security purposes. Cameras that are attached to this device capture and keep many events that happened when owner is not around. Different models of these unique garage door openers are currently available in market today. We credit all manufactures that took their effort in coming up with Asante door opener.

5. Direct Drive 1042V003 Opener


Direct Drive opener is a quality brand that is featured in fifth position of this article. it is amongst best choices that any customer can comfortably make today. When purchased from market, clear installation kit is provided to help you attach it easily I most garage Gates. It has come to our observations that many clients are now trying out this new device in market. Direct drive is featured in this article because of its high demand in market. There is only little noise heard when opening garage doors using this high-class gadget.

4. Decko 24300 Heavy Duty Garage Door opener



This is another high quality opener raked in fourth position of this article. Decko is highly regarded as one of best in market. Clients according to many positive reviews and votes drop this. Decko comes with a warranty of two years from manufacturing companies and this is a clear indication that heavy duty is to be trusted worldwide. Heavy door and large garage gates are opened easily with use of Decko. Heavy Duty is readily available in online and physical markets worldwide.

3. Genie 1022-th Door opener


On third position of this article is Genie 1022-th garage door opener. This quality item has been featured in most competitions, lists and articles. Many important features come with this equipment. These features have contributed a lot to rise in market demand. It is for this reason that it is featured here as well. Unlike other devices studied above, Genie works quietly but at a supersonic speed. Genie is a high tech gadget that is essential in most homes and garages.

2. Chamberlain Group PD220 Garage door opener


As this countdown continues, here we have Chamberlain Group pd220 door opener. It is amongst best openers featured here in 2017 review. This is what many homes and garages have been looking for in market. A group of technicians manufactured this brand of machine with a aim of making opening garage door easier.

1. Chamberlain wd832Kev


Chamberlain is best of all quality garage door openers manufactured ad officially released to market today. Many factors have been considered in order for chamberlain to appear in first position of this article. Quality features is a great contribution to this success. This model is recommended for people that are noise sensitive.

These above are the Top 10 Best Garage Door Openers 2017. It is quite good to learn about important and best garage door openers that are manufactured and released to market today. This equipment is highly used in most homes and garages. Lifting heavy doors and gates is hard sometimes and extra power from machines if always needed.

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