Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Reviews

For a long time gaming desktop has been the popular gaming console, but with the rising of technology on our laptops, it is offering us something you can move around in the house or over to your friends place conveniently. To have a system with high-resolution play games high detailed and quality, you need to dig deeper into your pocket. A good gaming laptop should have a great graphics-processing unit (GPU). The higher the model numbers within a product line, the higher the 3D performance. Display is another big factor to consider while purchasing gaming laptop, also storage memory a big RAM is advisable. Below list will take you through the best gaming laptops.

List of Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Reviews in 2017

10. Gigabyte P35 v5 Gaming Laptop

Gigabyte P35 v5 Gaming Laptop, Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Reviews 2017

Gigabyte is a portable gaming laptop with a nice look making it popular around the world. It is designed with Intel’s CPU and a long lasting battery. This feature makes this machine a better gaming laptop with a GTX graphics card to perform greatly. The screen is fine and offers room for plenty connections from other sources. Very comfortable to use as its keyboard is better but its fans are noisy while gaming. Has a big capacity RAM compared to other gaming laptops, rendering stunning effects without compromising the system.

9. Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop


Designed with; compact look but lightweight to move around with it comfortably and very powerful. With this gaming laptop, you can play the modern games, as it is suited with big Windows games. Alienware has a dazzling display with great color, and its audio quality is excellent offering a good gaming performance. While gaming with this laptop gets hot quickly and its battery life is below average. AlienFX application in this laptop allows you to create your own custom color profiles for the allotted eight zones.

8. MSI GL62-6QC 065UK Gaming Laptop


Gaming starts here with the latest addition to the MSI gaming range, with awesome features to take your gaming to a new level. Designed with Gaming Notebook range, boost your gaming experience with the latest 4 core Intel for higher graphics performance. This make looks plain and not good-looking keyboard, but has neat tricks on its sleeve with color saturation display more so mechanical keyboard. This gaming laptop does not have very powerful CPU, making it not suitable for hardcore gamers.

7. Dell XPS 15 Gaming Laptop


Any gamer can wish for this gaming laptop, compatible, nice screen good even while using it outside and a powerful CPU. This type is the lightest around the world, so very portable to your desired destination and is a super speed processor. Has a maximum memory and storage, graphics card and video memory to easily store your stuffs but you can access them quickly through bandwidth. Its battery will serve you for ages without spoil between charges.

6. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop


HP is a classic gaming laptop able to handle all the modern games efficiently. Comes with; an excellent keyboard, graphics card and a powerful CPU Intel core. With NVIDIA graphical card and Quad Core processor helps you play any kind of game. HP has a powerful and authentic audio, play and enjoys a great audio experience. Has a huge windows 10 best combination of great improvements you will love and connect freely to your Xbox directly from your HP Pavilion Gaming laptop

5. Asus RoG GL552VW Gaming Laptop


This is type is very affordable without straining your wallet so much, but a great machine to handle solid games at a reasonable settings. It is designed with GameFirst III software for gaming bandwidth and great performance. This gaming laptop has no chances of overheating, as it is installed with thermal that cools the laptop. In addition, its memory is upgraded to store all your games comfortably. The keyboard is reinforced with solder points and a solid feel to give it a durability feature, and stylishly red-backlit keys helping you anchor your hands when gaming.

4. Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming Laptop


This is a good value type of a gaming laptop, ideal for gamers or professional gamers. This type of Dell offers you with multi tasking process for gaming, surfing and streaming of videos for your entertainment. Installed with; two cooling fans despite high performance of uninterrupted gaming no chances of overheating so comfortable and safe at your palm or thighs. Have wide angle display the best front-of-screen experience with Truelife UHD and FHD to enjoy media stunning detail. You can never miss a word from this laptop, designed with a built-in subwoofer speaker’s offers studio quality sound.

3. Schenker XMG U506 Gaming Laptop


This type of gaming laptop is more like desktop features slipped into and performing greatly. Requiring a gaming laptop with a huge memory this must be your choice, contains a big RAM with a capacity of up to 64 GB. Comes with a wireless module, keyboard and operating system are also customized. The display of this gaming laptop is full HD support device with strong screen brightness. Its battery is a long lasting product with less power consumption feature.

2. Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop


You can be more impressed after purchasing this gaming laptop without pain of how much you have spent. It is the best gaming laptop with a great range of features to upgrade your gaming. When it comes to display this offers the best UHD screen, better than anything else, sharp, bright and colorful. With this gaming laptop, you can also surf the web, stream videos and sort spreadsheets efficiently. The sound of this make is quite clear.

1. Asus RoG G752VM Gaming Laptop


This gaming laptop is inspected and tested by many technicians for it to be rated the best gaming laptop in the market. The features of this type are all upgraded, with Windows 10 Digital Game Code. After purchase, you get a free backpack, wireless gaming controller and ASUS cap. This make can network with other appliances through Bluetooth or USB. The sound quality of the speakers is impressive. ASUS does not overheat even with high performance due to cooling thermal installation.

The above list is the Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Reviews 2017 in the computer stores to consider before purchasing.

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