Top 10 Best Foods For Better Health in The World

When people think of healthy foods, most believe it is some of the nastiest tasting items ever. That is not always the case though. There are plenty of healthy foods out there that taste wonderful but will improve your bodies health tremendously. Wake up in a better mood, reach your weight loss goals or just maintain the current weight you have, even prevent deadly diseases from taking over your system by eating these ten items listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Foods For Better Health in The World in 2017

10. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate, Top 10 Best Foods For Better Health in The World 2018

Most people will not touch any type of chocolate while trying to incorporate a healthier diet in their lives but what they do not realize is that dark chocolate is one of the best things to eat because eating just a fourth of an ounce a day can lower blood pressure in those that have problems with that. The same type of benefits can be found in cocoa powder as well because it is high in antioxidants that have been proven to lower cholesterol too.

9. Lean Proteins

lean proteins, Top 10 Best Foods For Better Health in The World 2017

Any type of lean protein is going to be an important food to eat. Fish, chicken without skin, turkey, pork, and some types of beef are all in the lean protein category. If you want to build muscle or repair tissues then eating protein will be a big help with this. Meats are made up of amino acids and some of those are not able to be produced by the body so you must include them into your daily intake. Lower the cholesterol and the risk of heart disease plus many other illnesses that are going to be life threatening when you add lean proteins to your diet.

8. Apples

apples, Top 10 Best Foods For Better Health in The World 2017

This fruit will do many terrific things for your health. As the saying goes “an apple a day will keep the doctor away”. They will help prevent different types of cancers such as lung, colon, liver, and breast. Also help with weight loss and protect women that are going through menopause from developing osteoporosis by also increasing the density of bone. Kids that have asthma can drink apple juice to help with the problem.

7. Olive Oil


This is a fat that is from an olive and most people use it to cook. Lowers bad cholesterol and raises the good. Has Vitamin E and plenty of antioxidants that are healthy for your body. If you usually cook with terrible saturated fats like butter then this is going to be a great substitute for that. Another great feature of olive oil is that it will give you smooth and healthy skin.

6. Nuts and Seeds


There are so many different type of nuts out there and each one will have different benefits. Some are high in protein while others hold a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids. If you eat nuts about five times a week then you are lowering your risk of having a heart attack. Almonds will keep the artery walls in the heart safe from getting damaged. They also help with the bones in your body and are awesome for teeth. These different nuts and seeds will help with your weight loss journey plus give you a healthy brain. Nervous systems are also nourished by these awesome foods. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Foods For Better Health in The World 2017.

5. Fish


Many people consider fish to be a “super food”. It is high in vitamins and minerals with tons of the omegs-3 acids that is going to protect your body from many different diseases. Fish is terrific for a pregnant woman because during the development process of the fetus it helps with the brain. If you have a lot of salmon during your dieting, this will help with lines of aging. There is plenty of vitamin A and D in fish that is going to be very beneficial to anyone.

4. Dark Green Vegetables


These are a terrific way to get your sources of iron, A vitamins, and the letein which is part of having healthy eyes. There are many researches that have been done saying if a person ingest a lot of leafy dark vegetables they are going to lower their risk at developing type two diabetes. Not only are they an anti-diabetic food but also cancer protectants. They also will reduce inflammations that usually cause cancers or heart attacks.

3. Legumes


Beans, peanuts, and lentils are just some of the items in the legumes category. All of them are loaded with folic acids, calcium, iron, and many other beneficial ingredients. Put them with different proteins like grains or other foods so it will cause a balance for the amino acid levels in your body. There are a lot of different combinations that can be made such as beans with a corn tortilla, rice and tofu, or white bread with some peanut butter spread over it.

2. Berries


Many of the antioxidants that are in some berries has been said to make the brain function a lot better. These will block out any damage caused by cancer plus has a better stress fighting power that is vitamin C. They also prevent any age related diseases plus give your memory a complete overhaul.

1. Dates


These are the absolute best things to eat if you are a pregnant woman. They will help relieve some of the pain that is caused by childbirth. If your body needs help producing milk for your baby then eat dates and you will be just fine. Many women lose a lot of blood after having a child but when you eat these you will reduce how much blood loss you have. Protect yourself from the main ingredient that causes heart attack and strokes which is called atherosclerosis. In today’s modern medicine world there is plenty of data that states this great food will keep cancer in the abdomen away too.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Foods For Better Health in The World 2017. Having a healthier diet will always be the best choice a person can make. If you only eat junk food such as sugars and drink nothing but sodas, you will just cause your body to practically shut down. Make better choices starting with the foods listed and see in the future a healthier body you end up having.

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