Top 10 Best Flower Bomb Perfumes in The World

Everyone always want to have that extra thing that will make you very sexually attractive and by that one will always try out new things like fancy shoes, clothing’s and more importantly the one that am going to talk about, the perfumes. We all want to look good and get that desire for gaining someone’s attention when we pass through them. Today am going to talk about the ten bestselling flower bomb perfumes that will just please you by feeling their natural flavour which has been derived from flowers which are just next to our environmental setting. Below is a list of the best flower bomb perfumes.

List of Top 10 Best Flower Bomb Perfumes in The World in 2017

10. La Vie en Rose

la vie en rose, Top 10 Best Flower Bomb Perfumes in The World 2018

The perfume is one of a kind because of its make. Even by the look of the container, you will surely admire its scent even before you spray it on your body. If you like smelling natural then try the perfume and you will definitely know what saying. It was first manufactured back in the year 2012 and ever since, it has shaken the market for perfumes. Its ingredients are jasmine sambac, bergamot and quite a number of natural ingredients including catteleya orchids.

9. Perfumed shower gel


Are you looking for a shower gel that will give you that moist and soft skin that you have always admired and still at the same time give you the scent of a lifetime? Then look no further the gel has it all. Its designed or made in such a way that it helps the skin to retain moisture and at the same time keeping the skin clean as well as retaining the smell even after bathing.

8. Flower bomb one once hair mist


This hair spray is like no other. Even the container will just tell you that it is a one of a kind hair spray. Therefore, this is my advice to you. Dump your regular hair spray and try out this and the outcome on your natural hair as well as the weave will just please you. It is a chemical free spray with ingredients just from your garden. These ingredients include roses, freesia, and orchids. These ingredients leave your hair with a very sweet and natural scent.

7. Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb body lotion


If you are looking for a lotion that moisturize, softens and leaves your skin with a very sweet scent? Then try out the Viktor and Rolf flower boy lotion. Thee lotion has it all that you need. Its natural scent can last for 24 hours. Its main aim is to soften your skin and also make it look better and appealing before people’s eyes.

6. Flower Buds


The perfume is one of a kind and it comes in a very affordable price yet perfect at serving its purpose of making one have that natural smell of the ingredients from the natural setting. Another sweet thing about the perfume is that it serves those who are very conservative in that they can opt for the original version of the perfume. The perfume has the ability to stick in your body all day long without wearing off.

5. Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb Travel Duo


This one is specially made for those people who are very mobile or in other words like moving around from one place to another because of certain reasons like important business trips. These people should now have no worries about the body odour or anything of the sort. The set has a combined of perfumes that can be refilled if the perfume gets finished. As you travel, the perfume keeps your body in a good condition so there is no need to worry.

4. Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb roll on


This one is specially designed for those who want to keep their bodies smelling nice without the need of spraying perfume all over their bodies. The roll on can focus on areas that the body will remain to be always smelling nice all throughout the day. So try out the roll on and you will find it is the best of all the roll-ons you have used.

3. Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb Eau perfume for women


Most people say that magic is not real. However, what I know is that magic is real why don’t you try out this perfume and feel the magic in it? Just a small amount of this perfume will leave you smelling like roses for over 48 hours. Because o this reason the perfume is a bit expensive but that is where we get that sense of class, it leaves you with that smell of class that you have always desired.

2. Flower bomb body lotion


It is an improved version of lotion that improves the skin make and helps in retaining the moisture in the skin. At the same time, ensuring that the skin is has that sweet scent that you always desire.

1. Flower bomb Viktor and Rolf for women, Eau perfume


At the top of the best perfumes in the list is the one and only Viktor and Rolf perfume for women. It has that scent of class that all classy women desire and when applied once the scent may last for a long period. The sweet smell is ideal for even a date or work.

These above are the Top 10 Best Flower Bomb Perfumes in The World 2017. The perfumes have proven to be worth it in terms of helping one to gain that added attention which will always earn you the class that you have always wanted or the nice smell that you have always dreamt of having. If you are looking for those perfumes that give you that natural scent that that you have always been looking for then try these one and you will just find what you have been looking for.

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