Top 10 Best Diamond Necklaces For Women

Diamonds are the most precious, expensive and beautiful gems around the world. They are widely loved by the women. Diamond jewelry is very treasured, uniquely created to give the ladies an unmatched and charming personality. Diamond necklaces always looks gorgeous when worn and the woman feeling very worth and beautiful. You should be very careful the kind of jewel stores you go purchasing diamond necklaces as there are many imitations out in the market. The list below will help out never to make such a mistake; here are the 10 best diamond necklaces for women.

List of Top 10 Best Diamond Necklaces For Women in 2017

10. De Beers Antoinette Necklace

de beers antoinette necklace, Top 10 Best Diamond Necklaces For Women 2018

This type of a necklace is very expensive weighing approximately 181.8 carats. It is designed with two sparkling yellow diamonds, making the most remarkable diamond necklace of the year. Many celebrities and wealthy individuals that do not seem to mind digging deeper into their pockets to own the luxurious jewelry commonly use this elegant necklace with glamorous look.

9. Sterling Silver and Diamond Square Dancing Pendant Necklace


If you are looking for a precious gift to your loved ones, this is the necklace for you. Sterling silver and diamond necklace is designed that the stone can move in a continuous manner giving it the mark of the highest quality. It has a rope chain that is very pretty looking and comes with import quality. Every woman is madly in love with this necklace as it is simple to wear and available in different designs to suit all occasions.

8. Cullinan Heritage


An Asian jeweler Chan designed this necklace. It inspires the history and Chinese culture. It is embodied with symbols as bats represent a good luck, butterfly symbolizing eternal love. This type was discovered in 2009 in Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is renowned for its extreme clarity, flawless quality and noble heritage

7. Miore 0.06 Carat Diamond Solitaire


Designed with a modern look to and can be worn everyday or during a special day. It is among the best and valuable necklaces, a set made by an expert in jewelries using high quality materials thus giving it durable features. Moiré necklace is well packed in a beautiful box guaranteeing you even when not worn it is very safe. Its box can be used as a décor in your closet.

6. Briolette Necklaces


Besides being the most popular and famous brand, any woman can afford this diamond necklace and giving her the feel of loyalty while wearing this necklace. It was designed by William Golberg and took him about six months working on this necklace. Briolette was first sold in Hong Kong during the christles auction art, and weighs about 75.36 carats with flawless briolette. Everyone desires to have and to wear jewel with a design of a teardrop, so if looking for one like so you can invest on Briolette necklace.

5. Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklaces


After a long research on diamond necklaces they came to a conclusion that heart of the ocean necklace will be the best and most wanted women necklace even 2019. It is a very beautiful necklace and got the fame from titanic movie which Rose (Gloria Stuart) worn and threw it on the titanic wreck site. Asprey and Garrard London based jeweler used the fictional heart as a prop to create a genuine necklace of the same design. It is made of platinum set of 171 carat, Ceylon sapphire and encompassed by 103 diamonds resembling a heart suspending from a chain with round pear and marquise cut white diamonds. This necklace is very expensive cannot even be public viewed. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Diamond Necklaces For Women 2017.

4. Baublebar engraved coordinates bar pendant


This type of necklace is very durable as it is made from good quality materials, and the important thing it is very affordable to many ladies. The added advantage to this type of necklace, comes with three locals to choose from that will appreciate your style. They are engraved with city coordinates to deliver uniqueness on this necklace, and can easily be purchased from jewel shops.

3. 100% Genuine Sapphire grade AAA Diamond


Proven to be of the highest durability level, this necklace is made from strong metal, silver and gold. It is light in weight and small making it ideal to those who love small necklaces. Beautifully designed with a shiny sapphire that symbolizes joyful devotion to God and heaven too, it is treated with a antioxidants giving it a shiny look all the time. This makes it suitable for allergic and people with sensitive skin. It is believed that this necklace has the ability of healing sore throat, so worth any amount of money.

2. The Diamond and the Pea Green Necklace


Most women wore this eloquently designed necklace on special evening occasions as its finish of fine gleaming shines brightly blending with the skin. Light in weight for it is made from diamond of 16 carats and the best and unique thing is it matches with an outfit of your style. This type of necklace shows loyalty thus very expensive.

1. Incomparable Diamond Necklaces


The discovery of this necklace takes us back to Africa about thirty years ago by young girl in Congo. Guinness world records recognized this flawless diamond as the most expensive diamond necklace in the world. Mouaward designed this necklace using 637 carat of diamond in 2013 and was rated the best selling and beautiful necklace. Despite its price, many women are investing on this type of precious necklace.

These above are the Top 10 Best Diamond Necklaces For Women 2017. Diamond is very expensive but worth having them to complement your way of style and delivering the beauty while putting on jewels. We have heard many cases of people losing lives for their diamonds to be taken away from them, always be careful while wearing one and cautious the kind of places you are engaging with. Always keep them in a safe while not wearing them, though others take them even in a bank to be safer. The above list contains the best diamond necklaces you can choose to buy.

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