Top 10 Best Designer Handbags for Women

Handbags are essential items in every woman’s life. A woman is not fully dressed without carrying a well-designed handbag in their arms. There are different manufacturing companies of handbags. Quality is the only thing that separates their prices. High quality bags are durable and give long quality service to owners. Let us check on some good brands of designer handbags that are featured in 2017 review. They are clearly listed below with full information.

List of Top 10 Best Designer Handbags for Women in 2017

10. Lady Dior Bag

Lady Dior Bag Top 10 Best Designer Handbags for Women

Lady Dior Bag was first manufactured and released to market by an American Fashion Icon known as Christian Dior. This man is best known for releasing quality beauty products such as hair products and fragrances. Classic handbags for modern ladies are part of his work. Lady Dior Bag was designed with a lot of creativity hence beautiful and elegant. This handbag is manufactured in different colors such as white, pink, yellow, black and jungle green.

9. Givenchy Antigona Duffel

Givenchy Antigona Duffel Top Most Popular Designer Handbags for Women 2018

Givenchy Antigona Duffel is another high class handbag for modern ladies that are featured in ninth position of this article. It is best known for being used by Hollywood models and celebrities. Givenchy’s appearance in this list is a good way of advertising this beautiful product to outside market. Are you outside there and wondering where to get this amazing stuff for women? You should worry no more. Givenchy is readily available in Online and physical market at a price of $2,435 per piece. Good thing with purchasing this kind of an item is that it can be used in all occasions.

8. Legend Alexander McQueen


Legend Alexander McQueen is a unique and well-designed handbag featured in eighth position of this article. It contains quality structures that will always attract women out there and is amongst latest items manufactured ad released to market. Legend is relatively small compared to others featured here but can comfortably accommodate beauty products that can be carried by any lady when going for a special occasion. What pleases me with Legend is its affordable price. Women from all classes of life can commit themselves and get themselves one.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag


This is just a perfect product for ladies out there. Yves Saint is in Seventh position as we continue without countdown. It is relatively large to carry beauty products, notebooks, tablets and Smartphone. Laurent is best especially when travelling. I assure you that you will never regret making a purchase of Saint. Pure cotton will give you quality service for many years to come and has a small handle for you to carry comfortably. One bag costs $1,119 and is readily available in online market. If you need one, then place an order in their website. It will not take long before delivered to you at no delivery cost at all.

6. Fendi Baguette


Fendi is a popular fashion house that is located in Italy. This company is best for manufacturing quality beauty stuffs for classy ladies out there. Fendi Baguette is great and nice handbag that is specifically used during evening meal occasions ad dinners. Variety of colors, sizes and designs are readily available at affordable price online. One piece of Baguette is approximately $2,550. Its handle is longer and adjustable. Black one are the most sold in market. You can blend this black bag and with various dresses of different colors.

5. Gucci GG Supreme Top Handle Bag


Gucci GG is another well designed bag that is featured in this list. It was manufactured and released to market by a fashion brand in America Known as Gucci. This brad is famous in United States of America and entire world for producing quality men and women’s shoes. If you are not familiar with design of Gucci GG, then you will find yourself confusing it with Louis Vuitton. They are slightly similar but there are also unique features in each one of them to help you differentiate.

4. Chloe Drew Bag


Chloe Drew Bag is in forth position of this article. This bag is gorgeous and well polished for a modern lady. The best color that most ladies love is Pink. You will rarely find it in market. It is affordable and that gives many ladies from different classes an opportunity to own one piece which is sold at $1,850 only. For clients that are interested in purchasing this bag through online means should place their orders in internet. They will be needed to deliver little information such as full name and passport number. Delivery fee that is needed is so little ad therefore no need to worry about cost.

3. Hermes Kelly Bag


Hermes Kelly bag is featured in third position in this article. We credit manufactures of this amazing bag that draws attention of many ladies. With its unique design, Kelly is recommended to be used by ladies on red carpet especially models. Hollywood actresses ad models are fans of Hermes bag. In other words, Hermes Kelly bag is essential in elevating styles of many public figure ladies. The only disadvantage with it is that it is costly. One piece is approximately $7,012. Only rich women are able to purchase without struggle.

2. Louis Vuitton


This is second best designer bag that is sod in market today. Louis Vuitton has quality features that capture attention of many passers-by. Compared to other bags listed in this article, Vuitton is relatively large and can comfortably accommodate many beauty stuffs that are needed I a certain occasion. It is normally brown in color and has bright pink handles.

1. Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag


Chanel deserves all honors to be featured in first position of this article. Quality features of this beautiful flap bag are many and hence featured here. Ladies that carry around this bag are said to belong to class of achievers. They normally look of high class.

These above are the Top 10 Best Designer Handbags for Women 2017. These are quality handbags that are well designed and manufactured to be used by modern ladies. All designer bags mentioned above are of high quality and their sizes are perfect. They are all available in online and physical markets worldwide.

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