Top 10 Best Colognes For Teenage Students

As we all know, teenagers and more specifically student, love unique things in their life. Choosing best perfume for them is difficult and one has to be very careful when doing this. Various kinds of perfumes are currently available and sold in market. I came up with this article to help you understand kind of colognes that should presents to student. Follow the guideline below. it is equipped with 10 best perfumes for teenage male and female students.

List of Top 10 Best Colognes For Teenage Students in 2017

10. 12 Plus crystal green

12 Plus crystal green, Top 10 Best Colognes For Teenage Students 2017

This is a luxurious perfume, which is green in color. 12 plus crystal is among best colognes to be used by both male and female teenage students. It comes in various scents that I am sure will suit schoolchildren. As we all know, students love strong scented perfumes and this one make to be one of them. Crystal has a unique and small sized bottle that is portable even in small backpacks. 12 plus is relatively cheap and affordable.

9. 12 plus Crystal purple


This one resembles to one studied in position ten above but is purple in color. There are many differences to note as many people may confuse. Ingredients used to blend crystal purple is normally fruits and flower crescents. Vanilla can be used also but in small amount. Purple crystal is manufactured in three different bottles of different sizes and price as well. it is even indicated cheap price to make you understand that teenage students can comfortably afford with their pocket money. 12 plus purple is ranked in 9 position of this article.

8. Xoxo for women gift set


Just as its name suggests, xoxo is a popular brand of cologne for teenage students and specifically made for ladies. This beauty product is manufactured by a successful fashion house and comes with a gift pack which attracts most young ladies in market. you cannot miss to identify xoxo’s bettle design. Its name is largely indicated outside and can be identified from a far distance. Teenage girls do not like throwing away empty bottle of xoxo. It ca be used to decorate their hostels and cubes.

7. Eternity

Eternity Top Most Popular Colognes For Teenage Students in The World 2018

Eternity is another unique fragrance that was manufactured by a famous fashion designer known as Calvin Klein. It was released to market several years ago and specifically meant for ladies. It is so effective and can be used for a very long time. Strong scent of eternity can last for several hours without fading away. This shows us that value of money given out for this perfume is highly taken care of. Different scents of this cologne for teenage students are orange, lemon, vanilla roses and jasmine, which is their favorite. Eternity is among best gifts that can be given to a teenage student.

6. Viva La Juicy


Viva La Juicy is one of teenage student’s favorite cologne. This amazing fragrance has been ranked in position six of this article. It has quality features admired by students hence ranked in this position. Juicy Couture manufactured viva. This store is among largest worldwide and trusted for making ladies beauty products such as clothes and jewelries. Viva La Juicy is part of their quality products sold in market today. It comes packed in a gift like box that is bright pink in color. Clients get a special discount when purchasing this amazing teenage student’s gift.

5. Obsession Eau De Parfum Spray


Obsession is teenage cologne from Calvin Klein. It is his second beauty product featured in this List. Obsession is recommended for ladies and can be used in all occasions. This is a special item for special occasions such as birthday parties. Students that use this fragrance experience freshness all day. Obsession is manufactured in different scents and I am sure that you will not lack what suits you. Teenage girls have now discovered a secret for beautiful feeling in school life. We credit Calvin Klein for this amazing job.

4. Kim Kardashian Eau De Parfum


This beauty product is famous and readily available in market today. Kim is relatively cheap and therefore affordable compared to those studied in different positions above. It can be purchased from physical markets or online stores such as Amazon. Purchasing from online stores is simple. You only need to provide official full name and place of residence. Little amount is needed to cater for delivery. However, this should not worry you. Workers will definitely guide you on how to buy through online means. Life has been made beautiful with Kim Kardashian Eau De Parfum Spray.

3. Perfume set


Perfume set is popular, and of high quality. It is a nice fragrance that it recommended for ladies at their teen age. Young ladies are likely to love different scents that come with Perfume set fragrances. These scents are Jasmine, Vanilla, Lemon, Citrus fruits and many others. Bottles that hold perfume set are well designed and can be used for bed decoration when empty. This is one fragrance for teenage student s and more so ladies that you should not miss to buy. It is readily available in market and at an affordable price.

2. Citronne Perfume


For this luxurious fragrance for women to appear in market, several quality ingredients were blended together. Citronne is among best for teenage student hence ranked in second position of this article. Many bottles are released by manufactures to market but are sold within a short time than expected. Various scents of Citronne are Citrus fruits such as passion and tangerine, Vanilla, Jasmine and floral flowers.

1. Natural Blue Eau De Toilette Spray

Natural Blue Eau De Toilette Spray Top Most Famous Colognes For Teenage Students in The World 2019

On top position of this article, we have this amazing fragrance for teenagers called Natural Blue. It is made of natural ingredients and recommended to be used by young men. It comes packed in a unique bottle and liquid is light blue in color. This perfume is part of teenage student’s life and more specifically boys.

All fragrances listed in this article above are best for teenage students in 2017 review. They are made of quality ingredients and are manufactured with various scents that will suit them perfectly. Teenage colognes always have strong scents just as those listed above.

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