Top 10 Best Chocolatiers in The World

Do you love the sweetness that is found in your favorite chocolate and wonder who came up with such a recipe that could produce such a sweet thing? Am here to answer your question on who. The guys behind these great chocolates are what we call chocolatiers. Some of them are known all over the world and they even have branches of their firms all around the world because their products are highly appreciated throughout the world.

Today we are going to review for you the top ten best chocolatiers in the world. Check out below the list of the top ten best chocolatiers in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Chocolatiers in The World in 2017

10. Puccini Bomboni

puccini bomboni, Top 10 Best Chocolatiers in The World 2017

Starting our listing is Puccini one of the most famous around the world. They offer the ultimate chocolate in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They are known to offer exotic spices and chocolates and they have been reviewed positively by most of their consumers. They have two branches in Amsterdam that are flocked by their consumers needing to have their sweet tasting chocolates. They have been producing products that will just melt in your mouth whenever you take them and you will be yearning for more.

9. Richart


This one is located in Paris in France. France has been known for their sweet wine but with this well-made chocolate, you are guaranteed a taste of your lifetime. The recipes from Richart have won seven awards in the most prestigious confectioner honor in France. Richart have focused on making flavored and perfectly designed chocolate that are stunning and incredibly sweet. Visit their place and come out satisfied by taking their high quality chocolate that leave your mouth filled with its flavors.

8. Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolate


Richard has been awarded for his innovative work of combining Belgian and French chocolate by even using ingredients like saffron, lavender, earl grey tea and chipotle. The award he won was Best Artisan Award at the Prestigious Chocolate Festivals in Perugia, Italy. Since they want to maintain freshness and quality in their products, they only produce 50 pounds of chocolate in their shop. You should at least taste either honey vanilla caramel or white chocolate macadamia from their shop. Their shop is located in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

7. Theo Chocolate


This one has been for creating the best chocolate while ensuring that they protect the environment. They are located in Seattle and they only use organic and fair-trade ingredients in making all of their products. When it comes to the taste in their products, they will not tell you about it but you will find out yourself when you taste it. The taste is sensational and will leave you wanting to know how it was made. Thankful they teach their customers on chocolate making techniques and methods.

6. Valrhona


This one is located in France and they have been known for producing gournmet chocolate since the time they started in 1922. They only use cocoa beans obtained from Pacific Region, South America and Caribbean. They make chocolate bars are made in French style and they come in varieties. It was the first chocolatier to have been described as chocolate like wine having creations labeled as single origins, vintage chocolate and single estate bean to bar chocolate. With time they have been introducing better and more flavors to their chocolate.

5. Norman Love Confection


It is located in Ft. Myers, Florida, USA. Norman love its creator said that chocolate was his passion and he dreamt of making chocolate that is very delicious and stunning. They perfected a technique in which they made colored design candy that were airbrushed into chocolate mold that were filled with chocolate that was imported from places like Switzerland, France and Belgium. Some of the ingredients they used include bananas, gingers, caramel, and hazelnuts just to mention a few of them. You should taste their pumpkin white chocolate that is very delicious and sweet. Yhis is one among the Top 10 Best Chocolatiers in The World 2017.

4. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker


You must have seen or even taken some of their chocolate. They are specialized in making dark chocolate. They have been known in making their chocolate from the sorted beans up to the point of becoming bars and they have never failed in delivering flavor that matches no other. They also make baking chocolates alongside their sweet chocolate bars that have been made from well-sorted and blended beans. You should try their products and discover the sweetness. It is located in Berkeley, California, USA

3. Jacques Torres Chocolate


This one is located in New York, USA. They are known for their fresh handcrafted chocolates. You will feel joy whenever you enter in their stores. You can eat them with hot chocolate at their café table and you will enjoy every bit that is found in these chocolates. They make all their chocolate with artisanal manufacturing methods. In New York City, they have more than five stores and visitors are seen on the large windows displays checking their favorite chocolate.

2. Vosges Haut-Chocolat


It is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The owner of the product Katrina Markoff has been known for choosing every spice, ingredient and chocolate with a lot of care so that they can transform it into the finest of chocolate. She learned the art of making it in France and her products are inspired by combination of ingredients from all over the world some of them being Mexican vanilla Beans and rare spices of spices and flowers. Their chocolate has the best quality taste you can ever get.

1. Teuscher


This is the best chocolatier in the world that is located in Zurich, Switzerland. It all began more than seven decades in a village in Swiss Alps. DolfTeuscher has been making more making more than 100 varieties of chocolate using original recipe and using the finest cocoa, spices from all over the world. They do not use any additive, chemicals and additives used in making it. Some of their specializations are: champagne cream center chocolate, champagne truffle and fresh cream butter chocolate.

These are the top ten best chocolatiers in the world 2017 whose products have been known all over the world. If you ever come across their products, you should taste them and realize that it takes good ingredients and even exotic ones to come up with the best chocolate. Check out also the top ten best Chocolatiers in the world.

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