Top 10 Best Celebrity Perfumes

One of the main reasons why people buy perfume is because of a good scent. Celebrities have also come up with their own collections and we can show our love not only by buying their album but also their perfumes. However, no need to buy something that you would use; you have to look for occasion and scent before purchasing any. Some of them are too casual to wear to a formal event and others will serve both informal and formal occasions. You will find most of perfume almost similar, and it is difficult to differentiate them. In top ten lists, you will be able to note the different of perfume you want.

List of Top 10 Best Celebrity Perfumes in 2017

10. Radiance by Britney Spears

radiance by britney spears, Top 10 Best Celebrity Perfumes 2017

It is made of dewy petals and luscious berries to expose a radiant heart of white pure flower glowing. Bottle design is also chic and cute, attractive and anyone can use it regardless of age. It was released on September 2010 for Elizabeth Arden. She first revealed in Twitter account and latter donated to raise funds for Matthew Van Daff Special Needs Trust. Top note is dewy petal soft and wild berries mixed with jasmine, tuberose, iris and orange blossom. It is available in 50 and 100 ml EDP.

9. Minajesty by Nicki Minaj


Minajesty was designed for women and was launched in Canada on September 2013. Ingredient combination includes lemon, red currant, peach, vanilla, musk, tiger orchid, tonka bean, magnolia and pink frangipani. It has a passionate love affair smell, also makes a lady feel sexy and mysterious. On September 10, Nicki said on twitter that this perfume is unisex. It is available for purchase on Macy’s website. She has appeared in TV for promoting this product such as Good Morning America and Ellen.

8. Heartbreaker by Jenna Jameson


It is designed for women but it is not really a heartbreaker has the name suggests. Combination are top notes is fresh squelch of shiny raspberry Champaign decorated with beautiful rose petal, middle note magnolia flowers and blooming jasmine, base note are classy sandalwood, amber and tonka bean. It is packaged in a beautiful bottle that has removable double heart key chain. Heart breaker has that mature fragrance which you will love and can be used on your skin without any side effect. This brand is cheap.

7. True by Faith Hill


True perfume gives clear definition of sensual, feminine and casual look. This sweet scent product was released on October 2009 as her first fragrance under the title Faith Hill Perfumes. It is blended with jasmine, southern magnolia, and peach pears. Initial scent is citrus; heart note is breezy floral scent and final note woody and sexuality slight. If you’re looking for light attar, then this combination of aromas is what best for you. It is affordable and can save a great deal of dollars.

6. Girlfriend by Justin Bieber


This famous musician launched his product in 2012, which was manufactured in USA. It has an attractive packaging, enclosed gold lacing and magnetic cup bottle. Fragrance is mixed of blackberry, mango, and musk, strawberry and white amber. Girlfriend has an inviting, personal and flirty smell that is good you can wear in day time and also at night dinner party. Its scent is not really strong because of it is seductive in nature. The price is affordable and is made of high quality material. This is best for teenage girls who want to go parting smelling gorgeous. This is one of the Top 10 Best Celebrity Perfumes 2017.

5. Key Perfume by Justin Bieber


It was his third product that was launched in 2012. Official description is sexy, refreshing and energetic, while made with combination of luminous, musk, fruity and floral. Key perfume has a modern and fresh packaging. This is because Justin has appreciations of current fashion and advanced technology. Bottle used has a white finish with golden finishing and key chain that is Justin Bieber symbol reminding his fans to always believe in him. You can wear it when going to an official data.

4. M by Mariah Carey for Women Perfume


It is a fragrance from Elizabeth Arden and Mariah Carey first scent on official website. M was ranked among Best Sellers list. Initial notes are “sea breeze” accord and marshmallow, heart note gardenia and Tahitian Tiare, final note are Moroccan incense, amber and patchouli. It is packaged in a bottle designed in a butterfly and Mariah iconic signature. Shape of bottle is in form of Tiare flower, petals open and a silver rope collar. It is colored purple. This product is for ladies who are looking for a romantic scent. Has a sweet mature fragrance and was launched in 2009.

3. Pink Friday Perfume Nicki Minaj


Pink Friday is defined as fearless, feminine and sassy perfume that was launched in 2012. Ingredient combination includes blackberry, musk, star fruit, Italian mandarin, carmelized pear and vanilla. If you are going for casual occasion, then this is a perfect scent for you. It has a fresh and sweet smells that revealed by a designed cute creative package. Compared to other celebrity this brand is affordable. First to be introduced in market was in US and Australia. It has won Cosmo Beauty Awards for best celebrity fragrance among many other awards.

2. Love You by Laura Marano Perfume


Laura Marano has three famous brands that were launched in 2016 love you being one of them. It has a fruity flowery making that consists of grapefruit, lemon, an apple accent and bergamot. Cologne is made of long lasting oil. It comes packaged in a bottle that is decorated with atomizer sprayer. If you are looking for an attractive scent that will make you feel elegant, then Love You is a faultless choice for you.

1. Britney Spears Fantasy Twist Perfume


This is ranked one of the best celebrity perfumes that you can purchase this year. It is a twist of two in one scent. Fantasy Twist was released on September 15, 2005 in US. Scent blend is of red lychee, kiwi, golden quince, jasmine petals, musk, sensual woods, white chocolate, cupcake accord, orchid and orris root. If you want that fruity smell, then this is product to go for.

Above are top ten best celebrity perfumes 2017 you can choose from to promote your favorite celeb. All celebrities have proven to be very creative not only in music but also in making sweet smelling fragrances with combinations of natural ingredients. Now you can be able to use cologne of your favorite celebrity.

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