Top 10 Best Britney Spears Perfumes

People buy perfumes to have a good fragrance despite our busy day where one perspires a lot. Due to the love of celebrities, people tend to buy a perfume for the brands sake. This list is to help you not to make a mistake of buying an expensive perfume later not use it. Britney Jean Spears is an American singer, actress and singer, born in December 2nd 1981 in Louisiana. For love of fragrances, Britney has released so many actual perfumes but many at discounted prices.

List of Top 10 Best Britney Spears Perfumes in 2017

10. Curious

Curious Top Most Famous Britney Spears Perfumes 2018

Curious is among the best perfumes of Britney Spear of all time, released in the year 2004. It was greatly welcomed in the market ranking the most selling. The packaging of this perfume is very pretty and small to fit even in the pocket. This perfume is ideal during the day, for it is strong to keep bad odor at a bay despite your busy day, assured to remain fresh. It has been blended with vanilla, jasmine, pear and woods, giving a nice fragrance to every woman with celeb taste.

9. Midnight Fantasy


Back in 2005, she had released original fantasy, and in the year 2006 she upgraded it to Midnight Fantasy. It has been ranked as the best and famous perfume of all time. You can find it in notes of cherry, raspberry, iris and many more to offer you a passionate and sexy fragrance. This perfume can be worn either during the day or at night. It packed in a small beautiful blue bottle well designed, to act like a décor in your closet.

8. Believe

Believe Top 10 Best Britney Spears Perfumes 2017

When smelling fresh from morning till evening, makes one confident whether chairing a meeting, travelling or offering service to people. With Believe, you will be super fresh and fun using it always with the touches of guava and tangerine. The packaging of this product is very cute and portable in a small bottle and tight fitting cap, no chances of leakage. The advantage of this perfume does not stain clothes and is ideal during the day or at nighttime.

7. Cosmic Radiance


This perfume is pocket friendly it is affordable but offering you the celeb fragrance and freshness. This perfume is made up of berries and dewy petals to give the radiant fragrance. The bottle used is cutely designed with a chic touch, decorating even your closet. This perfume is very mild and ideal for any age group and either during the day or at nighttime. This product was released in the year 2011, will add a sparkle into your life, with touches of vanilla, mixed flowers and litchi. You can purchase it even through online.

6. In Control Curious Perfume


In Control Curious is the world best and famous perfume from Britney Spears collections. It is believed every woman across the world yearns to have this perfume in her closet, it is beautiful, romantically pink and dangerously black packed and the bottle is small. It was released 2006 with amazing fragrance with tones of vanilla and night orchid. Most women love to put on it during dinnertime, as it is sexy, sweet due to its sensual mixture.

5. Fantasy Stage Edition


Fantasy Stage Edition is the best and most selling perfume of all time, packed in 50ml well designed bottle. From Britney and the women around the world, has confirmed that this fragrance increases confidence. You can purchase this perfume online and it is available in many beauty stores. Fantasy is like a magic love potion of sweet temptation to any man around, thus overwhelming you when you least expect it. This product is ideal in nighttime for a seductive woman to feel charming.

4. Fantasy the Naughty Remix


Keep smelling amazing with Fantasy the Naughty Remix, put on it while feeling a bit dangerous and daring. It is the best and famous Britney Spears perfumes 2017, with white chocolate orchid and jasmine petals notes. This perfume is ideal during either the day any occasions or nighttime, very mild smell not to disturb you or anyone around. The packaging of this perfume is done in three different bottle size of 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum. Fantasy is truly an unforgettable scent, giving you many ways to express your inner fantasies either naughty or nice.

3. Rocker Hidden Fantasy


It is rated among the best perfumes in the world, a dream of every woman to have this in her closet. It is known as an oriental fruity perfume, packed in a beautiful design bottle to be even kind a décor. This women fragrance was released in the year 2009, with a seductive scent expressing the many mysterious sides of a woman. The bottle is in symbol of love and available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum. Think of a gift, think of Rocker Hidden Fantasy gift scent that is not extremely affordable and you can order it through online. It is produced from sweet Napolitano cake, jacaranda wood, fluid sandalwood and vanilla bean.

2. Rocker Femme Fantasy


This perfume is famous and widely used by many celebrities around the world. This is due to its uniqueness in the scent. The reason behind its unique smell is the use of coconut, vanilla and fruit mix providing a long lasting smell. The bottle of this perfume is small with a dark bottom with a tight fitting rock theme, making it very portable with no leakage expected. Rocker Femme is very feminine, yummy, smooth and pretty, ideal during either daytime or nighttime.

1. Fantasy the Nice Remix


This perfume is the one rated as the best of Britney’s collections. It is very amazing with great smell charming everyone around you, even men wishing to make you theirs. It is a beautiful pack, portable and can be a décor in your closet. You can order this product online, offering free shipping services.

After dressing up for that special occasion, dinnertime or you busy day at work, you need to upgrade that look with a gorgeous smell. Despite supplementing your beauty, a good perfume adds you courage while interacting with others. The above list consists of the best Britney Spears perfumes in 2017.

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