Top 10 Best Beauty Blender Sponges

Make-up blenders and sponges are not only ideal for those professional make-up artists in the fashion or movies but can be very good for use at home for applying your make-up. These sponges have been to be very good in doing a good job. These sponges come in two shapes the egg shaped and or the hourglass shaped ones.

Moreover, if you want to get the bet result you should a different for different make up for example one for applying the foundation, serum or moisturizer. Also one more thing you should not use the sponge like a make-up brush, use it by spatting or stippling on the skin. After considering all these here below is a list of the top ten best beauty blender sponges in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Beauty Blender Sponges in 2017

10. Smosee, Pro Beauty Flawless Make-up Blender

Smosee, Pro Beauty Flawless Make-up Blender, Top 10 Best Beauty Blender Sponges 2017

This is one of the best yet very affordable blenders; it will ensure that you will look pretty. In the pack you purchase you will find ten different of these sponges hence you can comfortably apply all your different beauty products. In addition, these are of different colors that will blend well with different make-up. Their shapes ensure that you can reach all the areas on your face easily. Finally, the material used to make them is latex that is very soft and durable.

9. GlowifyFX Professional Teardrop Foundation Blender Sponge


If you want professional blender sponge that will give you that professional foundation application, you should go for this product. It is designed to ensure you get that flawless glowing look. For navigation of those hard to reach areas like your nose and eyes, it has tapered points. It is made from durable material that will not suck off your make up and will not rip in water. It is very easy to clean and will not stain when you use it.

8. CAETLE Light Green Sponge


Just as the name suggests this is a green mini sized sponge that will ensure that your make-up application process will be flawless. The material used to make it does not swell when wet and you will find it very comfortable when using it. If you want to apply on your eyes and under the eye concealer you should go for this product as it does an amazing job. It will have any allergic reaction on your skin and you will find it a must carry travel accessory.

7. FantaSea Latex Sponges


These are some of the best sponges. They have been made with wedges shapes that you will find very comfortable for applying in those areas that you would rather find very hard. They are free form and very lightweight. They have also a material that will not cause any allergic reaction on your skin even if you have any face infections. If you are always in a hurry, you will find them ideal since they come with more than 100 sponges that you can easily use.

6. EmaxDesign Blender Sponge


Another amazing of these sponges is the EmaxDesign that comes with three different sponges. It has been specifically made a make-up sponge applicator. It is ideal for use for people of all kind of skins including those with sensitive skins. The latex material used to make them make them very soft to use. Also incorporated in the material of the sponge is a strong aspect to ensure that you will get the best service out of this product. It has an anti-microbial form that will help fight bacteria. By using this sponge you will get a flawless finish that you will confident to wear your makeup. The design of the sponge is incredible to ensure you reach those hard to reach areas.

5. Sankuwen Flawless Makeup Blender


This is an amazing packet of four pieces of sponges useful in applying your foundation. The puffs are hourglass shaped and tear drop-shaped hence, you will find them ideal in applying your foundation to those areas that you would find hard to reach. The material used to make them is very soft hence you can comfortably use it to apply any kind of Makeup. It will give you flawless result. They color of these sponges are very beautiful that you will find very appealing and their affordable prices make them the best choice.

4. Bundle Monster Pro Beauty Makeup Blender


This comes in a pack of four pieces of application sponges that will give you the best professional Makeup application. The different colors of these sponges match the different tastes by different users. If you need a flawless finish, you should go for this sponge. The teardrop and hourglass shape make them ideal for applying the beauty products to those areas that are found hard to reach. They can be re-used you only need to clean them.

3. Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge


If you want to have a make-up that makes you look elegant and classy you should this cosmetic sponges that are also very friendly to your pocket. What make this sponge unique is that you will not be needing multiples of these sponges as you will clean this easy to dry sponge and you are good to use for different makeup products. Can be used on sensitive skins, as it has no chemicals in it that can cause any allergic reactions on your skin.

2. Beauty Blender Ultimate Makeup Sponge Applicator


If need of an applicator sponge that will work in giving you a flawless look you should go for this sponge. It has been made to be washable, re-usable and recyclable. You can use it either wet or dry and can be used on all kinds of makeup products. To ensure that your cover all the blemishes on your skin using the best foundation you should use this amazing applicator.

1 Beauty Junkees, PRO Beauty Sponge


The best blender sponge in the market is the Beauty Junkees Sponge. It comes in four differently shaped each performing all different functions giving your face a flawless face. One thing about these sponges is that they are easy to clean and dry and you will find them odorless ad chemical free hence you can use it on your sensitive skin. It is definitely the best

As I conclude these are the top ten best beauty blender sponges in the market 2017 that will ensure that you are in a position to apply all your different makeup products leaving your facial skin looking flawless and beautiful.

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