Top 10 Best Bathroom Scales

You will have to keep a track of your progress whether you are trying to gain weight or lose weight. Sometimes you are not able to find out how you are progressing in your working out, you need to find the right equipment that will give you accurate and timely data. You will need an easy to use, accurate and durable bathing scale. There are several bathing scales on the market which have added additional features that include showing body mass index, body water percentage and body fat.

Check out below the list of the top ten best bathroom scales in 2017.

10. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale, Top 10 Best Bathroom Scales 2017

Starting our listing today is the Etekcity digital body weight scale. It has been designed with a tempered glass that is ideal for use at home or on the gym. It has very precise accuracy on your weight that can be relied on. It has the ability to weigh up to 400 pounds. The measurement scale is easy to read, as it is clearly visible. To ensure that you do not fall down when checking on your weight, it has an anti-skid padding. It is one of the best for home use.

9. Utopia Digital Scale


This one is black in color and the manufacturers are Utopia Scale. It is one of the best bath scale that can be used in different locations. The high precision large LED display screen will enable you to read the measurement recorded. It is very accurate on the weight. It has the ability to convert the weight into different units for easiness to the user. It has the capacity to weight up to 396 pounds, which makes it more useful. It is a digital glass scale that you will find very beneficial in keeping track of your healthy living.

8. Smart Weigh Digital Precision Scale


This is one of the scales that not only does it measure your body weight; it has the ability to record your bone mass, muscle weight, body water percentage, body fat and your overall body weight. This will be the ideal bath scales for those individual who are having a healthy eating habit and need to keep track of what is happening in their body. It also has the ability to identify up to eight users; hence, you can use it for the whole family. Its weight holding capacity is up to 440 pounds.

7. Taylor Glass and Chrome Bath Scale


This is a product of Taylor Precision Products brand. It has a very high-tempered glass with a chrome finish base that makes it very durable. It has the capacity of holding weight of about 180 kg. The LED display is very easy to read. It has an instant on and off battery indicator and you do not need to have knowledge in scale programming in order to use it. Since it is easy to read, the whole family can use it.

6. Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale


This bath scale has a step on activation. It is white in color and it has a tempered glass. You do not have to wait for long so that your weight can be recorded on the LCD screen as it reflects immediately. The auto calibration technology makes it easy to keep track of your weight. Depending on the user’s preference, you can change the weight unit to both kilogram and pounds. The LCD light is large enough for you to read the recorded weight.

5. Etkecity Digital Bathroom Scale



This one has been equipped with step on technology meaning once you step on it, it switches on and when you come off the scale, it switches off. The minimum weight it can record is 5kgs and the maximum is 180kgs. The large sleek tempered glass platform is for precision recording of accurate weight. You can rely on this machine to understand how you are progressing with your weight growth. The LED display is very comfortable to read without straining.

4. Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale


Just as its name suggests, a bath scale has been designed to keep you informed on the whole body weight. It does not only reveal body weight but also bone density and hydration, muscle and fat weight and your body mass index. This is the perfect all round bath scale. If you want to assume a healthy living and need to keep track of your progress, then you should go for this particular one. It is one of the best for recommendation to all people.

3. High Accuracy Digital Scale


This is a product of BalanceFrom. It will help you keep track of your weight progress. To keep you updated, it has a memory track technology that reminds you of your previous recorded weight. Other features are smart step on technology and a large 3.6 inches backlight display that is easy to read. It has a high precision that gives you accurate measurement. The non-slip feet platform will keep you from falling and maintain in perfect position to record your weight.

2. EatSmart Precise and Digital Bathroom Scale


This is a product of EatSmart that has been designed with a very wide platform, so whether you are oversized this will be the perfect scale for you. It has the ability to accommodate 200kgs of weight. The LCD display is well light to enable you to read it even when it is in low light. It has the step on me technology hence you will not need to tap it before stepping on it to record your weight.

1 EatSmart Precision Extra Large Bathroom Scale


This one is similar to the previous one in terms of features only that it has been upgraded on the size of the LED display and on its readability. It is more than accurate as it will read your weight and display it to you once you put your feet on the platform. You can use almost everywhere you are due to the nonslip platform that has been reinforced by the tempered glass design.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten best bathroom scales 2017. If you are interested in ensuring that you are updated on the progress you are making, in terms of how much weight you are gaining or losing, ensure that you purchase one of these scales.

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