Top 10 Worst Types of Customers Ever

Customers can be a serious pain for business owners to deal with. They can be annoying, frustrating and downright insane. Regardless of how they appear, business owners must deal with customers. A customer is an essential part of any business because without them a business would not exist. Here is a list of the worst types of customers that a business could encounter on any given day.

List of Top 10 Worst Types of Customers Ever until in 2017

10. Early Bird Customers

Early Bird Customers Top 10 Worst Types of Customers Ever

The early bird is the type of person that goes into a store do their shopping first thing in the early morning hours. These individuals tend to come in when store shelves are being restocked and when people are first arriving to work. These individuals can make things difficult for people who have to stock shelves because they can disorganize product spaces as they are being reorganized.

Early bird customers just want to get their shopping done early to beat the crowds or to get this chore out of their way. However, early birds are not appreciated when they come and start to disrupt a retail environment first thing in the morning.

9. Customers who take Family Trips to the Store

Customers who take Family Trips to the Store Top Popular Worst Types of Customers Ever 2019

Many families often go out to the stores to hang out and not necessarily to shop. These individuals can create problems if they have kids who are not well behaved or if they are being a distraction to customers who are trying to make purchases.

Taking a family outing is not a bad thing for a family to do in modern times. After all, the mall is the place for families to hang out and have fun. However, if a family is going to the mall just to act like fools inside of a store (this type of behavior does happen) then they probably should stay home.

8. Customers who are Retirees

Customers who are Retirees Top Most Famous Worst Types of Customers Ever 2018

When people retire from work they tend not to have a lot of things to do with their time. This is especially true for people who just stopped working. So, many of them have a tendency to go hang out at the mall or some other retail establishment as a form of entertainment.

Many stores do welcome this type of behavior from older people and from retirees. They do not mind them taking walks around the mall area or loitering in the mall area. However, this can become a problem if there is a bunch of retirees just acting like a bunch of fools or who are being pests to a store’s staff.

7. People with a lot of Spare Time


Customers with a lot of spare time tend to spend too much of their time inside of a store not doing much of anything. They will browse for hours without end. They usually do not buy anything and they often just wander from one part of a store to the next not making purchases.

People with time to kill should be permitted inside of a store but they should not be allowed to stay there all day without buying something. Most people just do not behave in this way. People with spare time should use it wisely when they are in a store. They can search for the products they need and then buy them.

6. Customers who Like to Ask a Bunch of Questions

Customers who Like to Ask a Bunch of Questions Top Most Popular Worst Types of Customers Ever 2018

There are some customers that asks a bunch of questions because they are incompetent or they really enjoy being annoying to sales associates. While it is true that a cashier and associate should know about most of the products in their store, they might not know everything that is being sold. Also, they might not be familiar with all products within the store. Customers are encouraged to ask questions but they should do so within reason and their questions should be logical.

5. Bargain Hunting Customers


Bargain hunting customers are people who are always trying get a deal on goods or merchandise. Bargain hunters can be very annoying because they often think they should be given something just because of who they are and their circumstances.

Bargain hunters who legitimately find a good deal should be rewarded. Customers that constantly tells sob stories or who playing the I need help card; should just stop acting this way. Bargain hunting should not descend into getting people to feel sorry for you just so you can get a free or reduce item. This is one amongst the Top 10 Worst Types of Customers Ever until 2017.

4. The Lying Customer


The lying customer is the type of person who goes into a store and tells the workers about new products that he/she has heard about. They tell the people working that they are expecting this new product to hit store shelves and that they are going to purchase it once it comes out.

Knowledgeable sales staff typically knows about the latest products and merchandise that is coming into their stores. The lying customer can be a problem because they can make stores believe that they are not staying on the cutting edge with the latest products and services. However, most customers who state these things are usually inaccurate or wrong.

3. Customers who Smile all the Time


There are some customers who smile all the time and they come off like they are up to no good. These people enter into a store and just constantly grin and smirk. They often make sales people to feel uneasy because they seem like they are up to no good. Customers who smile all the time are either really joyful people, insane or just in a store to annoy the clerks.

2. Customers who are Proud Americans


There are some customers who like their products to be made from U.S.A. The truth is that most are not. So, these customers come into a store and are seriously disappointed by this fact. They usually will not purchase a product unless has been manufactured at home. Customers who are proud Americans can also be very unrealistic about their American loyalty to products. The truth is that most items that Americans purchase is manufactured in another country.

1. Night Owl Customers


Night owl customers are the type of people that go a store right before it closes to get their shopping done. Instead of coming in at a decent time they wait until the last minute to buy what they need or want. They can keep a store open way past its closing time and customers working past their quitting time. Stores typically allow night birds to stay and shop past normal hours.

However, they must do so within reason. Night owl customers are important but they should think twice about going into a store and buying anything near closing hours; unless they really need an item. Stores should have policies in place that prevents this type of thing as well.

These above are the Top 10 Worst Types of Customers Ever until 2017. As you can tell these types of customers are not the best type of people to deal with. Just keep in mind that they should not be pushed away. Remember, if they are buying a business’s service or goods then they should be treated with respect. Ultimately, a business will have to find the best way to deal with each type of customer that has been mentioned on this list.

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