Top 10 Worst Politicians in The World

When you talk of politics, it is one of the worst thing one can ever think about. Most people say “politic is a dirty game” and indeed it is. In ranking politician about their bad, did you can have almost all of them in this list because some are greedy and very corrupt, some you cannot even talk much about them because they are very pathetic you cannot have words for them. The following are the worst politician in the world in 2017.

List of Top 10 Worst Politicians in The World in 2017


DONALD TRUMP Top Most Worst Politicians in The World 2017

He is a politician and a businessman too. He is the elected president of America and the 45 president of America. He is a racist who says he don’t want the Africans in his country he is even compared with Hitler .He is very selfish he said he will build a wall and the Mexicans will pay for it .He is not even concerned about the poor he is mindful of his own welfare alone. Trump have no idea on how even to prevent global warming in his own country or even how to economically stabilize his own country ,just have the idea of being a president but not paying the right role.



Known as a chameleon for changing his color, this means you cannot even know well who he is .He do not show his real character, he is UNpredictable. He is well known for greed for money he could do anything for money in his time he changed a lot and promoted a lot of corruption in the country. He has a very cold blood and can be defined as a reptile because he ruined the life of very many people .Tarit is just the worst you have heard of very immoral.


ADOLF HITLER Top 10 Worst Politicians in The World 2017

He was a German politician a leader in Nazi Party .A dictator of Nazi in German; he was the initiated of the Second World War. He was a racist and manslaughter. Hitler slaughtered over a million people who were; Jews, homosexuals, disabled people or anyone who is not an Aryan. In times of his ruling if you were a Nordic English, German then you are a very important person in the country and you enjoy all the freedom you wish to have, but if you are not in any of those tribes then the world is not for you.



George served as a president in United states AS the 43 president .Among all the president in United State he is termed to be the worst president .He organized a very big war against Iraq but the war did not go through it failed. Bush did a lot of mess that Obama have tried to clean but they are just there .His administration fought against the UN .He is just the worst you can ever imagine.



He was the vice president in US .He is just full of pretense and have very nice mouth to talk to the people, he could talk to the people and the crowd is just moved by his words. Once charged as a corrupt leader but he denied the charges and he was given probation for 3 years fined 10000 dollars.



He is a politician who has caused Thailand a lot of bloodshed. He is today trying to unite Thailand but the people are just throwing him out because he has caused them a lot of pain and disunity. Lot of violence has happened in this country. Very evil and selfish he is also cold blooded and cannot be termed as ha human being. He have a lying tongue just was a way of looking for many he can do anything just to have more and more money. He is one amongst the Top 10 Worst Politicians in The World 2017.



Robert is the second and the current president of Zimbabwe. He is very evil and selfish he just like to stay in the ruling he himself alone, in the 2008 election he even tend to kill the people who were supporting Morgan. Robert rules using the jungle rule. He has subjected his people to abuse even of their own rights. He is among the worst president in Africa.



Abasha a leader in Nigeria added no benefit to his country he was just stealing from them. Nigeria is one of the countries that produce oil in a large quantity, but Sani pushed it down by stealing around 4 billion dollar just to benefit himself. He is termed as a corrupt politician in world in 2017.



He is from SierraLeone, he is just a corrupt leader .Ion his time poverty and unemployment was the main thing then he used to exploit people and as well as fail the economy of his country. He was charged with political scheming. He have Killed very many people, mostly the people who were poor. This man he was not seen beyond his noose so he is very tribal, the people from other tribes suffers a lot here in his country and the freedom is no longer part of their life. Koroma is one of the bad leaders in the world.



He is very corrupt. The former president of Indonesia, he has stolen over 35 billion dollars. He is just a holler in some people’s lives having killed very many people .During his ruling his official have managed to steal over 15 billion dollars from the government making the country go down. Mohamed used a dictatorship method in his ruling so the people had nothing to say. This is what helped him to manage steal that cash from the government. Indonesia now becomes a poor performing country just because of the leaders they have been having. Ranked as the most corrupt leader and the worst leader in the world in 2017.

Corruption is just the key thing with all the politicians we have in the world. Some have even gone to an extinct of exploiting the human right and not even mindful of the other peoples welfare. The above are the worst politician in the world in 2017.

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