Top 10 Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery in The World

Celebrities should have enough money and time to have the very best in plastic surgeons. However, many celebrities wind up looking like a different person when they have surgery done. This is not such a good thing when you are in a business that uses your face as your calling card. Most of these celebrities are trying to hold off old age. Some are only marginally successful.

List of Top 10 Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery in The World in 2017

10. Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku Top Popular Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery 2019

This South Korean celebrity became famous because of the damage she did to her face and neck because of plastic surgery. She found herself unable to afford any more plastic surgery, so she took to injecting herself with cooking oil. Eventually, her head and neck became huge and made it difficult for her to live. Kind people contributed for her to have surgery to improve her appearance. While she does not look recovered, she now has a normal sized neck and head. The surgeons removed 60g of extra compounds from her face and 200g from her neck. She continues under treatment.

9. Joyce Wildenstein


Joyce began to use plastic surgery when her first husband left her for someone else. Her attempts to get him to return to her and her two children failed, but she kept up the plastic surgery with terrible results. She now has trout lips that are stretched into a permanent smile. She nose has been trimmed and her eyes now look like they are pointy. Her face looks so much like a cat, she has been given the nickname of “The Cat Lady.” Recently, she was in the news about a fight with her second husband, a rich art collector. Hopefully, she is done with plastic surgery.

8. Dennis Avner

Dennis Avner Top Most Famous Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery 2018

Dennis is a person of Native American ancestry who has taken his spiritual name to heart. Called “Stalking Cat” by his people, he has intentionly formed his face to look like a tiger. Using inserts and surgery, his cheeks and mouth look like a cat. He has used tatoos and hair implants to augment his look. He has also had his teeth changed to resemble a tiger, too. His look is catlike, but it is also quite frightening. It does not look like he is finished yet, either.

7. Jackie Stallone

Jackie Stallone Top 10 Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery

Jackie should have skipped surgery. She never healed well and may have started too late. Now she has large lips, slanting eyes and very high cheeks. For all that she is on older women, the surgery clearly has changed her facial structure into a face that does not fit her body. Sly should have kept a better eye on his mother’s surgeons.

6. Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson


Scott is a comedian who became quite famous for his blue eyes and red hair. As he became older, he had some work done to his face. He simply does not look the same. This chin is pointed, he has high cheekbones and his eyes are somewhat closed. His forehead looks taller and the skin on his face looks thinner. Hopefully, he is done with changes to his face. Some people have trouble recognizing him as Carrot Top.

5. Goldie Hawn


This is another celebrity that tried to extend her youth. With her light skin, she just looks like her face was stretched over a barrel. She has large lips along with multiple folds deep into her neck. Her face just looks punched out of shape. Goldie admits to having multiple surgeries to obtain work as an actress because she was aging. She should have left well enough alone. This is one amongst the Top 10 Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery in The World 2017.

4. Amanda Lapore

Amanda Lapore Top 10 Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery 2017

Amanda started out with surgery to change from a guy to a gal. From there, she kept on, reforming her face and body several times, including surgery to her breasts, buttocks and facial features. Today, while her skin is wrinkle free, it is clearly stretched out. Her eyes are slightly slanted and her mouth is in a large permanent pout. It is impossible to see her former selves in her face. She says she has put more money into her body than anyone on earth, over 4 million dollars. Maybe she should have done other things with that money.

3. Lil’ Kim


Lil’ Kim is another performer that has changed her look. She denies any plastic surgery, but it is clear her facial structure is changed. Her chin is now pointy, her nose is smaller and her eyes are quite slanted. Plus, her skin is much lighter overall. While she looks stunning, she does not look like the Lil’ Kim she started out as. The changes in her face are clearly real, but her and her people continue to deny reality.

2. Duchess of Alba


The Duchess of Alba is the richest woman in Spain and has more titles than any other noble in the world, including the King of Spain. She was a beauty in her youth, but several bouts of surgery have left her face looking quite plain. Her nose is smaller and her skin looks sallow. This did not prevent her from marrying a husband 25 years younger than her.

1. Barry Manilow


Barry Manilow clearly had surgery on his face. His nose is a different shape and his eyes don’t open as wide as they did. His cheeks are plump and his skin is free of wrinkles. Clearly he has had surgery, but it has left him looking like a different person. At least his lips are still normal size. Friends are not sure what Barry is going for, since he continues to be a successful performer.

So, these above are the Top 10 Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery in The World 2017. This list shows that the results of surgery can always be different than what was expected. Sometimes it is best to do minimal repairs to nature and simply learn to live with your unique characteristics. But, as long as plastic surgery exists, celebrities will continue to use the procedure.

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