Top 10 Worst Countries For Women

In today’s world a normal woman has a confidence about herself and she is healthy and full of life. The problem with all of this is that in some countries, women are not like this at all. They get raped and beaten and they are treated very poorly. Countries have their own way of doing things but may be one day the woman will get their rights and be able to experience life the way some of us others get to.

List of Top 10 Worst Countries For Women in 2017

10. Iraq

iraq, Top 10 Worst Countries For Women 2017

When the United States led the invasion to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussain, the women all ended up in what is called sectarian violence that only goes after women and girls in this country. When it comes to the literacy rate, it has fallen to the lowest in the country even though at one time Iraq had the highest rating in the Arab world.

9. Pakistan

pakistan, Top 10 Worst Countries For Women 2017

In some of the more tribal areas women have to experience being gang raped because of crimes that men have committed. Honor killing is a more popular trait and it mainly goes for females that are politicians, workers of human rights, and lawyers. This is because of the religious extremism that has become a new thing. Most of the time women here are victims of abuse and different types of violence and of course there is still no laws against domestic violence so the women have no help. As far as finances are concerned, a woman will earn approximately eighty-two percent less money than a male.

8. India

india, Top 10 Worst Countries For Women 2018

Thirty-nine percent of the adults that carry HIV infections here are all women. Domestic violence in this country is mainly towards woman. A large number of women are abused and become victims of domestic violence in this country too. Every three minutes there is a crime against a women committed, every twenty-nine minutes there is a rape that occurs, and every seventy-seven minutes a dowry death happens. Every nine minutes a case of cruelty is done by a husband or family member. One hundred million women and girls have become victims of human trafficking and almost half of the girls become married before the age of 18.

7. Somalia


Between the ages of four and eleven girls are ninety-five percent of the time mutilated in their genital areas. There is very little women that hold a parliament seat here and only about nine percent actually get to give birth to their unborn children in a health facility that is healthy and up to code, the rest get a place that is filthy and infested with all kinds of diseases or trash around.

6. Mali


They are one of the poorest countries in the world and most of the women do not get a chance to escape the genital mutilation that is still not illegal since there are no laws pertaining to it these days. They are forced to marry whoever is chosen for them and the saddest part is that one in ten women will die while being pregnant or they will go while giving birth since they do not get the proper medical care needed and the nourishments that a pregnant woman needs. Most women have encountered these cruelties one way or another and there is no way for them to get away from any of the bad things that go on towards their gender.

5. Guatemala


This area faces a lot of violence toward women. Women have to deal with rape and getting disease. They usually catch disease like HIV and AIDS. it usually happens to the women who are in the under class category. The fact that this happens on a daily bases is sad and really hurts the female population. Men act like they just do not care about the females any more. The fact that the men will take advantage of the ones who do not make a lot of money just makes them look worse. If you do not have money then you have no way to fight what happened and the men know this.

4. Sudan


Women have tried to stride under the reformed laws but it just does not help in anyway. Everyday you will hear of women getting abducted. They get raped more and more each day that passes. They are forced displacement that destories more than over a million of their lives since two thousand and three. They try to get the laws to go into effect but it does not help when men do not abide by the laws that are set. The numbers will rise as time goes because it has not been stopped yet.

3. Democratic Republic Of Congo


A war that has taken more than three million lives has ignited once again. Women are on the front line of this. Other women are victims to direct attacks and other violences. Over eleven hundred are raped everyday. More than two hundred thousands rapes has happened in nineteen ninety six. Women can not sign legal documents without their husband being present. Fifty seven percent of the rapes happen to pregnant women because they are so weak and can not fight off the men.

2. Afghanistan


Most girls only live to forty five years of age. After three decades of repression and war. Women in this area remain illiterate. They are discouraged and this happens because they seek an education. If someone attacks you then you may be forced to marry that person. A big percent of all that are forced to married are under the age of sixteen. Every half an hour a women will die because of childbirth. Eighty five of women who give birth do not have medical attention. This country has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world.

1. Chad


Women that live here have very few rights. The girls around eleven and twelve years old can be forced to get married because of an arranged marriage. Rape and other forms of violence are being done to mostly women who live in refugee camps. If they live outside the camps they still deal with harassment and threats to be physically attacked. This is done by members of the opposition armed groups and other groups.

All of this is happening and nothing can be done about it. This is why people flee from their areas to save their own lives or their children’s. They try to fight off the men but it does not help when they are already so weak.

The things that are happening will make another woman’s stomach turn but if we can not help and they can not help it looks to be everyday life. When it comes down to it the only way to help is to pray that a miracle happens and the laws change and they actually get followed. Men take advantage of smaller women because they are little and can not fight such a strong built man. They sometimes do this so they can get married or they do it because they feel the woman will not say anything because her husband will turn her away. Children do not deserve this and adults do not either.

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