Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World

Different communities in this world are practicing so many weird rituals. Some of them are not even worth but people still hold into them. Top ten of these weird rituals are studied below.

List of Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World in 2017

10. Hindu Thaipusam Festival

Hindu Thaipusam Festival, Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2017

This is one of those weird traditions practiced in world today. Hindus are known to do this tradition by piercing some parts of their body as a way of declaring Holy devotion to God. Thaipusam is done mostly where a specific community called Tamil is available. Some of these countries are Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India as well. Tamil Nadu community celebrates a Holy devotion to mark birth of Lord (murugan) and killing of Soorapadman (a vengeful spirit) by use of a spear. It is so painful to pierce some parts of a body like a tongue. I really don’t get it why these people do so.

9. La Tomatina


La Tomatina can be described as tomato throwing festival that is held in Valencian town of Bunol. There are specific days to practice weird festival. Last Wednesday of August is selected to do such stuffs. Participants do it purposely for fun by engaging in tomato fights as they throw them up. Apart from this shallow story concerning Spain, there are more other theories concerning La Tomatina. Several years back like in 1945, these people could gather and fight with tomatoes to a point of police officers being involved to break up that fight.

8. Bullet Ant Gloves


I am presenting this with a lot of fear because it’s one of those painful ritual practiced in Brazil. According to Mawe tribe of Amazon, you can’t be called a man enough if you cannot be part of this ritual. When a young man is sexually mature, he should go to jungle accompanied by medicine men and boy of his age to look for bullet ants that have very painful sting. After gathering them, they are mixed with some ants and then given to these young men. After sleeping in those drugs, these ants become so hungry when waking up and all they could do is to bite sexually active young men who dance vigorously to wipe away their pain. This has to happen for 20 times before they are proved men.

7. Burial Ritual Yanomami


This is another Brazilian tradition of a popular tribe known as Yanomami. They practice such ritual with a purpose of getting people for dead people. When a person from Yanomami dies, his or her body is burnt and ashes are taken to be mixed with soup. That soup is to be drunk by his people as a way of showing Love to dead people. Yanomami people believe that spirits of dead souls may come back and haunt remaining one if this ritual is not practiced.

6. Tooth Filing


Tooth Filing is another ritual practiced by Hindu people. This ceremony is said to be of great importance in Balinese culture specifically when passing to adulthood from puberty. Male and female must all undergo through this before getting themselves into marriage life. Balinese people believe that if they do so, people are freed from evil forces and that tooth is a symbol of anger, Lust, greed, jealousy and confusion that renders people in both spiritually and physically.

5. Bathroom Ban of Tidong


Tidong community practices bathroom Ban of Tidong in Indonesia especially when wedding are done. Their wedding ceremonies are unique and said to have adorable customs where a gloom is not allowed to see bride’s face until when he agrees to sing romantic songs to her. There is a curtain put to separate these two loves and is only lifted when music requirement is accepted. Another thing about it is that they are not allowed to use bathroom for three days. This is so weird. People from other countries wonder why such rituals are still practiced.

4. Famadihana Dancing with the dead


This title alone can scare you. Famadihana dancing with the dead is a ritual practiced by Madagascans during Funeral services. People from different communities gather with their bodies that are wrapped with clean clothes. What follows is them dancing with corpses around tombs. It has to be practiced after every seven years. Communities of Madagascar strongly believe that if they do so, there is reuniting of extended families in celebration of Kinship.

3. Finger cutting of Dani Tribe


Dani tribes are people from New Guinea who inhabit fertile lands of Baliem Valley in West Papua. They practice this ritual by cutting their fingers as a way of displaying grief and respect to dead people during funerals. Apart from this, their faces are ever smeared with ashes and clay to show sorrow. Why would they cut finger in the first place. After that painful experience, no live is restored but only loosing of precious finger. Some practices should be stopped and adds nothing to people. Dead people should be buried and forgotten.

2. Baby Throwing


Baby throwing ritual is practiced in India for more than 500 years now. New born babies are thrown off a temple and caught using a cloth. When couples who took a vow at Sri Santeswa temple in India are blessed with a child, their child is likely required to undergo such practices. Muslims and Hindus observe that practice done at a tight security. Baby throwing takes place only in first week of December and health is believed immediately after that.

1. Mourning of Muharram


Mourning of Muharram is practiced in every first month but according to Islamic calendar. Many events are associated during this period in remembrance of Battle of Karbala when army forces killed Imam’s son. It is so weird that people still celebrate dead people who were buried long time ago.

These above are the Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2017. Some communities from different parts of this universe can be so shocking by engaging I Unimaginable practice. I want to believe that they will soon realize themselves and abandon some of them for are of no value.

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